Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


24. Chapter 24 - Goodbye

Malia's POV

I wake with a tug of my body moving closer to Justin's body, I try to shift my body but tangled legs and a heavy head on my bare chest stops me. I finally but slowly open my eyes to see Justin's restless body clinging to mine. I can't help but stare at him and try to fight the urge of running my fingers threw his tussled hair, but instead I twist the ends of his hairs in between my index finger and thumb careful to not wake him. Images from last night run through my mind, of his hands and mouth on every inch of my body, the way I moan his name, and the way he made me feel. I can't help but bite my lip at the thought, I suddenly feel Justin stir in his sleep, tightening his arms around my waist and pulling me even closer to him. I keep twisting my fingers in his hair till I here him groan "Hhmmm Morning" he mumbles in my chest.

I instantly run my fingers through his hair "Morning" I whisper, "Did you sleep well"

"Mmhhmm" he mumbles, I can't help but giggle at his lack of words this morning "Whaat?" he groans

"Nothing" I start to move from his grip but he pulls my body back down.

"Where are you going" he whines while keeping me from leaving the bed.

"The bathroom" I say trying to pry his arms of my body "Juuustin" I whine

"Ugh...fine" he lets go of me and I grip the sheets dragging them with me to cover my naked body, I turn around to see my naked Justin has now shifted onto his stomach with his bare perfect butt showing. I drag me and the sheet into Justin bathroom, I skitter onto the small rug in front of the toilet and quickly sit down. Once I'm done I skitter to small rug in front of the sink trying to avoid the freezing cold floor.

I stand in front of the mirror taking in all my features. They say your first time changes you, I always thought that was ridiculous, but they weren't kidding. I feel different and oddly I look slightly different. Once I've taken a long look at myself, I quickly put my hair into a messy bun, and brush my teeth with a tooth brush I left here a while back.

I re-wrap the towel around myself and walk out of the bathroom to find Justin has now changed into his boxer and his now sitting on the end of his bed just staring at me "What?" I say bending down and grabbing one of Justin's t-shirt and pulling it over my head while pulling the sheet out from under the t-shirt leaving me in only a shirt that stops to almost the middle of my thighs.

"''re just so beautiful" I instantly cover my face with my hands trying to hide my flushed face, I feel Justin's hands pull me on to his lap causing me to straddle him. He gently puts his his hands on mine moving them away from my face "Now why would you hide such a beautiful face" he says while brushing a few loose curly strands of hair from my face.

I shift my face into the crook of his neck "I don't know" I mumble into his neck. I give him a swift his on neck, then his jaw, and to his lips. Causing a small smile to creep onto his mouth. I bring my hands to the sides of his face leaving small kisses on his lips. I soon enough pull away looking at Justin, his eyes closed and a faint smile on his lips, he slowly opens his eyes and bites his lip.

"So what do you want to do today" he smiles but instead I frown "What? Whats wrong"

"I have to pack for Los Angeles today" I look down at my hands

"Wait? What?"

"I have to pack fo-"

"I know what you said but why? You have 2 weeks till you have to go to Los Angeles" he says with whole lot of confusion in his voice "How come you didn't tell me"

"I didn't want to ruin out night last night. I also need to check this apartment that I found online and start my job that Anna my boss from the photo shop was able to get me" I confess

"Baby you wouldn't have ruined our night" He kisses my nose and rest his nose on mine "But can't you leave next week" his lips move into a pout making me turn my face away from him trying not to fall for the cute way he looks when he pouts.

He moves my face to look at him again pouting his lips even more "If you keep making that face I might have to stay" I slightly giggle, he deepens his pout and looks up me, making himself look like sad puppy, soon both of us start to laugh.

"Hhh, I don't what you to go" He says while running his hands up and down my back "You'll be hundreds, thousdands, and even millions of miles away from me" he says nussling his nose in my neck

"I'm not gonna be a million miles away" I giggle at his exaggeration "Since you'll be in canada for college we will be about a thousand miles away maybe a little more"

"That doesn't help" he say bluntly "Besides I don't want you to be far from me, then you will be surrounded by a bunch of college guys" I could tell just be him thinking about that he got angry, his jaw already tense and his arms getting tighter around my waist "Next thing you know you will find someone better than me"

"Don't say that" I pull away from him "I could never find anybody better than you, I love you, and you know that" I say at almost a whisper "Okay" I say rubbing my thumb across his cheek, he nods in response and I move of his lap, standing up straight and clap my hands together "Now I need to get ready"


Justin's POV

"Almost done" she is kneeling in her now empty closet putting her last pair of shoes into her 5th suit case. Malias room is almost empty, the only stuff left is an empty dresser, book shelf, closet, and a bed with no bed sheets. God, just seeing her room empty makes me sad. "All done" she sighs while pulling a couple loose strains of hair behind her ear.

"So when do you have to go to the airport" I ask while rubbing the back of my neck, she stands up and starts to fiddle with her fingers.

"An hour" she gives me a weak smile

"An hour" I start to run my fingers threw my hair. Oh my god, she can't leave me now, I don't know what I am gonna do without her.

"You can come with me and my mom when we go" she walks up to me and stands in between my legs.

"Okay" I sigh

"And maybe you could come up 2 weeks from now and visit me" she says while running her fingers threw my hair, I wrap my arms around her waist leaning my head on her stomach.

"I can't. Im gonna be in Canada" I mumble on her stomach.

"Malia! You ready to go!" I here Shaina call from down stairs and we both turn out heads

"Yeah mom! Justin and I will be down in a minute!" Malia calls back

She lifts my face up with both her hands, bends down and gives me a soft sweet kiss "Help me with my suit cases".

Malia's POV

He's been holding my hand the whole car ride, he would kiss my palm or each finger individually, play with my fingers, or draw imaginary images with his index finger on the palm of my hand. But know he is just holding my hand in his. The car has been extremely quiet, but I know our thoughts are loud.

"Hey honey" My mom speak while looking at me threw the rear view mirror

"Yeah mom"

"You know how we were having issues with bringing your car up to Los Angeles" she says


"Well I was able to find a company that is able to ship your car cross country to Los Angeles" she says with a smile, trying to brighten up the mood.

"That's great" I give her a brief smile and look over at Justin, his caramel eyes lock on our hands. I rub my thumb on his hand, he watches my thumb and brings my hand up to his mouth and kisses it briefly.

"We are here" my mom says

~ ~ ~

"Okay so this is it" I say trying so hard to hold back tears. My mom instantly pulls me into a hug, she is already blubbering like a baby.

"I will be there next week, okay." she assures "And your father will be at the hotel waiting for you" she gives me a tight squeeze and pulls away half way looking at me with teary eyes "Oh god I love you so much. You promise me you will be safe and careful. And don't! Do anything stupid" she chuckles but her tears and runny nose stop her.

"I promise momma" she kisses my cheeks and give me one last hug "Justin I'll meet you in the car" she sniffles, he nods in response.

I instantly pull myself into his arms and start crying into his chest "Justin I can't do this, I can't leave you. I-I will skip college for a couple years and go with you to Canada"

"No baby, you can't do that." he looks down at me, his caramel eyes are now blood shot and full of tears, and his once perfectly slick golden brown hair is now sticking up in different direction from him constantly running his fingers threw his hair. "I love you, and since I love you I need to let you go and have you do what best for you" I slowly nod in response and wrap my arms around his neck.

He bends down, bringing his hands to the side of my face and attach his lips to mine. Our lips don't move, they stay there for a couple seconds and slowly start to move in a perfect rhythm. My hands reach into his hair tangling my fingers with his amazingly soft hair, god I'm gonna miss running my fingers threw his hair. He slowly runs his tongue onto my bottom lip asking for entrance and I immediately accept, our tongues move together and I am able to taste our tears as they stream down our faces. "I love you Malia" he whispers into the kiss

"I love you too Justin" We both slowly pull away, he runs his thumb across my cheek brushing the tears away.

"You should probably go" he speaks almost at a whisper "You don't wanna miss your plane"

"Yeah your probably right" I respond, he gives me a swift kiss on the lips and a tight hug. We both pull away "Visit me" I tell him

"Of course" he faintly smiles, we both start to walk away "Make sure to call me when you land" he tells me

"Of course" I smile back, we are now about ten feet away "I love you"

"I love you"


It's official guys this is the last chapter to this Invisible Love. But! Don't panic, the second book Blurred Love will be coming soon to a Movellas near I'm such a dork. Lol but seriously, this story was so short I know but I hope you liked it and if so please, please, please, Like, Favorite, comment, share, follow, and spread the word I would really appreciate it. I love you guys <3 and get excited for the second story Blurred Love XP

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