Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


5. Chapter 5 - The Date

Malia's POV

 Tonight is the night I'm going on a date with the amazing, handsome, flawless Justin Bieber...after I thought about it for awhile I'm just wondering why me...why the shy, lonely, weird girl at school that nobody there knows exists.



I was all dressed, I decided to straighten my hair it took my all day, I have only straightened my hair once or twice because it takes so long,  also because my hair is so long and super curly but I thought I would do it today because its a special occasion. 

I put on on my foundation, curled my lashes and added to coats of mascara, and put on some medium red lip stick.

I was wearing  this beautiful sapphire dress with a black blow around the waist and sheer lace shoulders and a black satin-trimmed sweetheart neckline, I love this dress so much.

I am so nervous, my hands are shaking, my heart is bounding, and all I can think is how much I'm gonna screw this up.


ahhh it Justin 

"I've got it!" my mom yelled to me

I quickly slipped on my black, velvet, 4 inch heels, but I was struggling a bit with the thin belt ankle strap.

I grabbed my black shinny shoulder purse and walked down the stairs.


Justin's POV

I got to Malias house and rang the door bell


Oh god I am so nervous, I have never felt this nervous about taking a girl out before, I've taken out so many before and its always the same.

but this time...Its so much more 

"Hi Justin" Malia's mom said while opening the door and jesturing me to come inside.

"Hi is Malia home"

"Yep she  is just getting ready, you have no clue how excited she is shes been talking about this date all day long." 

"well hopefully its as amazing as she's hop-"

I stopped talking, stopped, moving, and probably stopped breathing.

All I saw was Malia my girl, she was gorgeous just so beautiful she took my breath away, she had straightened her hair and it made her hair look longer than ever. She was wearing a sapphire dress that fit her body so perfectly.......

"Justin is there something wrong" Malia said while tilting her head in confusion and worry

"oh not, not at all its just look so beautiful"

"Thank you" Malia said with a big smile

"you 're going to need a winter coat" I said

Malia looked at me puzzled "Its the summer why do I need a winter coat, what are we going to the North Pole" she said jokingly

"ehh close enough"

Malia walks to the closet and grabs her winter coat

'Well you two have fun" Malias mom said while nudging us out the door


Malia's POV

We got in to Justin's car and I couldn't help but stare at him, he looked to slick, he was wear a white v-neck t-shirt, with a nice black leather jacket, with a black pair of jeans, and black Supras. I think he was able to notice me staring because smiled a little bit and glanced at me for a second.

"Where are we" I said

"I'm not telling you"

Justin pulls in to an empty parking lot outside this giant old building...

"what is this place Justin' I said nervously

"You'll see"

We got out of the car and Justin grabs my and his coat and a scarf, before we get to the entrance he puts his hands on my eyes 

"what are you doing" I said while giggling

"Its a surprise so I gotta clover your eyes"

Justin was struggling to try to open the door but he couldn't open it because he had his hands over my eyes

'Justin I can keep my eyes closed it fine" I said 

"Nope I'm not taking any chances" he grabs the scarf he was holding and wraps it around my eyes, he lead me inside the building in to a cold room.

"Why is it so cold in here" I said while shivering, Justin takes the scarf of my eyes and all I see is an ice skating rink and in the middle of the rink is a table and two chairs, with a candle placed on the table and plates and silver ware.

"oh my god, how did you manage to keep this place empty and keep the chairs and tables from sliding all over the rink" I said in amazement

"Well I know the manager of the ice skating rink because I play hockey and I got him to clear it out for me if I clean the rink with the Zamboni, and for the chair and table I had to screw them in to the u won't exactly be able to pull in your chair" Justin said

"That is the sweetest thing anybody has every done for me" I said 

I put my hands on his face and gave him small peck on the lips, he smiled at me and said

"okay, lets go get you some skates"

we both grabbed out a pair of skates and squeezed are feet in to them

"Hey you need help there" Justin said

"Nahh I got this" I said while struggling to squeeze the lases of my skates to be tighter

we both finally got are skates on and walk to the rink, I slowly stepped on the ice and held tight on to the wall. I looked around and there was Justin gliding all over the ice like it was nothing.

"SHOW OFF!" I yelled to him while giggling

"Ha ha nahh, you need help sweet heart" he said, putting out his hand

"Nope I can do this, I just haven't gone ice skating in a couple years."

"All right then suit yourself" he said while skating backwards and giving me a smirk

I let go on the wall and put one food out and then the other, see I knew what I was doing I just had to remember the movements, soon enough I was gliding all over the rink.

 "You should sit down and I'll go grab the dinner" Justin said

"Okay" I slid over to chair and sat down

Justin skates over to the table backward causing me to not be able see what the dinner is

He spins around and says" Dinner is served" He sets down a box of pizza

"Awww how romantic" I said in a sweet joking way 

Justin sits down and smiles at me while grabbing two slices of pizza

"I knew you would like it"

Justin and I had an amazing nice dinner, we talked the whole time about stuff we hate, stuff we love, and just stuff in general. When we were done we both got up and skated around the rink. I went to skate towards Justin but once I grabbed his hand I lost my balance and fell down pulling Justin with me.

"Ugh, ow, oh my god, I'm so sorry" I said looking up at Justin, there he was just hovering over me and chuckling a little bit


Justin's POV

Malia and I both just fell on the ice, I kinda thought it was cute but I could tell Malia was super embarrassed.

"Ugh, ow, oh my god, I'm so sorry" Malia said with a groan, Malia looking up at me, I was hovering over her and I couldn't help but chuckle just a little bit...I then stopped and brought my body down to kiss her, are lips met and her lips were so soft and sweet, she kissed me back,  are lips were moving so much in sync and then at the same time we both slowly slipped are tongues into each others mouths, I couldn't stop kissing her it was so amazing SHE was so amazing but after about 5 minutes of kissing, Malia pulled away.

"uhh my butt is really cold" she said breathing heavily

I got up carefully and put my hand out to help her up, when she got up she looked at me a giggled.

"what?" I said

"You have a little lipstick all over you mouth" she said while whipping my lips off with her fingers, I grabbed her hand and we skated of the rink and took of our skates and left the the rink.




Malia's POV

We got back to my house and Justin walked me to my door like a gentlemen, he looked at me with sad eyes.

"Does this night really have to end" he said pouting

"Unfortunately it does" I said giving him a peck on the lips, Justin then pulled me back to his lips for a longer kiss and of course I kissed back, I slowly pulled away and put my hand on his cheek, he grabbed my hand and kissed it.

I went to walk away but he pulled me back

"wait I need to ask you something" he said hesitantly

"yeah" I replied

He pulled me close and said...


Thank you guys for reading this chapter, now this chapter is my new favorite one so far lol!!!!

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