Vampire academy-after all the chaos this is their ever after

(Rechelle meed owns all copy rights)


1. chapter one *the start*

So it's been two months since Lissa has been crowned queen. She has been very busy lately. So haven't really had the chance to talk to her so I have been hanging out with Dimitri. Things are almost how they used to be with us. We even still train together even though were already guardians."so how's Lissa?" Dimitri says with no breath loss unlike me "I'm guessing she is doing fine I haven't see her for about four days she has been so busy with her queen work we havnt really had the chance to talk and I can't tell what she is thinking anymore so I have to guess man I really miss being able to pop in to her mind" Dimitri laughs and takes drink of water. "I'm sure she is happy that you can't snoop her thoughts anymore" I cross my arms "it's not snooping if your her guardian it's called making sure she is ok" "I'm kidding" Dimitri grabs me gently and pulls me in to a soft kiss. Ever since our relationship has gone public we don't care who sees us kiss or hug well except one person. "C'mon we should get back before Abe throws a fit about us being late" I sigh "alright"

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