Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


15. Chapter 15 - Going Home

Patties POV

I was walking down the hall to go check on Justin and I noticed Malia was backing away from the door and turning around she stoppped in her tracks and looked at me with sad eyes. We both walked up to eachother and I pulled her in for a hug "Hun whats wrong? Justin is all better and you guys are happy now you shouldn't be sad" I said

"I-i know its just that I went to bring him his jello and I saw them holding hand, I know, I know it isn't much but the way she looks at him I can tell that she loves him" she sobbed

"You know Justin doesn't love her...well he doesn't love her the way he loves you"

"Y-yeah" she slowly pulled away from me and handed me the jello "here give Justin his jello and tell him I went home....I-i really need my sleep..okay" she said with a sniffle

"Oh okay..are you sure"

"Yeah I'm sure I'll probably visit him later" she said

"Okay" She then waved to me and walked away

I walked to Justins room and saw Justin and Emily holding hands, I can see why she felt the way she felt. Justin looked at me and pulled his hand away from Emilys "Umm Malia wanted me to tell you that she went home because she needs sleep....oh! and she picked out jello for you" I said while handing him the jello

" is she gonna come back and visit" he asked

"She said that she will probably come back later"

"Oh okay" he said looking down at his hands

Justin's POV

I was finally night time and I was resting from the surgery I had just come out of about an hour or 2 ago everyone went home, my mom begged to stay with me but I told her to go home and get some sleep.

"Justin" I heard a voice whisper

I looked towards the door and spotted Malia standing in the door way "Hi babe....I didn't think you were coming back" I whispered back

She walked towards my bed and sat in the chair next to me "Yeah I wasn't but I couldn't stop thinking about you" she grabbed my hand and held it

"Why did you actually leave" I asked

"I-i I couldn't stand looking at the two of you" she quickly said

"What do you mean?"

"The way she looks at you and laughs with you..i-it kills me" she quietly said the last part


"And I can't help but think that she's dying inside because she can't have you as her own" she blurted out "and the way...the way she held your hand I could see the butterflies that were forming in her stomach" she whispered

By the time she was done I was speechless I didn't know what to say to her, or even how to react but kiss her and that's what I did.

I put my good hand under her chin bringing her face close to mine so close that I could see the tears forming in her beautiful dark brown eyes. I set my lips on hers softly, feeling her lips on mine, our lips started to move in a perfectly slow motion, Malia licked my bottom lip asking for entrance which shocked me because I'm always the one that licks her bottom lip, trust me in not complaining but I instantly let her tongue explore my mouth. She pulled away and we both breathed fast from being out of breath, she looked into my eyes putting both hands on the side if my face "I love you so much that t-that it hurts sometimes" she said

It killed me to know that her love for me was hurting her but the crazy thing was, was that her love hurt me as well.

I lifted the thin hospital blankets of my body and patted the bed gesturing for Malia to lay with me, she slowly climbed on the the bed and shimmied under the covers and set her head down on my chest.

Malia's POV

I woke up in the same position in Justin's arms, I moved slowly of the bed and walk towards the door I thought I should grab him something to eat. I got to the cafeteria and waited in line I grabbed myself a coffee and a bagel and Justin and orange juice and a cup of apple sauce. Once I paid I walked back to Justin's room and guess who I spotted at his bed side.....that's right Emily.

Justin saw me and waved his for me to come in, Emily looked at me and gave me a smile "I-im sorry for all the trouble I caused" she blurted out

"It's okay.....stuff happens" LIKE KISSING MY BOYFRIEND I THINK NOT!!!!! I though in my head

I set down Justin's orange juice and apple sauce on the standing tray next to him. He looked at the food and groaned "Apple sauce again"

"Babe trust me I want to give you a bagel but the doctors won't allow it" I sighed

"Um well I need to go back home, maybe us three could get together one day when Justin visits Canada again" Emily said with a smile

"That sounds like fun! Right babe" he said

"Yeah can't wait" I'm lying I can wait

She leaned in and gave Justin a hug, when she walked to me we kinda stood there for about 3 seconds wondering how this hugging situation it going to work out. Emily finally broke the awkward moment and pulled me in for a hug "I hope you can forgive me for my stupid mistake" she whispered in my ear

I felt so bad but I was still a but upset about the I lied a little " There's no need for hope I already have forgiven you" I whispered back

We both pulled away and she smiled big, she look at me then Justin "bye you two I hope I see you soon(haha that rhymes lol sorry)" she waved and walked out the door.

"Hello Mr. Bieber how are you feeling this morning" I heard a sophisticated voice say, I turned around and spotted a tall man with dark brown , short, smooth hair he was probably in his late 20's, he had a very cheeky smile, and a jaw structure that make him look devastatingly handsome, his eyes were are deep brown, and he wore light blue scrubs and held a pair of rubber gloves in his hands.

I know I know I'm dating Justin but can't a girl spot out a handsome guy when she sees one.

"I'm a bit sore...probably from last nights surgery but I'm feeling a lot better than I did before" Justin answered

"That's good that's good, now I've got some good news" he smiled "you get to go home today"

"Ugh finally" Justing chuckled

The tall man suddenly look at me "You must be....." I quickly brought my hand out

"Malia Davis, Justin's girlfriend" I said while shaking his strong hand, we eventually let go.

"Well Justin you've got a beautiful girl there, hold on to her tight you don't want another man stealing her" he said in a joking manor

"Ha ha oh I know, no man will take my girl" he said look at me

"Okay so you can get dressed and sign out at the office, you two have a good day" he smiled


I wheel Justin out to the counter were the sign out sheet was and handed him the sheet, he quickly signs the sheet and passes it to me to set down on the counter.

"Have a good day Mr. Bieber" the lady at the counter said

"Mmm Mr. Bieber I kinda like that" I giggled

Justin chuckled "do you now"

"Yeah" I could tell he was smirking a bit


We got to Justin house and I helped getting him settled in

"Thank you so much sweetheart" Pattie said giving me a tight hug

"No problem, since Justin is napping I'm gonna go home and change and come back later okay" I said

"Okay" she smile

"I just need to grab my purse" I quickly but quietly walked into Justin's room, I walked over to his bed and grabbed my purse off the ground.

"Babe where you going" he said in a tired voice

"I'm gonna go home and change, ill be back I promise" I softly kissed his head forming a smile on his lip, he pulled me down with his good arm cause me to fall on his bed.

"I don't want you to go" he groaned

"Ill be back I promise" I said trying to get up

"I got big shirts you can wear, I even have sweatpants you could wear also" he said trying to persuade me...which worked

"Hhhh fine" I signed

I walked over to his closet grabbing a big jersey that said Toronto Leafs on it and the number 6 on the back I went into the bathroom and took of my clothes, I decided I would take a quick shower while I was in the bathroom.

I turned on the shower letting the water run, I put out my hand in the shower feeling the temperature of the water till it was exactly how I liked it. I stepped in the shower letting the water run down my body, I didn't use any body wash or shampoo because the only things in just shower was guy body wash or shampoo and I wasn't really in the mood to smell like a guy.

I quickly ran my hands through my hair and turned the shower off, once I was out if the shower I grabbed a nicely folded towel off the shelf and used it to dry my body. Once my body was dry I put my pink underwear on, clipped my black bra on, and slipped the jersey over my head. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around my head, I picked up my dirty clothes and rolled them all together in a ball.

I walked out of the bathroom and threw my clothes in a near by corner, I looked at Justin and saw a smirk grow big on his face. I bent down pull the towel of my head and ran my hands through my brown curly hair letting the curls go loose, I flipped my head back and parted my hair on the far right of my head. I walk over to Justin climbing on to his bed and getting under the covers.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are" he said kiss my forehead

" haven't" I looked up at him

"Well your more thank beautiful..your gorgeous" 

Aawwwwww aren't they the cutest :D Im so happy that everything is good between them but a story isn't a story without dramaaaaaa!!!!! lol

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