Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


16. Chapter 16 - Double Date Part 1

Malia's POV

It has been at least a month now and Justin is feeling a lot better, he's been going to his physicals, his doctor check ups, and taking all his medication.

I haven't seem him in a week because I've been so busy visiting different colleges that I've been excepted to. I know, I know college already, most people would be terrified but I'm super excited because now I get to have a fresh new start at school a maybe even make some friends.

"Oh my god, I'm so siked that you have been excepted to like one of the best Art Institutions! It's so crazy!" Sandy squealed, yeah remember her, I haven't seen her in so long she has been with her dad I guess he's diagnosed with leukemia, she hasn't told me a lot about it though.

"Yeah, I'm so excited, but I don't know what college to chose from" I sighed

"Well what ever one you chose I bet will be awesome, soooo how is mr. bieber" she smirked at me

"He's good" I giggled "He's recovering really good from the accident"

"Okay I don't mean to be insensitive, but I mean like you guys......relationship wise" she said quietly and nudging my shoulder

"Oh, we are great! I love him so much, he so sweet and lovin-"

"Okay never mind stop! I'm officially jealous" she giggled

"What about Chaz"

"Hhh everytime I try to talk to him he runs away" she said sinking into the couch

"Well obviously he likes you if he to shy to talk to you, you know what" I jumped off the couch "Me, you, Justin, and Chaz should go on a double date"

"Oh my god that's such a good idea but I don't think Chaz would agree to it" Sandy pull her blond hair behind her ear

"Trust me he will and if he doesn't Justin will make him" I pulled out my phone and started to scroll through my contacts, I finally found Justin and tapped on his contacts to call him, I put the phone to my ear waiting for Justin to answer

"Hey babe" Justin said

"Hi....Sooo are you gonna be busy tonight" I said, walking to the kitchen with Sandy on my tail

"Um nope" he popped the 'p' "why what's up"

"Well I was thinking we should go on a date"

"I would love too-" I quickly cut him off

"With Sandy and Chaz" I quickly snuck in

"Wait. What? Why?" he said confused

"Yeah well we both know they like each other so I thought why not better than have them go on a date" I said

"Hh okay, but you better hope Chaz says yes, I will text you once I find out"

"Okay yay, I love youuuu" I cooed through the phone

I heard Justin giggle "I love you too" I then hung up the phone

"You guys are so freakin cute!" Sandy squealed, which made me laugh a little

"So now we just need to wait to get a text from Justin if Chaz says yes" I said putting my phone in my pocket

"Hhh I hope he says yes" she sighed

"We'll whatever he says Justin will get him to say yes, so let's get ready anyways" I grabbed her hand and pulled her upstairs to my room


By the time we found the right outfits my room was a mess clothes were all over the place.

*Buzz* *Buzz*

I heard my phone buzz and picked it up noticing I got a message from Justin saying that Chaz yes.

"Eeeekkkkk" I quickly turned around noticing that Sandy saw the text and was freaking out

"Ha ha okay calm down, we need to get dressed and be ready" I said pushing her into the bathroom and closing the door

I decided I would clean up my room while Sandy was in the bathroom getting dressed. A couple minutes we by and Sandy walked into my room, she looked so pretty she had on a black crop cardigan, a white silky tank top, cute black skinny jeans, and a pair of cute black flats

"Oh my god you look so pretty" I said in aww "Now we gotta do your hair"

"We will do that after you get into your clothes" she said

"Hhh okay ill be out in a minute" I grabbed my clothes from off the bed and walked to the bathroom. Since I had already taken a shower today I wasn't gonna bother, I pull on my maroon peplum top, my nicest black skinny jeans that made my butt look good, I grabbed my thick brace gold bracelet, and then slipped on my black, gold tipped flats.

When I walked into my bedroom Sandy has the biggest smirk on her face "Oh Justin is a very lucky guy"

"So is Chaz" I said look at her

We both went straight to doing are hair, I did Sandy's and she did mine. When I was all done with her hair she looked gorgeous I did cute, loose, curls while parting her hair down the middle.

I went a head and did her made up, I didn't do to much, but she looked so pretty, I put on a light pink lipstick on her, and did a shimmery nude I shadow.

"Okay now that you're done with me its my turn to do you" she stood up

I went to face the mirror but she jerked me to look towards her "Why can't I look in the mirror" I questioned

"Because I want it to be a surprise" she smiled

I sat down and let Sandy at my hair and makeup, when sandy does stuff like this she means business.

"Okay allllll done" she turned me around

"Wow" I looked stunning, she put my hair into a high bun and had little curls hanging down on the side of my face, she gave me a thin cat eye look, and maroon lip stick to make my lips pop because my shirt matches.

"Well we are all don-"

"Malia!" I suddenly heard my mom call "Are you home, I'm gonna need a hand with these groceries!"

Me and Sandy ran down stairs spotting my mom putting food on the counter

"The rest is in the trunk" she said without turning to need to know it was us.

We both ran outside to the trunk of the car and grabbed the rest of the groceries, we walked back inside and set the groceries down.

"Soo what do yo-" she stopped and smiled wide "Sandy oh my goodness I missed you" she opened her arms for Sandy to come and hug her, when she did my mom held her tight "So how is everything" she said pulling back

"Ugh...not so great" Sandy sighed

"Aww well maybe we could talk about it some other time" my mom said "So why are you guys all dressed up"

"We are going on a double date" I then heard the a knock at the door "Mmm must be them" I walked over to the door and opened it up revealing Justin and Chaz both holding bouquets of beautiful red roses.

I know this chapter isn't amazing or exciting, but the next one will be. But hopefully you liked it and if so comment and like!!!!

Love you guys <3

P.S. what do you think of this book....because if you like it a lot I have some ideas for like 2 more sequels for the book.

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