Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


2. Chapter 2 - I Got Her Number

Justin's POV

All night long it was bothering me not knowing her name.

I asked Ryan and Chaz if they had ever talked to her before and they said that they have never actually talked to her but that they have had some classes with her.

"UGH! I have got to know her name."

Wait a minute yearbook, I rushed to my bookshelf, and snatched it of the shelf. I swung it open to scanning through all the familiar faces I go to school with, but then I see her, my mystery girl, god her smile is stunning and her lips just look so kissable.

Under the picture in bold letters it said 

Malia Davis 

Wow what a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl



Malia's POV

The sunlight shot through my windows almost like the rase of sunlight were scanning my room.

I had my eyes open but in a squinting manor everything was so blurring, I tried to open my eyes all the way but the sunlight hurt my eyes.

I decided to get up, I moped out of bed I stopped at my mirror and cringed at the sight of my grossness.

"Yeah I need a shower"

I walked a crossed the hall to the bathroom, I turned on the shower then quickly slid out of my pj's and hopped in to the shower.

The shower was my thinking area my free time, but I wasn't aloud to stay in there for so long or else I would hear-


Well speak of the devil, hhhh I quickly shut of the shower and a dried my body with my pink towel, I wrapped my towel around my slim body and scurry across the hall. 

I opened my closet door and scanned through my clothes.

"Ah ha!"

I grabbed my favorite skinny jeans that are a light blue that had holes in the knees and I grabbed my black t-shirt that said BAZINGA. 

I slid into my clothes and put on my favorite Superman Converse.

I applied a thin coat of foundation, curled my lashes and applied mascara and added my stain pink lipstick.
I bend over so my hair touches the ground and ran my hand through my hair I flipped my head parted my hair on the far right of my head.

I rushed down the stairs to grab something to eat when I get down there I see my mom making my favorite, French Toast.

"Ahhhh I love you" I said

"I know you do, here you go eat up"

I took a bite of the delicious French Toast, mmmm it just melts in my mouth

"Sooo how is it" she ask curiously

"You should know mom it's, amazing"

My mom is someone who could bake all day long, sometimes I wonder how I'm not fat.

"Hey mom I'm gonna go and take some pictures ill be back later"

"Alright be careful and have fun"


I ran back up stairs grabbed my camera bag and ran back down stairs and out the door.

Photography was my life I loved it I was able to express how I feel.

I decided not to drive I wanted to walk and just enjoy the scenery and this nice day.

I got down to the center of town and decided to stop by my job and say hi to my boss, I work in a photography shop.


"Hello Malia just the girl I wanted to see." said Anna

Anna is my boss she is in her mid 40's, she has a little gray coming out of the roots of her blond hair, she has small green eyes, she is a short petite woman, and is the sweetest person in the world.

"Hi Anna what's up" 

"Well I was just wondering if you didn't mind watching the store for about an hour."

"Ugh but Anna today is my day off and I wanted to-"

"I know but I really need this" she looks at me with such begging eyes

"Hhhh fine but just an hour"

"Ahhh thank you ill even pay you, thank you thank you"

She quickly rushes out the door

I got behind the counter sat on the stool and waited for a customer, I should have known this was going to happen.

About 15 minutes later 3 guys were heading towards the shop and as they got closer I was able to recognize one of then

"OH CRAP IT'S JUSTIN! What do I do"

Right when he get to the door I ducked under the counter


" anybody here I have some pictures to pick up" Justin said slowly

"Man theres no ones here let's go I'm hungry for some burgers" Chaz said

I popped up from behind the counter

"Hi!" I said loudly "umm..I mean hello um what is it that your are looking for"

"Hi your Malia right"

Did he just say my name, my whole body went completely num I had no clue how to react or what to say, but how did he know my name.

"Uh yeah I'm Malia"

"Hi I'm Justin, I bumped in to you yesterday at school"

"Yeah I'm sorry about that I just...I had to get out of school"

Justin then slowly but his hand behind is neck and rubbed his neck

"It's alright so I came into grab some picture I needed to get developed."

I walked over to boxes of developed pictures looked under B and saw Justin Bieber, I grabbed the envelope.
I look in the corner of my eye and saw Justin's two friends whispering to him and nudging him in the rib, I then handed the envelope to him.

"Thanks, um Malia?" Justin said


"Would you like to go out for coffee sometime"

Is this a joke, he must be messing with me, but he looked so this isn't true.

He gave me a little grin, ahh those lips, NO! I'm not falling for a joke and end up getting humiliated, why woould any guy want to be with me.

"Umm no I'm sorry" I said 

"Wait..what? why"

"Ooooh man you just got rejected haha" Ryan said teasingly 

Justin shot Ryan a glare and Ryan got quiet

"Can I at lease get your number" he said begging

"No it's just that-"


"Malia I'm back you can go now thank you so much for watching the shop ill pay you on Monday...oh sorry did I interrupt something" Anna said

"No, no I'm all done here I just need Justing to pay" I said quickly I just wanted out of that store.

"Oh yeah sorry how much" Justin said hesitantly


Justin handed the money over I grab the money and quickly put it away, I watch Justin walk away and walk out the door.

"Bye Anna I'm gonna go now"

"Oh okay bye"


Justin's POV

Me and the guys had left the photo shop, I was just so confused on what just happend, did she really just reject me I mean I'm not trying to act all cocky and all but no girl has ever said no to going on a date with me.

"Sooo Bieber are we going to stop at the diner and get a burger or not" Chaz said again

'YES! Chaz we are going to get a burger now, are you happy" I said in annoyance 

"Yeah I am" he said in excitement

So we started to head for the Diner, but when we got there and got are burgers all I could think about was Malia, oh Malia, how could I have never noticed somebody like you in school.


"Oh hey sorry I just can't stop thinking about her"

"Who?' Chaz questioned

"Are fucking serious Chaz, that Malia girl he's been talking about" Ryan said

"Oh yeah sorry I wasn't really paying attention" 

I was looking out the window and I saw her, she was laying on the pavement taking a picture of a flower I think. I love the way her curly hair falls to the side, I just want to run over there and hug her slimly curved body from behind her.

"Hey guys ill be right back" I said

I slid out of the booth and run outside, I slowly walked behind her.

"Um excuse me can you please move you are in my light, I can't take this picture if there is a shadow in the way." she said with frustration

She turned around and slowly looked up 

"Oh hi" she said sort of disappointed

"Im sorry ill move but I just had to say hi to hi" I said

Wow could I have sounded anymore like an idiot


Malia's POV

I was so close to taking such an amazing pictue of a flower, I know its just a flower but seriously I was so concentrated on it but then someone block my sunlight.

"Um excuse me can you please move you are in my light, I can't take this picture if there is a shadow in the way." I said with frustration

But suddenly when I turned around and looked up there he was Justin standing behind me, god what did he want now.

"Oh hi" I said

"Im sorry ill move but I just had to say hi to hi" he said

Wow now I feel bad, I stood up and brushed the dirt off of my jeans, I looked up and Justin caught my eyes I felt like I was looking into his eyes for hours, but suddenly one of his friends called him.


We quickly lost eye contact, Justin rubbed the back of his neck while looking down saying

"Well I gotta go, is there anyway I could talk to you"

I motioned his hand to me, I grabbed a pen from my camera bag and wrote down my he has the most gental hands

He looked at me with the biggest smile, he gave me one nod and ran off...god I hope I know what I'm getting myself into...


Justins POV

I quickly ran to the guys I'm smiling so much I probably look like a goof

"I got her number" I said 





Hey Guys thank you for reading this I hope this was better than the first one i worked all day on it.





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