Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


23. Chapter 23 - My Birthday

Malia's POV

I rolled over to the side of the bed, slowly opening my eyes adjusting to the bright sunlight that was bursting threw my room. I looked forward seeing an awake but sleepy looking Justin "Happy Birthday Beautiful" he whispered while setting a kiss on my nose, causing me to smile. "You have a big day a head of you" he said while adjusting his pillow to become more comfortable.

"Ugghhh, do I have to do something for my birthday" I wrapped my arms around his torso pulling my body into his and snuggling my face in to his bare chest.

Justin slightly giggled at my response "Yes. And you are gonna have a party with your family, then me and you will go out"

"How about me and you just lay here for the whole day and cuddle" I said kissing his chest

"Mmmm that sound nice, buuut its your birthday and we need to celebrate" he sat up causing me to have to pull away.

"Fine" I sighed moving away from the bed and standing in the middle of the room "I will be back" I started grabbing clothes from my closet "Im gonna take a shower" I then headed out the door

Justin's POV

I walked down stairs to the kitchen seeing if there was any food for me to eat because I am starving. Once I had entered I spotted Shaina looking in the refrigerator "Morning Shaina" I said while moving to the island.

"Oh morning Justin, I didn't know you were here" she said with a question on her face

"Yeahhh...I spent the night" I rubbed the back of my neck

"Justin can I ask you something" she set down the carton of milk looking at me directly

"Yeah of course" I nodded

"I have already, asked Malia this but I had to make sure everything isn't what I think it is" she assured me "Are you and Malia being intimate when ever you spend the night here" I was silent, not that we had done anything it was just a bit awkward "Sorry! I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable I just need to make sure my daughter is being safe"

"It's okay no need to apologize I understand where you are coming from" I slightly smiled "But no we aren't doing anything like that, trust me, I'm just sleeping and so is Malia" I heard her sigh in relief with a faint smile

"Oh good, I just started to worry, gods knows what you guys were doing in there" she chuckled "So what do you plan on doing for Malia's birthday?"

"Im gonna take her out to one of my favorite places after the small family party this afternoon" I started to smile at the thought of take my lovely Malia out.

"Aww that sweet of you" she put her hand in her heart making and 'aww' kind if face

"Yeah I can't wait" I said

"So where is that daughter of mine" she questioned

"Oh she is in the shower, I had to force her out of bed and make her become a social butterfly" I joked

"Yeah she's not much of a people person" she sighed

"That's okay she's got me" I smiled wide

"I'm glad she does I wouldn't what her to have anybody else" she spoke, her face then softened as if she started to think of something sad "I'm just worried about when you guys go to college...what will you do then?"

"We both have talked about it, we will Skype each other, call each other every night, and visit during holidays or breaks" I answered her

"You know trying to keep in touch as much as that might not last for long, you both will become busy, there won't be anymore time to keep in touch" she spoke softly

"I know, but I know that me and Malia can make this work" I said with confidence

"I just wa-"

"Oh god I'm starving. Oh sorry did I interrupt something" Malia said while entering the kitchen

"No no your fine, Justin and I were just talking" Shaina assured her

"What about" Malia wrapped her arms around my torso look up at me

"Just..just about college" I look down at her and slightly smiled

"Oh" she nodded her head

"Well I should go, I need to take a shower and change. I will meet you back here for your family party okay" I looked at Shaina and back down at Malia

"Can I come with you, I want to see your mom" she asked

"Yeah, Shaina do you mind?" I asked her making sure it was alright

"Yeah of course just make sure you are back by 12 because everybody will be waiting for you Malia" Shaina look straight at Malia making sure she understood

"I know" Malia said as if she has heard her mother say it a thousand time

Malia's POV

We had finally made it to Justin house, I followed him to the door watching him open it, he moved out of the way letting me in first "Hey momma I'm home" Justin shouted in the house.

"Justin! You know the present that we got for Malia well I was able to- Oh Malia...Hi" Pattie looked at me with shock "What are you doing here...not that I don't want you here I just didn't know if-"

"Mom she just came with me while I got ready" Justin conferred to her

"Oh okay, by the way Malia, your mom wanted me to bring some food I made a fruit salad do think that will be okay" she ask me

"Yeah that will be fine" I nodded in response

"Babe I'm gonna head up stairs and get ready" he kissed the side of my temple

"Okay" I watched Justin walk away towards the stairs

"Soo are you excited for your birthday party" Pattie looked at me with a big smile

"Ehh the only thing I'm mainly excited for is when Justin takes me out for dinner, not that I don't love my family its just tha-"

"I get it you don't have to explain" but quickly cut me off

I nodded with a smile liking that she understood how I felt, I looked past Pattie noticing a picture of Justin and his little brother and sister. I don't know what it was about the picture but I couldn't help but stare at it and Justin's face the way he smile in it, I walked past Pattie closer to the picture. "Malia are you okay"

"Yeah I'm fine, its just that I really like this picture" I answered "May I" I gestured towards the picture to pick it up

"Yeah of course" she nodded quickly

I grabbed the picture admiring there facial expressions "I've never actually met his brother and sister, I mean I saw them at the hospital but everybody was just scattered every where taking care of Justin I never got to introduce myself" I spoke softly

"Yeah Jeremy was telling me that the kids were wondering who you are" she walk closer look at the picture with me "Maybe Justin will take you to see them"

"Hhh I hope sometime soon, because it's getting closer to when college starts for the both of us" I confessed

"I'm sure he will take you during a break or a holiday" she put her arm around my shoulder trying to comfort me knowing that I was starting to feel a little down.

Pattie let out a quick sigh "You want something to drink or eat" she walked over to the refrigerator opening it and scanning the food that she has

"Yeah, do you have orange juice?" I asked
"Yep" she grabbed the orange juice and a glass from a near by cupboard, she poured the orange juice in the small glass and handed it to me. Pattie and I talked for about an hour and I was starting to wonder why Justin was taking so long

"Hey Pattie I'm gonna go and check on Justin" I pointed towards the stairs

"Okay" she smile

I walked away from the kitchen and galloped up the stairs, I turned the corner seeing Justin door cracked open. I push on the door spotting Justin standing in front of his closet in only blue boxers with white poka dots "Nice boxers" Justin quickly turn towards me with his eyes wide

"Uh hi, sorry I'm taking a while I don't know what to wear, I seriously need new close" he ran hi hands threw his hair

"You sound like a girl" I giggled, I moved to his bed picking up a red thick patterned plaid button up shirt "here wear this" I held up to him

"Malia, that's seems too casual" he whined

"Wear it with your black jeans, red vans, and black bow tie. Trust me you will look cute" I gave him a soft kiss on the lips "Now put some clothes" I shoved his shirt in his hands, he walked to his closet grabbing the other clothes I suggested him to wear.

I sat back down on his bed pulling out my phone and playing Subway Surfers till Justin came out of the bathroom. Justin finally came out of the bathroom looking cute as ever "Does it look okay" he look at me while adjusting his black bow tie

"You look great" I smiled "We should get going before my mom goes crazy" I said while checking my phone.

We finally pulled into my drive way, Justin struggled with trying to find a place to park because the drive way was extremely crowded "Wow" Justin spoke in amazement

"Yeahhh I have a big family, when there is a special occasion they all come" I slightly giggled

"I can't see" Justin pulled in on the side of the curb

We walked out of the car inching through the small spaces or the cars, we finally got to the door I opened it quickly getting attacked by somebody "Happy Birthday Malia!!!!" the person pulled away revealing my Aunt Miranda, she looked beautiful I guys motherhood is treating her well, her bob hair cut it dyed a perfect Auburn red with small blond streaks "Malia" she look at me with disbelief "Is this you boyfriend your mom has been raving to me about" My aunt is the one who always liked to talked to me about guys an finally I have a boyfriend, it probably feels like a miracle to her.

I look over at Justin and see a smile spread on his face "Yeah this is him" I tucked a loose curl behind my ear

"Hi, Im Justin" He stuck out his hand for a hand shake, my aunt gladly gave him one.

She looked over at me giving me a big smile "He's a cutie" whispered with a giggled, she turned around facing my whole family "Everybody Malia is here!" she shouted, I started to here happy birthday from different directions, and people homing over for hugs. Once the hugging was all over I suddenly heard my mom yelling hey over and over to get peoples attention, it finally was quiet giving my mom the opportunity to speak.

"Malia would you like to introduce anyone to your family" she looked at me with a big smile, everybody started shouting 'yeah' or 'come on'.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at everybody, knowing them they all new Justin was my boyfriend they just wanted to put the spot light on me, I took a deep breath with a small giggle "Everybody, this is Justin, my friend" they stood there quiet with blank expressions "boyfriend" soon everybody started talking walking towards Justin making him feel like family.

- - -

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you" I couldn't help but cover my smiling face from that weird embarrassing feeling I started to get "Happy Birthday dear Malia, Happy Birthday to youuuuu" I blew out the candles off my marble cake hearing the claps of all my family members.

"Shaina are you really crying" I heard my Uncle Dustin say in amusement, him and my second Cousin Eric are always testing my mom, is it wrong that that's one of my favorite part of family get together.

"Yes Dustin! I'm baby is all grown up" she walked over to me giving me a kiss on the cheek "I love you" she spoke

"I love you too" I giggled

I served all the caked, watching everybody talk and bond I was so happy to see my family they always are so happy no matter the situation they know how to make you smile "Oh my god remember that time when Malia was about 8 you had me watch her" my Grandma spoke

"Oh my god, seriously I covered my face"

"She was helping my garden and rack the yard, and let me remind you she want to work on the yard with me" she spoke sternly "Shaina finally came back from work, Malia ran to her putting her hands on her hips and said 'She made me work all day' " she spoke while putting her hand son her hips, everybody started laughing, I looked over at Justin laughing so hard looking as if he couldn't breath.

"Or that time-"

"Okay I think thats enough stories for today" I cut my grandma off

"Malia will come play with us outside" I looked over seeing my twin 10 year old cousin's tugging on my shirt

"Yeah sure" I walked outside with the boys, turing around seeing that I had lead my whole family outside.

"Ben, Alex you wanna play football" My Uncle shouted to them

"Nooooo, guys do we have to play football" I whined

"Please Malia, Pllleeeeeeaassse" the boys begged

"Come Malia stop acting like you don't want to play" My Uncle John spoke, he is the husband of my Aunt Miranda

"Hhhhh fine" I groaned, my aunts, grandmas, grandpas, some of my cousin all sat on the porch watching us play football "Hike!" I yelled Ben through the ball under his legs causing me to catch it, I swiftly threw it Justin in a perfect spiral movement.

Justin's POV

The game went on and on and I couldn't believe Malia, I never made her out as a sport kind of girl "Wow" I said under my breath

"I know right" I jumped from the sudden voice not knowing that anybody heard me "Me and Eric us to play it with her all the time when she was little because she always watched us and she wanted to try it to, and look at her now" he smiled proud of his teaching

"Yeah, she is amazing" I sighed

Malia's POV

I had finally open all the presents and not one was from Justin I was starting to become a little disappointed, I suddenly saw someone slide a envelope across the table I looked up seeing Justin and Pattie smiling wide "Open it" Pattie whispered with excitement

I grabbed the envelope, tearing it open not wanting to wait a second to see what's inside the card, I started to read the card swiftly but carefully I finally opened the card seeing two rectangular pieces of paper fall out of card.

I picked them of the ground studying the words "Your kidding right" I said in shock

"Nope" Justin spoke while popping the 'p'

"What is it?" My mom said

"Jason Derülo front row and backstage tickets!!" I squealed, I got up out of my chair walking quickly over to where Justin was sitting I grabbed his face giving him multiple quick pecks all over his face "Thank you, thank you, thank you" I moved over to Pattie giving her big hug.

"Soo there's too tickets who yeah gonna bring" Justin said point out that it should be him

"Probably Ashley she loves him" I said non chalantly, I looked at Justin and saw his smile fade "I'm just kidding of course I'm gonna bring you" his smile instantly grew

- - -

I gave my hugs and kiss to my family and waved good bye as they pulled out of the drive way, we had been hanging out since 12:00 and now it's 5:30 "You ready" Justin asked

"For what?" I questioned, not knowing what he was talking about

"Remember I an taking you out somewhere" he grabbed his keys out of his pocket

"Oh yeah! Um just let me grab my phone and we can go" I ran into the living room grabbing my phone off the coffee table and sliding it in my back pocket, I ran back over to Justin grabbing his hand into mine "I'm ready"

We have been driving for about 15 minutes and Justin had finally pulled into a sandy parking lot, the faint sound of water hitting against the ground was filling the car "Okay stay in the car for like 10 minutes" Justin rushed out of the car moving towards the trunk.

I looked in front of me scanning the scenery in front of me, the sand that would be crowded with people during the day was now clear of people and only left the trace of their foot prints, the sun was just minutes away from a sunset making me smile at how beautiful it was soon gonna be.

I heard a bunch or stuff clanking together and Justin struggling to gather his stuff together. He rush to my side of the door gesturing for me to open the door, so I did so " Um actually wait for me to come and get you okay" he looked at me with a small smile, I nodded in reply.

Justin slammed the door shut with his hip and skittered off onto the beach. A couple minutes went bye and I started to get antsy wondering what Justin was doing, I looked into the distance and spotted Justin casually walking across the beach and towards the car.

I couldn't wait any longer, I jumped out of the car quickly walking towards Justin "What are you doing?" He stopped waiting for me to get closer

" I couldn't stand it any longer I have to see what you are doing" I said, Justin chuckle a bit at my response and then grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers together.

"Come, ill should you" he lead me threw the sand on the far side of the beach, I saw a small flicker grow as we got closer.

"Oh my god Justin" There laid a big colorful blanket, a small stood replaced as a table in the middle of the blanket, with to tall white candle stick lit causing and orangey glow around the whole area, and a small plate of all my favorite fruits say in the center of the stool.

"You like it?" Justin spoke with a small shrug

I quickly grabbed Justin face crashing my lips with his perfect ones, I could tell I caught him by surprise because he didn't kiss back at first but then he instantly started to kiss me back. I pulled away looking at Justin while trying to catch my breath 'Does that answer your question" I spoke heavily

"Mmm that certainly did" he lightly bit his lip, we moved down to the blanket and facing the sun set.

'Wow, that's so beautiful" I said in awe

"Yeah it is" Justin sighed, we sat there admiring the sun set, taking in the beautiful scenery. We snack on all the fruits Justin brought, and maybe we makeout a little...okay we did a lot.

Justin stood up looking towards the water, he quickly untied his black tie, moving down to the black buttons of his red and black plaid shirt, leaving him in his black tank top he soon put his fingers at the ending fabric of his tank top and pulled his tank top over his head. leaving him shirt less. shirt. less. "What are you doing" I looked at him with confusion

"I am going swimming" he brought his hands to the zipper of his pants quickly un zipping his pant.

"Wait!...." I looked at him wide eyes causing to stop in his postion

"Dont worry, I'm keeping my boxers" then his pants dropped to the sandy floor leaving him in boxer, the way I saw him not so long ago in his room "You coming"

"N-no" I shook my head

"Come on, you now you want tooooo" he sang in a monking way

I looked at him as he stood there casually in his boxers as if this was a everyday thing for him "Ugh.f-fine" I stood up quickly pulling my peachy colored blouse over my head and hesitanlty pulling my shorts down, I looked back at Justin his mouth was slightly opened with a look of awe on his face. I looked down at my body seeing the under garmets that Sandy had gotten me...oh god this is embarressing, I shook of the feeling trying to be casual "Eyes up here" I pointed from my boobs to my face, he moved his eyes to mine making a small nod.

"C-come in the water with me" he stuttered I could tell he was try to play it cool but he was having a little trouble.

"I will race you" I grinned

"Okay then, on your mark get set go" we both started to head towards as son as my toes hit the cold water I backed up watching Justin run through the water "Ahhh, shit its so cold" he dived in to the water soon enough coming back up "I won" he looks up seeing me still perfectly dry and laughing my ass off.

"This is unacceptable" Justin said sternly, he charged out of the water "You are getting in this water"

"Ahhh, n-no" I scream and giggle while trying to run further away from him

"Oh yeas you are" Justin was soon out of the water chasing me till I had no energy in my legs "Gotcha!" he threw me over his shoulder while heading towards the water.

"Justin no you put me down now!" I said firmly, Justin was now in the water and he was giggle non-stop

"You want me to put you down?" he said innocently

"No not in the wat-" I was then thrown into the freezing cold water "Ahhh oh my god its so cold" I wrapped my arms around my body trying to capture as much warmth as possible. Justin moved closer to me wrapping his arms around my body.

"I'm guessing swimming is out of the question" Justin chuckled, I nodded my head on his chest receiving a kiss on my forehead "Okay lets go" he picked me up bridal style out of the water.

- - -

"So i'll see you tomorrow" Justin said while grabbing my hand and holding it

"I don't want to go home" I said quietly "Can we go to your house"

"Y-yeah sure" he nodded, he put the key into the ignition but then stopped his movement "Why don't you want to go home"

"I Just don't feel like being home I want to be with you...where you are going" I push a damp curly strand be him my ear

- - -

"Mom you home" Justin yelled through out the house "I guess its just you and me" Justin walked to the living room throwing himself onto the couch "God I'm so tired" I walked over to Justin sitting on his lap causing me to face him, I set my hands on his chest lowering my face towards his, I lightly set my lips on to his leaving soft but slow kiss on his lips. "Malia what are you doing" Justin said in a muffed tone from my lips being on his.

"Nothing" I moved my lips from his his down to neck, I felt Justin's hands moved to waist holding me in position. I don't know why I am acting the way I am...I guess I do...on are way to my house I couldn't stop thinking about how long I'm not gonna see him and how long I'm not gonna feel his touch. I moved my lips back to Justin creating an intense make out sense, soon Justin sat up causing my legs to immediately wrap around his waist. He stood up walking away from the living room and up stairs to his room...h-his r-room.

We entered his room, he walked over to the bed laying me down on the bed. Justin started kissing down my neck leading closer and closer to my boobs, soon enough Justin removed my shirt. He was Just staring at me as if he had no idea what he was suppose to do"Are you sure want to do this" Justin ask me

"I'm positive"

OMG FINALLY!!!!!!! Could I have taken any longer to update lol. I was even doing this we I was in school and then when I got out of school and then it said it deleted...I almost had a freakin heart attack because I had written 3600 words and it was a lot of work, but it was all good my ipod was just being a retard lol. So there is only 1 more chapter left and then this book is over...until book 2 yaya. If you liked this chapter comment, like, share, etc.

P.S. I didn't edit it because I got to lazy working on this chapter for practically a month....I am not going over it to edit, Iwant it over with lol

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