Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


7. Chapter 7 - Trouble

Malia's POV

Justin just stood there in the door way staring at me, he looked sad, confused, and heartbroken. I think he knew I was trying to stay away from him...

"What are you doing here" I said

"Why won't you answer my text Malia" he pushed through me to get in to the house

"I-i-i" I didin't know what to say

"What did I do wrong please tell me" he begged me, he got closer to me and grab my hands, he tried to look at me but I just looked at the ground.

'Baby please" he put his finger under my chin pulling my head causing me to look in to his eyes, but I pulled away

*sniffle* "Um you should go I really need to study for my English text" I said while wrapping my arms around my waist and looking at the ground

"No!" he snapped at me "I'm not gonna go I need to know what I did wrong, I need to make things right between us!"

There was complete silence in the room neither of us said anything, Justin walked up to me slowly and pulled me in to his arms holding me tight while having me rest my head on his chest.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell at you, I'm just so confused" he said quietly and pull me close

still not looking at him I said quietly in to his chest "come lay with me on the couch" even though I'm still confused about the situation with Justin I still want him to hold me

I grabbed Justins hand and lead him to the couch, he set him phone on the coffee table and then layed down with me. Justin had his arms wrapped around me tightly and had his head resting on my head. I felt like we had been laying there for hours, my eyes soon began to get heavy and everything turned in to blur

*BUZZ* *BUZZ* I woke up to the sound of Justins phones going off, I looked up and Justin was gone, I wonder where he could have gone, I didn't really think much of it so I just closed my eyes again *BUZZ* *BUZZ* ughhh his phone would not stop buzzing. I turned around and grabbed his phone and unlocked it he had messages from a girl named Cassie, it said "Hey babe" "where are you" "I miss you" "I need you right".

My hearts dropped I didn't think anything like this could be true, tears started to run down my face but angry started to boil up inside me, I heard Justin walking in to the living room

"um what are you doing" he said stopping in his tracks

*sniffle* "Your phone wouldn't stop buzzing and it was annoying so I went to see who was texting you so could you...why" tears were pouring down my face Justin went to say something but I quickly said "I should had know that all of this was to good to be true, you used me!" I screamed "Cleo was right all you ever wanted was to get in my pants!" I screamed while slowly falling to the ground crying I through his phone on the ground not even caring if I broke it

Justin picked up the phone and I could tell he was reading the message "No-no-no this isn't true you have got to believe me babe, I would never-" I cut him off "JUST SAVE IT!" I got up and Justin went to hug me but I pushed him away "J-Just go" he stood there in disbelief "GO" I yelled he back away walked out the door slamming it.

I ran upstairs and collapsed on my bed the tears were just flowing out of my eyes I couldn'nt make them stop. 

Justin's POV

I slammed the door and walked out to my car...Cassie is such a bitch how could she do this to me. I called her up

Cassie= C       Justin=J

C- Hey sexy how are you

J- You fucking bitch why would you do this to me

C- What do you mean

I could tell that she was smirking through the phone and it was pissing me off

J- You know exactly what I mean

C- What I just want to spend the night with you Justy

J- No! That was a one time thing I was drunk and don't call me Justy

I ended the call and when I got home I ran to my room sitting on my bed, I had my hands in my hair while gripping my hair in frustrations. Tears started to fall from my eyes I grabbed my phone and tried texting Malia but she wouldn't answer me. Why does this have to happen to me.....

Malia's POV

I probably only slept for about 2 hours last night I was crying so much I decided to shut off my alarm earlier since I'm already awake. I just layed in bed thinking about what happened last night and just thinking about it made me tear up a bit I grabbed my phone and checked if I had any message from anyone and I did..Justin..hhh I read the text he said "Babe im so sorry please talk to me" "Its not true anything you hear or saw" "Please I miss you so much I cant stand not talking to you" "Cleo is lying to you please believe me"

I shut off my phone completely and since I have and hour till I'm actually suppose to get ready I jumped in to the shower letting the hot beads of water run down my back I was probably just standing there for half an hour if my mom was home she would kill me right now.

I got out of the shower wrapped my towel around my body and walked across the hallway when I got in my room I looked in the mirror and my eyes were still red and puffy from crying so much, I walked over to my closet and skimmed my hands across all my clothes I pulled my favorite outfit I slipped on my hoodie and skinny jeans, I didn't have much make up on just a little, I did a winged eye make up and light lip gloss I put my boots on and grabbed my backpack and walked down stairs.

I still had a little time so pulled out a bowl and some captain crunch and milk poured some in a bowl, I sat down at the the table and ate quietly..alone..

Justin's POV

When I go to school I stormed in to the double doors looking for Cleo, once i saw her she put a big smirk on her face knowing that I found out what she had done, she thought this was a game but it was no game she is messing with some one that I care for

"Someone looks a little pissed" Cleo said with a chuckle

"I a no I'm more than pissed at YOU" I said pointing at her

"Why I'm saving you from social suicide being with her, do you know how many people think you are being stupid for dating her" she said while closing her locker

"I don't care what other people think or say about me I really like her and you are doing this just because you are jealous!" I said loudly

I looked pass Cleo and saw Malia she was walking towards her locker, her eyes are all red and puffy from probably crying, I push Cleo out of my way and ran to Malia. I wrapped my arms around her waist and squeezed tightly bring my mouth to her ear and quietly saying "I'm so sorry please talk to me" right when I said that she pride me arms of her body and walked away.

Malia's POV

I was walking to my locker when I felt to strong arms arm around my waist I knew exactly who's arms they where right away. Justin. I brought his mouth close to my ear and whispered "I'm so sorry please talk to me" I didn't want to talk to him at all after what happened last night so I ungripped him arms from my body and walked away.

I was finally the end of the day, I just want to go home so badly, when I got outside is I saw Justin Leaning against my car waiting for me...hhhh I walk over there not giving him any eye contact when I go to my car door he stepped in from of me.

"Justin please move" I demanded him

"No we need to talk" he said sternly

"hhh fine"

"Okay ill see you at your house in a bit" he walked away and got in his car

This is going to be fun I got in my car and drove away, when I got there Justin was already there, I got out and Justin followed me in to the house.

"Hey sweety" my mom said from the living room, oh crap

"Hey mom" I said walking in to the living room with Justin on my tail

"Hey Shaina" he said also

"Hey love birds what are your plans for the rest of the day" my mom said, only if she knew what was going on

"Um..." Justin looked over at me "Uh nothing important" I said

"Oh good because I want us to all get together including Justins mom I should meet her sooner or later right" she said smiling

"oh...that sounds great mom, um well me and Justin are gonna go upstairs" I walked away heading up with Justin still behind me

I shut the door behind us when we got into my room, when I turned around Justin crashed his lips in to mine grabbing my body and pulling me closer to him, I gave in and kissed back I couldn't help it, it was like I was under a spell, when he noticed I kissed back he smiled in the kiss that cause me to pull away.

"No" I said backing away

"Baby why" he walked closer

"Its not all fixed, do you understand how much it broken my heart to see those text and to find out-" he cut me off

"ITS NOT EVEN TRUE MALIA!" He said with anger "I'm sorry but you need to let me speak and tell you the truth from me, not them me.

I sat down on my bed waiting for him to explain

Justin's POV

She is finally letting me explain, she sat down on her bed waiting for an explanation. I rubbed the back of my neck and breath out.

" Cassie is this girl I hooked up with one night at a party I was drunk and I didn't even know what I was doing at the moment and ever since then she hasn't left me alone since then. And Cleo is a bitch I'm sorry I dated her once I though I was in love and then I found out she only wanted to date me to become popular and to sleep with me and then she broke up with me" I looked down at the ground and then Malia walked up to me putting both hands on the sides of me face "I never slept around and I don't want to be with you just to get in your pants" I said quietly

"I'm sorry baby" she said giving me soft kiss on the lips


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