Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


18. Chapter 18 - The Star

Malia's POV

Later that night Justin and everybody went home, and then there was me left home alone...well technically I'm not alone my mom is here but shes sleeping and I'm wide a wake not even close to wanting to go to bed. I stood in my room, still in my clothes from our double date wondering what I should do, I suddenly heard a tap at my window I whipped my head in the direction of my window seeing what it was, I walked towards my window and looked through the window seeing what it was. I then spot Justin standing outside, he looks at me and smiling wide and motions me to come outside.

I quietly ran down stairs and out the door, once I was outside and saw Justin I yelled at him in a whisper tone "What are you doing here"

"I needed to see you again babe" he spoke, walking close to me

I smiled wide at his response "Your so know that right" I said blushing slightly, I put my hand behind his neck pulling him down for a kiss on lips

"Mmmm....I don't know what I'm gonna do when we are both of to college" he said pulling away from the kiss, I couldn't help but frown at the thought of not seeing Justin everyday.

"L-lets not talk about that" I said softly said

"Well, I have a place I want to bring you" he grinned

"Really where?" I questioned

"Its a surprise" he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his black convertible, he opened the door for me and I stepped into the car, Justin shut the door running around the car opening his door and climbing into the car. Once the car started moving everything went quiet, and when everything went quiet my mind went loud. I couldn't help but think what I was gonna do when me and Justin are far apart from each other, sure we will see each other on vacations and holidays but what about all the months we won't see each other. I'm so afraid that us going our separate ways to college is might be the cause of a break up and I don't want that at all. My mom keeps telling me that I need to focus on my future not boys, she said that's she loves Justin she just doesn't want him to be the cause of me not going to college or the best one for me.

"Baby, you okay" Justin's voice suddenly snapped me out of my thoughts

"Yeah why?" I asked while shifting my gaze towards Justin

"You just looked worry" he gave my a concerned face

"Oh, I was just thinking...there's just a lot on my mind right now" I answered

Justin moved his left hand away from the steering wheel grabbing my hand in to his while bring it to his lips and gives my knuckles a soft kiss, keeping his eyes on the road "You know you can tell me anything right" he's warm breath hitting my knuckles causing chills to run down my spine

"Yeah I know" I moved my fingers in between his causing are fingers to intertwine, I shifted my eyes to the road and noticing that Justin is pulling on to a dirt road "where are we?"

"You'll see" he slightly smile, he drove farther on the rocky road and then suddenly came to a stop, Justin moved his hand to side of the car pushing a button causing the roof of his car to fold up "Look" Justin pointed up to the sky, I looked up spotting all the stars they looked so big from here it was so amazing there was one star that stood out particularly it is the biggest and brightest "You see that one" he point up to the star I was beginning to admire "That is our star" he intertwining are fingerings

"Wait..what..that's our star" I said in aw, I looked over at Justin and he nodded in response handing me a paper I glanced at it seeing that it confirmed that we both owned the star, I couldn't control myself I instantly crashed my lips on to his soft warm ones I felt him put his hands on my waist wanting to pull me closer, our lips moved slowly I pulled away but rested my lips on his "That is the sweetest thing anybody has ever done" I spoke on his lip. I pecked his lips softly, bringing my hands up his neck into his silky light brown hair twisting my fingers in his hair, Justin moved my body on to his lap causing the steering wheel to squeeze us closer. I brought my lips to his again leaving long soft kisses on his lips, he moved his lips away from mine bringing his lips to my jaw and down my neck "I-I can't" I stuttered from the pleasure "What?" he mumbled on my neck "I c-can't leave you" I sighed

I felt Justins lips slowly move away from my neck "What do you mean" he said with a question on his face

"I don't want to go to Los Angeles for college...I-I can't leave you" I spoke softly

"Baby you have to go, don't worry about me" he pushed a curly strained behind my ear

"I don't know what I'm gonna do when I can't see you everyday, when I can't kiss your lips, or feel you h-hold me" my breath started to stiffen once I felt tears coming to my eyes

"Baby, please don't cry" he said in a hush tone, he brought his hand up to my face holding the side of my face, he brushed his thumb across my cheek swiping my tears away "I love you to much to let you leave me like that"

"I love you" I whispered bring my lips to his "I love you too" he said against my lips

- - -

I woke up with the sun shining on my eyes, I slowly opened my eyes glancing at the clock, 11:00, I grabbed my phone from off my night stand I unlocked my phone noticing I had received a message I opened the message while carefully reading it.


Hey sweety I hope your double date was good :) I'm sorry I'm not gonna be here when you wake up had to come in for work a bit early but I will see you later today, I will text you once I'm out of work okay. Love you

I set my phone back on my night stand, moving my eyes to the ceiling I started to think about last night how Justin and I stayed out and watched the stars, kissed....a lot, and talked till about 2 am in the morning. I just don't understand how I ever got Justin, what in his right mind told him to be with me.

I sat up from my bed swinging my legs over my bed, I brought my arms up in the air stretching, I brought my arms back down carefully listening to the water running from across the hall. Who could be in the shower nobody is suppose to be home except for me, I thought to myself. I got of my bed moving towards the door, I opened the door standing in the hallway in front of the door that leads toward the bathroom. Suddenly the water stopped, I stood there for about 5 minutes hesitating what I should do, I walked closer to the door bringing my hand up to the door I knocked 2 times waiting for a response. The door opened and there stood Justin with a towel in his right hand drying his wet messy hair, with another towel wrapped around his waist showing his happy trail causing my heart to pound I couldn't help but stare at his amazingly toned abs.

"Hey, babe" he said bring the towel away from his head

"H-hi, um did you spend the night" I was so confused...I didn't even remember him spending the all

"Yeah, on our way home you fell asleep, so I carried you up to your room and when I layed you down on your bed and went to leave you asked me to stay so I did" He casually spoke

'Oh..that makes more sense" I giggled, I scanned his body noticing three tattoos one on the right side and left of his chest and another on his V line "I didn't know you had tattoos" I tilled my head, I moved closer to his body bringing my hand up to his chest tracing the roman numerals on the left side(My left) of his chest.

"Yeah..." he replied

"I like them, whats this one mean" I kept my finger on the tattoo

"Oh that's one, that is year that my mom was born 1975" he slightly blush

"Your sweet" I peck his lips, I backed up looking at him once more taking in the sight of my half naked boyfriend "You should probably change" I slightly giggled

"Yeah that's probably a good idea" he said rubbing the back of his neck with a small smile, he walked past me into my room shutting the door, I leaded against the nearest walk biting my lip and slowly sliding down the wall....I have the hottest boyfriend.


I hope you enjoyed my new chapter!! I know Justin has a bunch of new tattoos on his arms and back and legs and chest but....I have plans for all those tattoos ;) So please comment and like.


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