Vampire academy-after all the chaos this is their ever after

(Rechelle meed owns all copy rights)


2. chapter two *abe*

Dimitri walked me back to Abe's house. Abe moved to court since he wanted to keep watch over me as he says. Honestly though I think he just wants to make sure Dimitri is a "good boy" even though he has saved my life more than I can count. "I don't get why he wants me to come here if I live in the guess housing at the castle" I say while fiddling for my keys in my pocket "probably so he can make sure his daughter is ok and that I have not tried to hurt you" "he knows you would never hurt me and I know that to" I finally find my keys and hold them in my hand while me and Dimitri look at each other. He has a sad look on his face. The look he used to give me when he thought about his times as a stringoi. "He probably just wants to be sure after the whole stringoi thing" he says with eyes right on me. "He has long past forgiven you for that also I thought you said you forgave yourself" "I have, sorry didn't mean to bring it up" he leans in and presses his lips to my forehead. The door opens and Abe is standing there watching us. Dimitri pulls away "hey Abe sorry were late we ran a extra mile" "it's mr.abe to you" "sorry ser" Dimitri plays with his fingers nervously. "Im just messing with you" "uh Abe not to ruin your whole boyfriend to father talk but why am I here? Why couldn't I just go to my room?" "Lissa asked me if I could take you in for tonight" "uh why?" Why would Lissa want me away from my own room? "Not sure,but you gonna come in?" "Uh sure, you wanna come inside for a little?" referring to dimitri still standing there kinda nervous "sure if 'mr.abe' don't mind" Abe laughs that rare laugh of his "come on in son"

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