Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


19. Chapter 19 - Wyatt

Justin's POV

Once I got into Malia's room I put on my jeans from yesterday, my white tank top and plaid button shirt that I worn under my sweater, leaving my sweater still on the ground. I picked up my sweater and struggled folding it neatly like my mom normally would, once I was dressed I moved back to the bathroom fixing my hair trying to make it the perfect quiff I usually do. Damn this is hard not having my products for my hair, I thought to myself "Screw this" I mumbled to myself

I walked out of the bathroom, heading towards the stairs getting a whiff of sweet cinnamon goodness, I galloped down the stairs wanting to get a taste of what ever Malia must be baking, with every step the sound of a familiar tune was getting louder. As soon I turned the corner from the last step I spotted Malia dancing to the beat of Talk Dirty To Me, I couldn't help but giggle from the dance moves she was doing. I watched carefully as she stuck her butt out moving it in side to side while her arms were out in from of her moving in a circular motion to the tune of the trumpet solo.

She swiftly turned around with a swing of her hips still not noticing my presents "Been all around the world don't speak the language, but yo booty don't need explaining, all you really need to understand is When. You. Talk dirty to me" she sang but instantly stop once she saw me staring 'H-how long have you been there" she said while her tan cheeks flush red

"Uhh about 5 minutes" I answered, while walking over to her

"Oh god that's so embarrassing" she slapped both her hands on her face trying to cover the embarrassment

".....I wouldn't mind talking dirty to you" I said with a smirk

She swayed her hips to the remaining last tunes to the song while walk towards me pulling me in her arms, she tilted her up to me bringing her lips to mine giving me a soft kiss "You're cute" she said pecking my lips

"I am?" I smirked again

"Yeah, your hair its very stylish" she giggled

"oh god, yeah I didn't have my usual stuff to put in my hair" I said running my hands threw my messy hair

"That's okay, I can fix" she quickly pecked my lips "But you should have some cinnamon rolls" she pulled away grabbing me a glazed cinnamon roll, she brought it up to my lip indicating for me to bit in to it. I took a big bit humming with satisfaction of how good it is "You like it" she questioned

"Mmhhmm" I quickly took a bigger bite of the cinnamon roll, Malia fed me the last of the cinnamon roll "Amazing" I praised

"haha glad you liked it" she giggled, I grabbed her hand glancing at the frosting on her fingers, I quickly licked one of her fingers clean of frosting causing Malia to pull her hand away while giggling non-stop

"eewww Justin your so weird" she wiped her hands of on her pants while giggling "Why did you just lick my finger"

"You had frosting on your fingers, no need for that to go to waste" I stated

"You're so weird" she said taking a bit of a cinnamon roll

"Thank you" I bowed "So I didn't know you bake"

"Yeah, I had a helping hand from The Pillsbury Dough Boy" she confidently said

"Then that must mean you are a master baker then" I chuckled

"Oh yeah" she nodded her head

After eating about ten cinnamon rolls Malia led me up stairs to the bathroom to fix my hair, once we got in the bathroom she opened the cabins under the sink grabbing gel and hair spray. "Okay face me" she said I turned towards her looking down at her gorgeously tan face, she brought her small hands up to my hair running her figures through my light brown hair "Hmm, your hair is so soft" she smiled

"Thanks" I slightly chuckled

"Your just a tad taller than me" she brought her hands down, trying to figure out what to do about the situation 

"Here" I grabbed her by the waist causing her to laugh uncontrollably 

"ahhh, what are you doing" she laughed while clutching her stomach

"calm down" I chuckled "I'm just gonna set you on the counter" I gently held her waist lifting her up on to the counter "better?"

"yeah, much" she smiled, I stood in between her legs while she ran her hands threw my hair, adding the gel and hair spray till my hair was perfection. I couldn't help but stare at her chocolate brown eyes they are just so pretty they always are shining..I know that sounds stupid but they do they shine. Every time I would stare in her eyes she would start giggling and then would peck my lips.

"There allllll done" she sang

I looked in the mirror behind her and smile at how good of a job she did, I looked down at her seeing her texting on her phone.

"Who's that" I asked

"My mom, she wants me to go to the grocery store and grab some milk and eggs" she groaned 

"That's okay, I kinda wanted candy anyways" I smiled

"You're cute, but I need to change I'm still in my clothes from our date" she jumped of the counter

"You want any help with that" I smirked

"Nope, I'm fine changing on my own Justin" she smiled while walking across the hall and into her room. I walked down stairs and into the living room plopping on to the couch waiting for my girlfriend.

About 15 minutes went by and Malia came down the stairs, she looked so cute and super hot. She wore a white cropped flowy t-shirt with a Mickey Mouse symbol on it, light blue short shorts, black Doc Martins, with the addition of her curly hair in a messy bun.

"You ready" she asked, while grabbing my hand

"Yep all set"


- - -


Malia's POV

"I love the grocery store" I squealed

"You're cute" Justin said pecking my cheek

"Thank you baby" I smiled

"Okay I'm going to go to the candy aisle" he started to run off

"You have fun" I yelled out to him

I grabbed a grocery cart and headed towards the dairy aisle, once I say the milk I put it into the cart I started to scanned the rest of the shelf's till I heard my named called I turned my head noticing a familiar face "Wyatt?"

"Hey Malia" he smiled heading towards me with a cart full of food "How are you, hows your summer so far"

"I'm really good actually, a lot of crazy stuff has happened, but so far my summer is great s, what about you" I asked him

"Ugh its been you know pretty good, I'm actually having a party tonight you wanna come" he smiled

"I'll see what Justin wants to do, but I'm sure I can convince him to say yes" I suddenly saw his smile fade

"You still dating Justin?" he said stiffly

"Yeah why"

"Nothing, you looked beautiful by the way" he started to walk closer...a bit to close

"Uhh thanks...hey Wyatt hows Sofia" I said, trying to find away for him to step away a bit

"We broke up" he whispered moving closer

"Oh I'm sorry" I said with sympathy, I then felt his hand on my waist

"You know she never understood me like you do" he said softly, I felt his hot breath on my lips

"Uhh, you know I need to go and find Justin he's probably looking for me" I tried to pull away from him but his grip on my waist was to tight, I then felt his lips crash into mine I tried to pull away but I couldn't he was to strong. His lips then ripped of off mine, I looked over to the left to see Wyatt laying on the ground holding his nose trying to stop the bleeding. I then looked over to the right seeing Justin in rage, I could see him clenching jaw and squeezing his knuckles till they were white, I had never seen him so mad he had so much anger and sadness in his eyes, he turned around running his fingers threw his hair down to his neck rubbing it roughly.

"J-justin" I said softly putting my on his shoulder causing him to flinch and my heart to break.

"I, I will talk to you later" he said walking out of the aisle dropping a bag of candy on the floor he was once holding.


Justin's POV

I entered the candy aisle grabbing about 5 bags of candy that I knew I wanted to snack on all night long, I looked at the end of the shelf spotting Malias favorite candy bar Take 5. "She's gonna freak" I said t myself. I ran out of the aisle searching for babe, I took a short cut down the wheat aisle that leads into the dairy aisle. Once I entered the dairy aisle I spotted Malia talking to a familiar guy...Wyatt...I don't know what it is about him but I hate him "Baby I got your favorite Take 5" I spoke but was shot in the heart when I say Wyatt attach his lips with my girl, my baby, my girlfriend, I couldn't control my anger I stormed down the aisle making my fist as tight as I could make it and connected it with Wyatt nose causing him to fall down covering his nose.

I instantly turned running my fingers threw my hair down to my neck rubbing it roughly. I couldn't believe what I had just seen, I need to go home and cope with no one in my sight, just me in my room. I then felt her hand on my shoulder causing me to flinch, it was so weird I would never flinch towards her touch but I didn't want to feel her touch at all at this moment.

My heart has been broken.


Draaaammmaaaaa!!!!!!! haha you guys probably hate me lol. I hope you really really liked this update. The story is almost coming to an end I know its a short book but I have plans for a sequel eeeeekkkk!!! Soooo comment if you like it or if you like my idea for a sequel, like, and share.







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