Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


8. Chapter 8 - Dinner Together

Malia's POV

I couldn't help but feel horrible for not seeing Justin's side of the story, I mean I was believing people I didn't even know. He looked so stressed and heartbroken I couldn't stand seeing him that way so I gave in and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

"I'm sorry baby" I said

"Its okay I understand, I just don't want you to hate me, because I care for you to much" he said push a strand of hair behind my ear "You know I should call my mom and see if she can come over for the dinner" I looked up at him and nodded slowly.

Justin back up grabbing his phone out of his pocket, he dialed his mom number and put his phone to his ear

"hey mom" he said through the phone, I looked at him and mouthed that I would be going down stairs, he nodded and smiled.

I walked down stairs and skipped to the kitchen hugging my mom from behind

"Whatcha making" I sang

"Your favorite homemade mac and cheese, green beans, corn, Pillsbury croissants, Caesar salad, and apple crisp" she listed

"Wow your gettin crazy with the food tonight" I said grabbing a couple slices of the apples she cut

"Hey! stop eating the dessert! And yeah I just want to make a good impression on Justin's mom" she said putting the mac and cheese in the oven

"Mmmmmmm smells good" Justin said wrapping his arms around my waist

I turned around facing him saying "Sooo what did your mom say"

"she said that she would love to come over" he then quickly peck my lips

"ooooh thats great I hope I made enough food" my mom said rushing around the kitchen

Justin started to chuckle he then whispered in my ear "Our moms are gonna get along great"

I giggled setting my the side of face on his chest, looking at my mom "Hey momma you need any help"

"Actually yes, can you take out the lettuce and wash it, grab the veggies and cut them up, and mix every thing together"

"Yep" I said popping the 'P' I started to walk towards the fridge but Justin pulled me back

"hey" I squealed

"I gotta go and pick up my mom" he looked around and then whispered "I want a kiss before I go"

"babe your gonna be right back" I giggled

"I know but I still want a kiss" he pulled me closer

I gave him a soft peck on the lips "a real kiss" he said seriously

"No, my mom is here" I whispered while blushing he pulls me into the living room

"I don't see your mom anywhere" he smirked

I got on my tip toes wrapping my arms around Justin's neck pulling him down having our lips less then inches close. I touched my lips with his, moving our lips slowly and in a perfect rhythm, Justin licked my bottom lip repeatedly for entrance but I won't let him cause I knew it would get heated. He grabbed my butt causing my to gasp and Justin quickly slipping his tongue in my mouth that sneaky boy. Our tongues battled each other for minutes, I pulled away catching my breath, resting our foreheads together "You should probably go and pick up your mom" I whispered

"Okay" he pecked my lips with his and walked away "Bye Shaina I'll be back" he said walking out the door

Justin's POV

I couldn't wait for my mom to meet Malia, I know she is going to love her. I pulled up to my house my mom walked out to the car smiling and waving.

"Hi honey" she said opening the car door, she slid into the seat and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"oooo this is so exciting" she squealed "I can't wait to meet this girl you won't stop blabbing about"

I pulled away from our house and in minutes I was back at Malia's house, I lead my mom to the door and knocked. Malia immediately opened the door "Hi" she smiled so widely "I'm Malia it's so great to finally meet you", she pulled the door open wide so we could walk in.

"Wow Justin you are so right she is so beautiful" she looked at me and gave me a smirk

"Malia is that them" her mom said rushing over while taking off her apron "Oh goodness Hi its so nice to finally meet you, I'm Shaina" she pull out her hand

"Hi Pattie" they both shook hands and walked away and started talking like they have known each other for years.

"Well that was easier than I was expecting" Malia said while closing the door, she walked over giving me a hug, I set my chin on top of her head pulling her closer "I'm so happy your'e mine" I said quietly

"I'm so happy your mine too" she said looking up at me

Malia's POV

Me and Justin have been laying on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory till dinner was ready. I was sitting up with my legs propped up from the coffee table, Justin had his head resting in my lap while my fingers played with the ends of his hair.

"Malia, Justin dinner is ready come on out!" my mom called out to us

Me and Justin got up and walked in to the dinning room while holding hands, we both sat down next to each other I went to let go of Justin's hand but he held it even tighter, "Wow everything looks amazing" I said admiring the delicious food.

"Malia your mom is an amazing cook" Pattie said while passing the mac and cheese to me

"Oh my goodness, thank you" my mom was in aw

All the food got passed around and we started eating "This Mac and Cheese is so good, mom why can't you cook like this" he said joking

"Ugh! Justin quiet!" Pattie playfully scolded him

"ha ha thanks Justin and I bet Pattie is an amazing cook" my mom smiled

Justin and Pattie blurted out laughing "oh thats sweet of you but I'm not that great of a cook" Pattie giggle

"Yeah ha ha no need to say that again" Justin laughed, it is so awesome to watch them all get along and laugh, at first I didn't think this was going to go very well but it was actually going perfectly.

Dinner was over and Justin and Pattie had to go, I wish Justin didn't have to go I wanted to be with him a lot longer. Pattie walked out to the car and waited for Justin while he said Good Night to me. I stood at the door and Justin put his arms around me pulling me close and bring his head down for a kiss as soon are lips met I couldn't help but smile in the kiss. It wasn't anything special just a good night kiss, when Justin pulled away he gave me a pouty face.

"Whats wrong babe" I said looking up at him

"I don't want to leave you" he said softy

"awww baby, just think about it, your gonna see me tomorrow and we don't have school so you can be with me as long as you want" I gave him a peck on the lips

"I know but I want to be with you right now"

*honk* *honk* "come on Justin its getting late!" Pattie yelled, Justin just pouted even more, I got on my tippy toes and peck his lips in between words

"I *peck* love *peck* you *peck* " I stop myself did I just say I love you to Justin...It's not that I don't care for him dearly but we haven't even been dating that long and I just said I love you to him. I hope he doesn't get scared away since I said that. All he did was stare at me for a couple seconds and then his straight face turned into an increasing smile.

"I love you too" 

Justin's POV

"I *peck* love *peck* you *peck* " All I heard was love, that four letter word that could change somebody's life and believe me it was just about to change mine because Malia just said that she loves me. She stopped saying anything I think she was in shock from what she had just said. All I could do was smile, I couldn't help it the person that I believe I love also just said that she loves me.

"I love you too" I cupped my hands on to her face crashing my lips in to hers she immediately kissed back, I moved my hands down to the lower part of her back pulling her even closer while she brought her hands to wrap around my neck and fiddling with the ends of my hair. This kiss was the most passionate kiss we had, had yet, I licked the bottom of her lip for entrance she let my in are tongues moved around exploring each others mouths, a moan quietly escaped Malias mouth, causing me to smile. She pulled away taking a breath, she gave me a smooch on the lips putting her hand on my face. "Promise to never leave me" I said breathing heavily

"I promise"

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