New generation: Hogwarts

The next generation joins Hogwarts! harry Potters daughter and her BFF ellie have adventures together at Hogwarts!!


2. from the beggining


"Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily!" Ellie shouted it my ear

"what?" i groaned

"Today is our first day of hogwarts!" Ellie continued to shout

"I almost fogot!" i laughed. We got up and got dressed while chatting about what house we would be in. (ellie had slept at my house)

"Lets go and have breakast, we will be leaving soon" Ellie said

"Ok, lets" i replied

"Good morning Lily" Said dad

"morning" i said

"Hello Ellie, did you sleep well?"

"Yes thanks" She replied

"Whats for breakfast mum?" i asked

"Bacon and eggs, now eat it quite quickly, we will be leaving in 20 minuites" Mum said while serving up the breakfast. After they had eaten, they ran up to get their trunks and headed for the car. It was one where there could be 5 people in the back all sitting comfortably.

"Come on everyone, get in" Dad ordered. We all got in and sat down while mum and dad were shoving all of the trunks into the boot.

"i dont think there is enough room" Mum sighed

"There is room here, by my feet" Albus severus kindly offered

"Ah! Its in! Thank you for the offer though Albus" Mum called. We were sitting in the car for about an hour untill we finally got there.

"Come on, everyone out" dad ordered. we all scrambled out of the car and grabbed our trunks.

James, Albus, ellie and I walked along to platform 9. 

"Ellie, you go first" Mum said. ellie walked towards the barrier between platform 9 and 10, and went right through 

"Now its your turn Lily" mum continued. I ran quickly to the barrier, as it was better to get it over with.

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