Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


4. Chapter 4 - The New Guy

Justin's POV

Malia jerked her head back, she looked at me her eyes widened and she panicked.

"Uhhh I'm upstairs mom!" she said nervously

She grabbed my hand and she was sneaking me down the hallway, she started to tip toe down the stairs, she stopped and looked around.

"Malia what are we doing" I said

"Shhhhh" she replied

We both skittered down the stairs, we got to the door but suddenly

"Malia what are you doing.....who is this?" Her mom put on a smirk 

"Uhh mom this is my friend Justin, Justin my mom" Malia said

"Hi Ms. Davis it's nice to meet you"

I put my hand out she smiled took my hand and shook it but quickly responded with

"Please call me Shaina"

"Okay we'll Justin has to go, bye Justin" Malia said quickly 

Malia was itching for me to leave I don't know why, her mom seemed to like me it was going pretty well I kinda wanted to stay for a little while

"Oh okay well Justin you have a good night" her mom said sweetly

"You too" I said fast enough before Malia slammed the door in my face


Malia's POV

My mom was not gonna stop talking about me having a guy at the house. To her that was a miracle, that was the first time I've had a guy at the house.

I tried to rush past her but she stopped me

"So Malia tell me about this Justin" she said looking at me while grinning 

"Um nothing to tell, just friends"


I ran up the stairs hoping she wasn't behind me wanting more answers 

I got to my room, put on my pj's, lied down in bed, I started to think, did I just imagine this whole day or was me and Justin about to kiss in my room...


Justin's POV


I slammed my hand on the off button of my alarm clock, oh god school, I sat up in my bed, I rubbed my forehead and looked at the time...ugh 6:00 am, the only thing I'm looking forward for this week is to see Malia. I got up walked to my bathroom and took a shower, when I got out I put on some medium light blue jeans, with a white tank top, and a red varsity jacket.

I grabbed my backpack ran to the kitchen and grabbed myself a granola bar, I walked outside and through my bag in the passenger seat of my Lamborghini Murcielago(yeah I'm kinda wealthy) I walked to the other side and got in the car and drove off.

When I got to the school I was looking for Malia everywhere I couldn't find her until I saw her talking to this tall blond haired guy I could tell he was flirting with her, I couldn't help but clench my jaw and put my hands into fist, he kept on making her laugh and when he did that my blood was boiling. 

I wanted to walk over there so bad and punch him in the jaw but then the bell went of they both disappeared in the crowd of people rushing to their classes.


Malia's POV

 I got to the school and walked into the main double doors, I stopped at the office because they had some paper work for career day stuff, when I got in there the secratary stopped me and said

"oh Malia wait I want you to meet our new student Wyatt"

"Hi" i said 

"Hey" he said in a flirting manor 

God he is so gorgeous he has the most biggest bluest eyes, and nicely trim short hair sort of like Justin's, and his smile is stunning.

"Malia I'm gonna need you to show Wyatt to his classes and locker" she said franticlly

Wyatt stood up he is so tall...

"oh wait I need my forms for career day" I said quickly

"oh yeah here you go" 

 "okay then come with me Wyatt" I said

The day was going by pretty well, Wyatt got the hang of the schedule and mastered his locker combination he was really funny and super nice. But at one moment when we were at his locker he stop talking...

"Hey Malia do you know that guy who keeps staring at us" he said nervously

I slowly turned around and saw Justin he looked upset his eye brows were crinkled together, he had his arms crossed, and I could see him grinding his teeth.

"Uh yeah, I do actually, I gotta go ill see you tomorrow." I said

I walked over to Justin very quickly

"What are you doing spying on me!" I said irritated

"I want to know who that guy is, why are you talking to him" he said in a demanding tone

"Um...he is new to the school system, and the secretary wanted me to show him to his classes and to his locker" I said

"Well does he really need a demonstration on how to open his locker, you were over there for a little to long " Justin said

"What is your problem" I said "You don't own me" I said with anger

He looked at me in a confused way, his jaw unclenched, and he released his fist. He started to look down at the ground, he grabbed my hand he started to rub my hand with his thumb.

"I just thought that because of last night-" I quickly cut him off and pulled my hand away

"What do you mean last night we didn't actually kiss" I said 

Just then Justin wouldn't look at me in the eyes 

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to say it that way its just that your acting as if we are dating and right now I shouldn't feel like I'm doing something wrong when I'm not" I said softly

I put one hand on the side of Justin's face, he then put his hand on mine moving his head to the side "I gotta get home I'm sorry" I said softy, I brought my hand down and walked away.


*   *   * 


I got home put on some gray sweat pants and and my superman t-shirt, I put my curly hair into a messy bun. I grabbed my phone and went down stairs to go watch some TV I grabbed a bag of smartfood and plopped down on the couch.

*buzz* *buzz*

I picked up my phone a received a message from Justin

(J=Justin     M=Malia)

J: Im sorry about today

M: its alright

J: Can I come over

M: I would like that

J: kk ill be there in 10 minutes :)

Once I received Justin's last text I went right back to eating my smartfood...


I jumped up from the couch quickly wiped the cheese of my fingers from the popcorn on to a towel and then ran to the door.

I opened the door and there he was, smiling at me, he was in his sweat pants and sweat shirt.

"Hi" he said 

"Hey so what did you want to come over her for" I said while closing the door

"I just wanted to see you"

He made me blush so bad I couldn't help but smile

I lead him to the living room he sat on the couch and I walk over to the movie cabinet 

"You wanna watch a movie" I said curiously

"Yeah how about the Notebook" he said 

I looked at him with a question mark on my face

"Do you just want to watch the Notebook because I'm a girl and we like romance movies" I said 

"haha no I actually really like that movie, what do you want to watch"

"Oh...well I was thinking action packed because I'm not in a romance movie mood, OH how about the Terminator" I said in excitement

Justin sort of laughed at me and then he ran his hand through his hair while saying

"That sounds good"

I grabbed Terminator out of the cabinet and put the DVD into the DVD slot, I grabbed the remote and sat at one end of the couch while Justin sat at the other. After about 10 minutes sitting about 2 to 3 feet away from each other Justin said

"Hey I'm gonna go to the bathroom, where is it by the way"

"Oh its past the kitchen, up the stairs to your right" I said


ugh this was going horribly

5 minutes later Justin came back

"mmmm that hand soap smells amazing" Justin said while sitting down RIGHT next to me

"haha your weird" I said jokingly 

Justin slowly put his arm around my shoulder and I put my head on to his chest, he then put his arm around me, and I put my arm around his stomach.


Justin's POV

Malia started to lose her grip on my stomach, I could tell she was falling asleep, I moved a couple curly strains out of her face to see if she was asleep, and she was.

I slowly was bring my head down I softly kissed her forehead, but then her eyes fluttered opened

"h-how long was I asleep" she said is a groggy voice

"only for about 5 minutes"

"Oh, hey I'm hungry, don't make fun of me but I want Captain Crunch for dinner" she said smiling

I couldn't help but laugh at her, I though it was adorable the way she said it. She looked at me with a pouty face.

"I told you not to make fun of me" she said whining

She got up from out of my arms and slowly walked to the kitchen, I heard her open and close a cabinet. I got up and walked into the kitchen I saw her opening a bag of Captain Crunch with Berries into a bowl.

"Can I have some" I said while wrapping my arms around her waist

"No!" she said

"awww why not Mel" I said pouting

"Cause you laughed at me" she said 

I turned her around from the bowl of cereal to make her face me, I had my hands on her waist and I pulled her close.

"Mel, would you go on a date with me"

she was silent for a couple seconds she looked down then she looked up at me

"I would love to go on a date with you" she said with a smiled 


Malia's POV

Justin then put his strong gentle hands on my face and pulled my face close to his, I could feel his warm breath shaking on my lips, but then are lips touched, his lips were so soft and gentle, he slowly slipped his touch into my mouth, are tongues started to moving around each other, this kiss was so amazing that we were in sync with each other, he then moved his hands away from face down to my waist pulling me closer. 

I then pulled away to take a breath I looked him in the eyes and quickly gave him a sweet peck on the lips



Thank you guys for reading this chapter I hope you guys enjoyed it and hope it was good :)

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Quick Fun Fact about Justin, in real life Justin Bieber actually loves the Notebook and he also love Captain Crunch with Berries :)







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