Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


6. Chapter 6 - Together

Justin's POV

"wait I need to ask you something" I said hesitantly

"yeah" she replied

I pulled her close so that she was in my arms...I hesitated...I had no clue if I should say it...I mean I really like her like a lot a lot but what if she says no....

"Will you be my gilrfriend" I said quietly

she said nothing and that scared me

"I mean its okay if you say know what never mind..hhhh I wasn't-

She grabbed my face and crashed her lips in to mine then slowly pulled away

"I would love to be your girlfriend" she lightly peck my lips, she walked to the door then turned around smiling and walking in to her house. Once she closed the door I started jumping up and down

"YES!!!!!!" I ran in to my car and drove off


Malia's POV

"OH MY GOD MOM GUESS WHAT!!!" I ran in to the livingroom and jumped on to the couch where she was sitting

"haha what" she said smiling

"Justin just asked me to be his girlfriend!!!!!!!" I shrieked

"Well what did you say" she asked

I slitly looked around and said "yes" I giggled and started running around the couch and jumping up and down

"oh my goodness Malia come down, but I'm so happy for you"

"I can't help it mom I'm so HAPPY" I then ran up stairs and plopped on my bed...just laying there and replying the night over and over


ughhh school why..the only thing I'm looking forward to seeing today is my new boyfriend Justin.

I slam my hand on the alarm clock to stop it from beeping, I sat up in my bed and then walk across the hall to take a shower I did my usual routine and when I was all done I walked over to my closet...ughh what to wear...I scan my closet and grab out dark skinny jeans, and a maroon sweater.

I put on my outfit and then sat at my make up table, I didnt put on alot of make up just some powder foundation, a little mascara, and some pink lip gloss. I grabbed my High Top Black Converse and tied them on to my feet.

I picked up my backpack and jogged down the stairs and grabbed an apple out of the fridge. My mom normally had toast and stuff out for me to eat but she was at work. I walked out the door and hopped in to my car I blasted some Maroon 5 in the car and drove off.

Justins POV

I was opening my locker still


"Are you serious, was that nesasary" Cleo locker slammed me, god she annoys the crapped out me, she has this habit of smacking her gum all the time, we had a thing a year ago but then it turned out all she wanted was to get popular, she has brown hair but she dyed it blond you could see the brown coming out of the roots of her head, she has straight across bangs, and her hair is in a high pony tail.

"*smacking gum*So I hear you got a girlfriend, so tell me who is this slut of yours" she put her hand on her hip

I ignored her, I finally opened my locker again


"WHO IS SHE JUSTIN" she demanded

"Why the hell do you care" I tried walking away but she pulled me back

"Her name is Malia, you happy" I said trying my best to ignore her

"Who's that, does she even go here" she looked puzzled

"Ugh yeah shes in your math class...I gotta go" I walked away


The hallway got quiet but I could still hear Cleo smacking her gum, I walked up to her slowly and said "What do you mean a loser, I'm pretty sure I'm not dating you anymore" I could tell I pissed her off cause she stormed off

"UGH YOU ASSHOLE" she said while stomping down the hallway

I turned around and there she was, my girl, she looked so beautiful just like always, she didnt see me, so I went to sneak up behind her but then Wyatt went to hug her, that fucking new kid needs to stay away from my girl!!!

I storm over there trying to make it seem like I wasn't angry but I couldn't help it

"Hey Sweetheart" I tapped her on the shoulder

She pulled away out of Wyatt's arms"Hi!!" she smiled really big and gave me a tight squeeze and a peck on the lips

"Hey Wyatt I gotta go but good luck on that date of yours" she waved to him and took my hand

I looked at her "What was that about" I let go of her hand and stopped walking

"What was what?"

"That hug Malia" I looked at her with a disapointed face

"That hug was nothing, trust me" she looks a me with a smile, she grabs my hand again "come on its time to go to class" once we got to the end of the hall we both went are separate ways

Malia's POV

I got in to math class and sat down, a girl next to me kept on staring at me

"Are you Malia?" she asked


"Okay good I'm so glad I found you" she started to whisper

"Your dating Justin now right"

"Yep" I started to smile

"Well be carefull because he wants one thing and one thing only" she looked around and then looked back at me "He only wants to get in to your pants, we were together once, Justin and I, but once I gave him what he wanted he left me"

"No, n-no, Justin would never do that" I started shaking my head

"Malia and Cleo!!! Stop talking while I am teaching" Mrs. Daniels demanded

We both quickley turned our bodies towards the board but Cleo said quietly

"Trust me, I'm not the only girl"


-------------end of the day---------------


All I could think about is what Cleo said I mean I just can't believe Justin would do such a thing he so sweet and loving.....and popular and I'm not.....

"HEY I MISS YOU" that voice, I could tell who it was right away

"ASHLEY" I turned around and hugged her

"I feel like I haven't seen you in ages...I heard someone has a boyfriend" she nugged my shoulder

"haha yeahhh" I didn't fell like talking about Justin right after what I heard so I changed the subject "Hey where's Sandy?"

"Oh shes out of town visiting her dad, so tell me about your boyfriend who is it"

"Its Justin...." Ashley Widened her eyes and started to squeal "Oh My God, you lucky duck you......AHHHH OH here he comes now!!!!"

oh no I just couldn't bare to see him now, I just need to forget what Cleo said, she could be lying...but who would lie about that....

"Hi Sweetheart" he pulls me close and kisses me on the forehead "And who is this" Justin looked at Ashley

"Hi I'm Ashley, Malias best friend" she was smiling at us so much it was embarrassing "Well I gotta go you kids have fun she winked at me

"So you wanna hangout at my place" Justin said

"Ughh..not today I've got tons of homework" I looked down at my feet

"Then I could help you" he lifted my head up with his finger and smiled at me

"No I can do it myself....I gotta go maybe ill talk to you later"

Justin's POV

Did I do something wrong? I mean she wouldn't even look at me.......


Im laying on my couch watching tv...not really I keep on staring at my phone to see if Malia text me back I've sent her about 5 text message.....

"UGH!!!" I threw my phone on the ground in frustration I couldn't take not talking to Malia or not knowing what I did wrong.

"Justin you okay" my mom said rushing in to the livingroom

"yeah....I'm just fine" I pick up my phone of the ground and sit back on the couch

My mom sat down on the couch next to me and said "Hun tell me whats wrong"

"Malia my girlfriend, well she won't answer my text and at the end of the day at school she won't even look at me, and I just want to see her and talk to her but she won't let me and its just breaking me" I was trying to hold back the tears

"ooh honey I'm sorry" she kisses me on the check she pulls me close and hugs me "honey its going to be alright"

Malia's POV

I have gotten about 5 text message from Justin saying

1. Hey Sweetheart


3.are you okay why won't you talk to me

5.if I did something wrong please tell me

I couldn't bare to talk to him

an hour past and I was still laying on my bed


uggghhh my mom wasn't home yet so I had to go get the door. I ran down the stairs, unlocked the door and opened it.......

Why was he here


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