Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


21. Chapter 21 - Meeting Him

Malia's POV

"Daddy?" I couldn't believe my eyes, I knew he was angry but I didn't know it would drive him to come all the way down to New Hampshire "What are you doing here"

"You know exactly why I came here, now let me inside" he said sternly, I moved out of the door way watching him pass by me

"Malia, who's her-, Tony, what are you doing here" I saw my mom stop in her tracks as she looked at my dad in confusion

"I came to see my babies boyfriend, who she has been with for about 2 month" he glared at my mother "Shaina how come I was never told about this"

"Why. Am I suppose to only come to you for conformation about my daughters live" she slightly shouted

"She's my daughter too!" he yelled back, I didn't know what to do I just stood there watching them bicker back and forth. I slowly moved up stairs to my room making sure they didn't see me leave the kitchen, I reached my room throwing my body on to my full size bed. I pulled my phone out dialing Justin number to warn him about my dad, the phone rang about two times before Justin answered his phone.

"Hey babe whats up" he spoke through the phone

"I'm dad is here" I said while rubbing the side of my face with frustration "I thought I would call you to warn you not to come...unless you want to die young"

I heard him chuckle before he answered me "Malia I'm still gonna come, besides its probably best to meet him"

"Wow, your brave if I was you I would make a run for it" I giggled

"Well I want your dad to know that I'm the one for you" he said

"I love you" I sighed sweetly

"I love you too"

"I should probably go..but come in like half an hour" I sat up from my bed

"Okay, I'll see you in a bit babe"

"Alrighty, love you" I said softly

"Love you" I then ended the call taking a deep breath moving back down stairs.


Justin's POV

I pulled into Malia drive way nervous as ever, I made sure I looked nice but casual. I'm wearing a white t-shirt with my red varsity jacket, dark blue jeans and my favorite red and black Adidas. I stepped out of the car walking towards the steps to Malias small house, once I reached the door I knock 2 times waiting for an answer.

The door swung open revealing and unfamiliar person, he has dark brown skin probably with the nationality of African American, his hair pulled back in tight corn rows that revealed his face and familiar features that I see on Malia such as his nose, mouth, and eyes probably meaning that this man is her father. He's a very big man which portrays him to look intimidating, looks as if he's little over weight.

"You must be Justin" he spoke with a deep voice "I'm Tony, Malia's dad" he brought his hand out for me to shake

"H-hi, its nice to meet you Tony" I shook his hand firmly, my father always told me that a good hand shakes tells a lot about yourself

"Hmm...come in Justin" he looked me up and down, moving to the side to let me in

"Hey Justin how are you" I looked up see Shaina in the kitchen holding a cup of what seemed to be tea, her short strawberry blond hair pulled back in a headband showing her tired face.

"I'm really good actually, how are you" I walked closer into the kitchen

"Hhh work has been very stressfull, but other than that everything has been pretty good" she said setting her tea down on the counter

I heard foot steps walk behind me and small arms wrap around my waist "Hey babe" I heard my favorite voice whisper, I turned around facing Malia giving her hug. I went down to give her kiss on the lips but she moved her face to side causing my lips to fall on her cheek 

"What was that about" I said sadly

"My dad is watching..Its weird" she whispered

"Oh..." I sighed

"Hey you wanna go watch some TV till dinner is ready" she smiled

"Actually, I would like to talk to Justin privately before you do anything" Tony spoke sternly walk towards us

"Dad is that really necessary it-" I cut her off before she started a fight with her father

"Malia its fine" I pulled away from her walking with Tony


Malia's POV

"Oh my god they have been gone for about 15 minutes, what could Daddy possibly be saying to Justin" I said pushing a curly strained of hair behind my ear

"I don't now know you father, he's always trying to make sure your okay and safe" my mom spoke while rubbing my back

"Yeah but its not like Justin is gonna kill me" I said with a bit of attitude

"You know that but your Dad doesn't" she said

"hhh I feel so bad for Justin, I hope he's alright" I spoke softly

"I bet he's fine, Justin's a big boy" said with confidence "Hey will you heat up the spaghetti sauce for me"

"Yeah sure" I back away from the counter walking towards a cabinet grabbing a jar of spaggetti sauce and pot to put it. I turned on a burner on the stove setting the pot on the medium sized burner while pouring the sauce into the pot, I stirred the sauce making sure it was all equally hot.

"Mmmm something smells good" I heard Justin's voice, I turned my head seeing him resting his body against the counter next to me

"How did it go" I said quietly

"It was good better than I thought" he chuckled

"Are you sure..he wasn't being a jerk was he" I spoke with concern

"Malia it was fine, he's just making sure that I'm a good boyfriend" he smiled kissing my cheek

I sighed in relief happy to know that my boyfriend wasn't going to die least so far




"So Justin what are you doing for college" my father spoke while twisting spaggetti on to his fork

"I've been excepted to CCAA, Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association" Justin slightly smiled, I could tell by the way he answer my father that all he could think about was how far away both of us were gonna be apart

"Oh really" my dad sounded intrigued "What sport do you play"

"Ice Hockey, have always played ever since I was little" he grinned

"Wait. Malia aren't you gonna to Los Angeles for college" my mom spoke up

I cleared my throat getting ready to answer my moms question "Y-yeah I am unfortunatly"

"What about your guys relationship" she said with concern

Justin and I looked at eahcother with sad eyes, I turned my head back to my mom "Honestly..I have no clue"

After about 30 minutes of talking and bonding it was finally time to go. We all stood by the door saying our good byes to Justin, my dad brought his hand to Justin shaking his hand firmly "Justin..I like you. As much as I want my baby girl to be single for the rest of her life I like you" he said with a smile

"Thank you, its a pleasure to hear you say that. I hope to see you soon" Justin said letting go of my fathers hand "Bye Shaina, bye Malia I'll see you guys later" Justin waved walking out the door, my dad closed the door turning to me

"I approve" he said with small smile


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