Having 7 brothers, Jupiter Chase Duncan is probably the biggest tomboy in England, her homeland. Obviously, with boys, there's going to be pranks.
Normal girls: beauty gurus and cheerleading
Jupiter: video game walkthroughs, pranks, video games and sports.

But one day, a prank goes too far for Jupiter...


1. Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own photos or 1D or anybody associated with them. Done.

Jupiter's POV

I sat on the sofa with 5 of my brothers: Logan, Ryan, Hayden, Adam and Kavan. We were watching the television peacefully until shit went down.

Adverts were playing and a One Direction advert was on, causing me to immediately zone out.

"Jupes, what's your favourite colour?" Kavan asked me.

"The colour of me pulling your intestines out through your ass, why?" I asked him as politely (not) as I could.

"Didn't you hear? They want 20 girl to stay in a house for a week with One Direction, I'm entering you," he smiled.

Normally, I would have bitten his head off for saying those fuckers' names. But, they would pick the crazy stalkers for good T.V, wouldn't they?

"Ok, I'm not gonna win so I'm gonna go in," I stated, a favourite saying of mine.

"Best talent?" Logan read over Kavan's shoulder

"Sarcasm and being able to get a headshot with a McManus 2015 on Saints Row 3 from on top of a Planet Saints shop," I drawled, they were boring me.

"Worst qualities?" Ryan read, they were getting into it.

"My family," I said, just to annoy them.

"Ok, umm charming Jupe, favourite song of theirs?" Hayden finished.

"The one where that dude dresses like a girl is hilarious is put that one," I stated before wandering off to find my PSVita. My life is amazing.

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