Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


3. Chapter 3 - The Photo Shoot

Justin's POV 

I had my hands on her waist, I was able to feel the smooth figure she has. I pulled her closer so that both our stomachs were touching. She slowly moved her right hand behind my neck and left hand on my face.

She had her index finger out she was running her finger on the line of my jaw. She then moved booth hands on to my face.

I looked in to her dark chocolate eyes and she looked in to mine. I moved a little curl from out of her face and then we both slowly were coming in for a kiss..........

I opened my eyes to see that it was morning, I groaned at the burning sight of light. I lifted my hand to see the fading numbers on my hand, I quickly grabbed my phone and added the numbers into my phone.

All I could think was why did that dream have to end.


Malia's POV


I couldn't see anything I didn't feel like opening my eyes, I have my hand out on my dresser slapping it around to find my phone. 

"Ah ha" I said 

I brought the phone to my face and slowly opened my eyes, the brightness from the screen hurt like hell but I soon got over it once I noticed that Justin had texted me.

From Unknown: hi Malia? Its Justin sorry if I woke you..

I quickly added him in to my contacts typing in Justin Bieber. I went back to my messages and responded with...

To Justin Bieber: Oh hi and no you didn't wake me 

I had to lie I wasn't gonna say "Yeah you woke me up" I don't know it doesn't sound very nice.

From Justin Bieber: Would you like to hang out today :)

I hesitated...I don't know what we would do or even talk about we have nothing in common.

To Justin Bieber: Umm no....I need to take pictures for my blog..

I had to think of something to get out of it, I mean really what would we talk about. It would end up to be complete awkward silence.

From Justin Bieber: oh..okay...WAIT!! I have an idea I could be your model ;) lol

Did he just say he's not gonna stop 

To Justin Bieber: you are not gonna stop till you can hang out with me are you 

From Justin Bieber: yep :)

To Justin Bieber: hhh me at the center of town in an hour.

This is going to be fun

I knew exactly what I wanted to wear I felt like wearing something cute. I pulled out my high waisted hounds tooth patterned jeggings I got at Forever 21 and a cropped dark gray sleeveless t-shirt.

I ran to the bathroom jumped out of my clothes and got into the shower. I washed my body with my pomegranate body wash, I wash my hair thoroughly. 

I shut the shower off grabbed my pink towel and dried off my body. I walked to my room took my towel of and rapped it around my head I put on my clothes and put my black high top converse on.

I put on a think coat of liquid foundation and then over that a little bit of powered foundation, I curled my eyes lashes added some waterproof mascara and my signature pink lip stain lipstick.

After all that I took the towel of my head, flipped my hair forward ran my hands through my hair, I flipped my hair back and parted my hair to the far right of my head. 

I sprits a little bit of my honey suckle perfume in the air then I ran through it.

I grabbed my camera bag and my phone, I walked down the stairs to go grab something to eat when I got down there I saw a note.

Good Morning Honey I hope you slept well :) I had to go in to work today ill be back around 7 okay 
I love you - Mom

I read the note crumpled it and threw it in the trash, I went into the fridge and grab an apple.

"That should fill me for at least an hour."

I decided to grab two maybe Justin would want one...I walk out the door and locked it.


Justin's POV

I got down to the center of town and there she was sitting on the swing just waiting there. She then saw me she stood up and waved. Wow she looks gorgeous, the way here pants fit showed her figure more than ever. I quickly walked over to her.

" huh" I said with a half smile

"Um I brought us apples" she said sweetly

"Aww thanks" I replied

"Your welcome, so lets get to it" she said

She took pictures for about hours it was actually really fun, she is amazing at taking pictures.

"I'm hungry you wanna get something to eat" I said

"Um sure..." she said quietly while deleting pictures she didn't like on her camera.

We got into the diner and slid into a booth.

I could help but stare at her 

"Hello my name is Casandra what can I get you this late afternoon" she said cheerfully

I quickly snapped out off focus

"Umm can I get a bowl of macaroni and cheese and a coke please" Malia said confidently

"Are you sure about that bowl of Macaroni and cheese it's pretty big" the waitress said with concern

"Yep I'm sure" 

"Okay then what about you, what would you like to eat today" she said while smacking her gum in her mouth

"Can I get the #12 burger with a side of fries" I said

"Okay your orders will be right up" she said

*skip the eatting*

"Well that was delicious" I said

"Yeah, hey um I need to get another lends from my house so-"

I cut her off quickly

"Can I come" I said excited

"Sure" she sounded nervous I'm not sure why, we've been talking all day I would think she would be comfortable talking to me.

We got to her house it was small but cute, she guided me to her room slowly.

"So yeah this is my room" she said


Malia's POV

I set my camera bag down, and search through my closest to look for the leans. I saw Justin's shadow go over mine and then 


"HEY!!! No you're not aloud to take a picture of me" I demanded

Justin chuckled a little

"So you can take pictures of everybody else, but nobody is aloud to take pictures of you, well that's no very fair" he said with a pouty smirk

He then pulled me close and snap another picture but I quickly put my head down. Justin put his finger under my chin and pulled my head up.

"Let me be the first to take a of you picture with your approval"

I could help but nod and fall for him


"Look at you, you're gorgeous"

He made me smile so much I probably looked like a fool, he pulled me even closer, my heart was beating so fast I wonder if he could feel my heart pounding. 

We both slowly cocked at heads to the right



Thanks for reading this one I hope it you liked it personally this is my favorite chapter so far so please




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