Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


17. Chapter 17 - Double Date Part 2

Justin's POV

I pulled into Malia's driveway, and shut off the car "Man I don't know about this." Chaz said nervously "Hey let's leave now while they don't know we're here" he quickly turned towards me

"Stop being such a wuss" I said getting out of the car, I started to walk to the door knocking "Come on Chaz grab the flowers" Chaz skittered up the front stairs holding the two bouquet of flowers. The door swung open and revealing Malia, god she looked so gorgeous, she tuck a curly strained of hair behind her ear "Hi" she said smiling wide and gasping once she saw the flowers.

"Are they here! Is that them!" Sandy came running to the doorway "Oh hi Chaz, oh my god the flowers are so beautiful" Chaz and I both handed Malia and Sandy their flowers.

Malia moved to the side letting Chaz and I in the house, once I entered she grabbed my arm and pulled me close to her giving me a soft kiss on the lips "Thanks Justin there beautiful" god she has the softest lips, when she pulled away I pulled her back wanting more.

*cough* *cough*

We both turned around seeing Sandy and Chaz standing there awkwardly.

"Okay soooo are we gonna do this thing or watch you guys make out" Sandy put her hand on her hip while Chaz giggled at her remark

"Yeah, hey mom we are leaving, ill see you around 10:30!" Malia yelled to her mom

"Wait! Wait I need to take pictures don't go yet!" her mom rushed over to us holding a silver camera in her hand.

"Mom not know we gotta go" Malia groaned

"Please I really want to take a picture" she begged

"Mom" Malia said with a bit of attitude

"Hhhh fine, go have fun" Malias mom sighed

"Yes! Okay bye ill see you later" Malia pulled me out the door

Malia's POV

When we all got in the car with the seating arrangement of me in Justin in the front and Sandy and Chaz in the back.

"So where to" I asked Justin

"We are going to the Melting Pot" Justin responded

"Seriously! I haven't been there yet, everbody says that it's amazing" Sandy squealed

"It is your gonna love it" Chaz finally spoke up

Everything got quiet but you could hear Chaz and Sandy whispering and giggling. Me and Justin didn't speak, not in a bad way I guess we didn't have much to say, I couldn't help but look at Justin he looks so handsome. He wore a thin black sweater that he had rolled to his elbows, with a blue/gray plaid collar peeking out from his neck, with a cute little dark gray bow tie, he had nice gray, baggy, skinny jeans on and blue vans, with the addition of his hair in a perfect quiff.

I could tell Justin spotted me staring at him because a little smirk formed on his lips "Babe why are you starring at me" he said

"You look so handsome tonight" I smiled "How did I ever get you" I questioned myself

"It's more like how did I ever get you" he said grabbing my hand and kissing it, while still keeping his eye on the road.


- - -

"Now before you order what would you like to drink" the waitress said

"A shirley temple" Sandy and Chaz said at the same time, they both looked at eachother and giggled

"Okay, what about you two" She said looking over at me and Justin

"Um, can I have a lemonade" I asked, the waitress nodded and wrote down my order

"And you"

"Can I get a sprite please" Justin asked

"Okay, now if you guys need me my name is Cassandra" she smiled and walked away

"Oh my god did you know that Chaz and I both love American Horror Stories, the color green, our favorite chocolate bar is Hershey, we both adore Imagine Dragons, and our favorite childhood movie is The Lion King" Sandy squeal

"Ha ha I guess you guys are made for eachother" I giggled

"Wait! since this is a fondu resturant will they have like a bowl of frosty so I could dip french fries in it?" she asked

"Can I marry you" Chaz said in awe

"Ha ha no they don't have frosty's here" Justin laughed

Everything was going so well we finally got are fondu with the choices of Chocolate, white chocolate, a variety of cheeses, carmel, and with strawberries, bananas, marshmellows, little breads, brocolie etc.

"Here try this" Justin grabbed the marshmellow on the metal stick dipping it in the chocolate and pulling it out and brought it to my face to feed it to me. I opened my mouth while giggling causing the chocolate to drip on my chin, I got the marshmellow and hummed of satisfaction of how good it tasted.

"Wait you've got a little on your chin" He brought his index finger up to my face wiping the chocolate of my chin and licking his finger, causing me to blush because he just ate chocolate that was on my face.

"What are you guys doing" I said looking at Chaz and Sandy, watching them dip food in the chocolate that werent supose to be in the chocolate

"We are experiement with different foods" Chaz giggled

"Thats so gross" I made disgusted face "Im full do you wanna go out and take a walk while these two enjoy themselves" I asked Justin

"Yeah that sounds good" he replied "here i'll give you guys a twenty for Malia and mines half of the meal"

"Mmmhhmm sure" Chaz and Sandy replied while gazing at each other

Justin and I got out of the booth and walked outside, once we were outside Justin grab my hand swing are hands back and forth while we walked.

"So how has everything been....I haven't seen you in a while" he said the last part softly

"Everything is really good....I think I have found the college I want to go to" I smile

"That's great!" we both stop walking and Justin turn towards me "Where is it, maybe we'll be close"

I started to nibble on the inside of my cheek debating weather I should tell, I took a deep breath speaking softly "It's in Los Angeles"

"Wait..what" Justin's eyes brows started to form together creating a small crease between them.

"I know. I know it's far away-"

"Y-yeah it's far away" Justin cut me off with a bit of frustration in his voice

"I'm sorry but this college is such a big opportunity for me, only the best of the best get in this college" I squeezed Justin's hand waiting for a response

"I don't want to lose you" he quietly said

"Baby you aren't losing me" I reached my hand up setting it on side of his, while having fingers run over his ear and running them through his soft hair. Justin leaned his head in my hand grab my hand while kissing the palm of my hand softly.

"I know but I'm never gonna see you" he said looking down at are hands

"Lets not worry about it now...we still have 2 or 3 months"

"It's not long enough" he wined "You know what, we are gonna spend every single second together" he kissed my nose

"Hey you guys really" Justin and I turned around seeing Chaz and Sandy walking out of the restaurant

"Yep" I replied

We all climbed in the car and headed back to my place



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