Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


22. Chapter 22 - The Movies

Malia's POV

A couple weeks have gone by and Justin and I have spend as much time together as possible. A special day is coming up, my birthday, the day I turn 18 and become legally an adult god I can't wait.

"Sooo what are you going to do for your birthday" I look up to see Ashley taking a sip of her Starbucks ice coffee.

"Oh my god! Yeah what are you going to do" I felt Sandy grip my arm causing me to look at her "Ooo you should have like a party, that would be so awesome" she grinned.

"I dunno guys, I feel like doing something know...less socializing" I brought my shoulders up to ears feeling a bit insecure about the party idea.

"Come on Malia" Ashley sighed rubbing the side of her face "I thought you got over that, ever since you met Justin you haven't been as quiet as usual"

"That doesn't mean I want to be social" I said setting my coffee down on the circular table in front of me

"I don't get you sometimes" Ashley sighed

"Lets not talk about it anymore, I feel like shopping" I sat up while grabbing my coffee

"Sounds good to me" Sandy smiled while standing up with me, Ashley stood up following me and Sandy out of Starbucks into the mall. We started walking around the mall walking in out of stores and buying clothes that we didn't even need more like 'I' didn't need.

"Wait guys stop I need to go in Victoria Secret" Ashley stopped us leading us into the lingerie store, I walked over to the small clearance bin that was sorting the sizes of bras and underwear.

"Ooo Malia you should get this" Sandy held up a black lacy thong with a matching bra with the most padding I have ever seen in a bra.

"What would I even need that for" I said with a confused face

"Justin" Sandy spoke in a duh tone

"Oh" I looked down in embarressment

"How far have you and him gotten" Ashley said nudging my shoulder

"Not far, we have only made out...a lot" my face flushed pink

"Really?" Ashley spoke "I would have thought a hot guy like him would have gotten a lot farther...or at least gotten to second base"

I slightly giggled before I answered "Yeah no we have only made out"

"You sure he's not gay" Ashley suggested holding up a bra getting a better view of it

"Ashley! He's not gay" I slapped her arm

"Ouch! Okay, okay sorry...just saying" she whispered the last part

"Hey...maybe that will his present to you" Sandy smirked

"What?" I said with confusion

"Oh my god Malia your so clueless" Ashley laughed

"What?!" I shouted

"sex" Sandy whispered, while giggling with Ashley

" guys really don't want me to be a virgin anymore" I shook my head

"I'm getting you these" Sandy said while walking to the cashier

"What!? No, my mom is gonna kill me if she find these" I said trying to stop her

"Your turning 18 tomorrow and going to college she can't do shit to you"

"Oh my god" I said under my breath


"Hey mom I'm home" I walked into the house, shutting the door, I turned the corner spotting Justin and my mom talking

"Hey honey, how was shopping"

"It was good" I said setting my bags on the floor

"Hey Babe" Justin said while walking over to me pulling me in for a hug and kissing my forehead "Hey, I was wondering if you wanna go to the movies in a bit, I knew you said something about wanting to go and see the new Captain America movie"

"Yeah that sounds like fun, I just need to put these away" I bent down grabbing some of the bags

"Okay cool, you want some help" he asked

"Yeah, that would be great" I smiled, Justin bent down grabbing 4 of my bags and then a small pink bag

"Victoria Secret..hmmm I wonder what could be in here" Justin lifted the bag up smirking at me

'I'll take that" I said snatching the small bag from him, I walked away heading to my room with Justin on my tail, once I got to my room I set the bags on to the floor. I pulled clothes out of each bag pulling tags and stickers off of each clothing item and throwing the trash in my small trash bin "Hey do you mind taking tags off of some of the clothes that are in those bags" I gestured towards the bags

"Yeah sure" he answered pulling clothes out, after a couple clothes went by the last bag was on the floor the Victoria Secret pink bag, I quickly picked it up feeling Justins eyes on me "Why can't I take a peek"

"Because its embarressing" I said quickly stuffing the bra and thong into my dresser drawer

"Then why did you get it" he rose and eye brow

".....Sandy got it for me" I said quietly recieving a confused face


"She bought it for" I said in embarrassment

Justin rose both eyebrow making a smirk grow on his face "So am I getting lucky" he said getting up from my bed

"Okay, go home" I pointed towards the door

"Baby I was joke" he giggled

"Sure you were" I crossed my arms

"I was" He pulled me into his chest "Come on lets go to the movies" he pulled me back giving me a peck on the lips

"Okay" Justin grabbed my hand leading me out of my room, we reached the kitchen spotting my mom in the same position we left her in. Her slighlty large body leaning against the counter with coffee in her right hand and a book in the another. "Hey mamma me and Justin are going out to the movies" I walked over to her giving her a kiss on the cheek

"Oh, okay you two have fun" she kissed my cheek back, I then turned back towards Justin grabbing his hand and ending out the door.



"Can I get a large popcorn and a box of skittles" Justin asked the cashier in front of us

"Anything else" the blond headed cashier asked him, Justin looked over to me waiting for a response

"A large blue icee" I told her

"Okay, is that it?" she asked again

"Yep" Justin replied

"Okay, that will be $10.50 " she smile

"Alrightly" Justin spoke softly going threw his wallet

"Justin I can get it" I said pulling out my wallet

"Malia its fine, put your wallet away" he said sternly, he pulled out the money handing the girl the money. She put the money away, then she turned around getting the popcorn and icee. When she was finally all done she turned around setting the popcorn and icee on the counter putting her hand under the counter grabbing the skittles and putting them on the counter also.

Justin grabbed the popcorn and his skittles leaving me to grab my icee "Thank you" I turned my head to the girl before we left the snack area

When we enter the theater I scanned the seats spotting a couple of people scattered all around the theater "Lets go all the way to the back" Justin grabbed my hand pulling me up the stairs all the way to the back row, we moved to the middle of the row sitting down in the comfy seats

"Eee I can't wait" I squealed hearing Justin giggle in reply, the lights started to dim and movie previews started to play. Everytime a different movie preview would play me and Justin would whisper back and forth which movie looks the best to see, finally the theater went completely black leaving the big screen glowing starting the movie I've been waiting to see.

A couple minutes went by in the movie, but I started to feel Justin's eyes burning through my body. I glanced at Justin seeing a smirk on his face while he scanned my body "Justin why aren't you watching the movie" I whispered to him

"I am" he whispered back

" you aren't" I said softly

"Your right..I'm not but what I'm watching is better" he smirked at me causing me to blush

"hhh Justin why did we even come to the movies if you weren't even gonna watch it" I turned my head back to the screen, I suddenly felt two pair of lips on my neck causing me to gasp "J-justin what are you doing"

"Nothing" he whispered making me feel his warm breath on to my neck causing chills to roll down my spine, moving his lips up and down my neck causing small moans to slip from lips and feeling Justins warm lips form into a smirk.

I don't know what came over me but I grabbed Justin's face crashing my lips into his soft ones, I quickly moved my body over to his chair sitting on his lap. I brought my hands up his neck gripping his hair softly feeling him deepin'ing the kiss causing are tongues to move together, Justin picked me up bringing me down to the dirty theater floor.

He laid me down on ground moving his lips from mine down my neck "I can't believe I'm doing this" I breath heavily "Especially since we are in a theater"

"Shhh" he hissed on my neck

I felt his large hands move from my waist slowly up under my shirt to my rib cage causing my heart to beat rapidly "Justi-" he cut me of putting his lips on to mine, still slowly moving his hands up to rim of my bra.

I suddenly was blinded by a bright light in my eye "I'm gonna have to ask you two to leave the theater...immediately" Justin and I both stop looking up seeing a man in a uniform and a flash light...shit "Please get up" he spoke sternly, we both got off the ground following the frusterated man out of the theater. We got to the lobby stopping as he did "I'm sorry but we don't tolorate that kind of inappropriate behavior here"

"I'm sorry..i-it won't happen again" I said nervously

"Sure" he gave us a disgusted look leaving us standing there, Justin and I move slowly outside in silence. Once we reach outside we both look at each other bursting out in laughter.

"Oh my god did you see his face" Justin laughed while trying to copy the mans ugly face, which he failed tremendously at.

"I can't believe I did that" I said trying to steady my breathing

"It was pretty hot" he smirked at me, I covered my face in embarressment but still giggle at his response.

"Yeah, okay, lets go Romeo"

"Oooh so I'm Romeo now" he smirked again, I quickly grabbed his hand pulling him to the car.

If my dad found out about this Justin would be dead......

Guys, this was pretty long...I haven't made a long chapter in a while lol :P OMG guys only like 3 more chapters left till this story is over (AHHHHH).

Hope you enjoyed this heated chapter ;) lol if you liked it comment, like, and be excited for the sequeal :P

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