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One of my friends said that I'm good at giving people advice if its bullying or depression or even self harm just remember that no one is worth your life you are way better than any bully or tormenter you are strong stand up to them I've never been bullied but my best try on trying up feel what other people feel is horrible but you've got to know that your worth the world to me I'm there for you you are perfect. To ask for advice put your question in a comment box and I will put the question and the advice in my movella


3. Neon_orange_penguin

I'm so sorry I haven't updated I've been busy sorry :( !

but yeah I agree with Atomic bombs no one should have the right to judge you and who cares if your not up to date I love one direction and I don't even care If you didn't find out about them until tomorrow!!! And guess what I just found out a lot of things so your not alone not everyone can know everything so tell those blimin bully's that that aren't perfect ether!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):)

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