Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


14. Chapter 14 - Probably a Mistake

Emily's POV

I was sitting on my black leather couch watching Friends while my dog bailey slept on my lap, I heard my phone buzz on the coffee table I stretch my arm across the coffee table grabbing my phone.

I saw that I had received a message from Jeremy, Justin's dad, I unlocked my phone and read the message.

From Jeremy

Emily, Justin is in the hospital...don't panic Pattie said that he is alright and he's just been resting. I just thought I should tell because your Justin best friend and all but you can come with me and the kids to go see him if you want but if not its alright I can tell Justin that you said you hope he feels better.

I couldn't believe what I just read, my heart was pounding so fast I didn't know what to do.

I soon enough calmed down, I texted Jeremy back telling him I couldn't because I knew it just wasn't going to be a good idea after what happened between me and him. I got walked to kitchen and grabbed a glass of water I started to drink the glass of water and just stopped myself. 'I can't not go Justin is my best friend and I need to be there by his side' I thought to myself, I ran upstairs grabbing my suit case and putting a couple of things in it, I rushed down stairs grabbing my purse I pulled out my phone and called my mom.

-Skip Call-Skip Car ride and Plane rid-

It took about 7 hours to get to the hospital but he's worth the long ride. I pulled into the hospital parking lot and got out of my car quickly walking to the door.

When I reached the counter there was a nurse in pink scrubs with little hello kitties sitting on clouds "Umm Justin Bieber?" she asked, I looked at her in confusion on how she knew that I was her for him

"Yeahhh, um how did you know?" I questioned

"Well so far everyone that has come up to me has asked for him, his room must be crowded there's a bunch of people in there" she smiled

"Oh okay, what room" I reminded her

"Oh yeah! He is in room 102" she pointed to the nearest hallway

"Thank you" I quickly walked down the hallway and froze once I saw the little square sign that read 102, I started to have second thoughts 'I didn't want to have to face him at all, oh my god what if his girlfriend is in there no no! I can't go in there ill look so stupid' I thought to myself. I poked my head a little bit into the doorway and I saw Jeremy there holding Jazmyns hand 'hhh I need to go in I went all this way' I thought again. I slowly walked through the door "J-justin" I said quietly he just stared at me in complete shock....crap this was probably a mistake

Malia's POV

"J-justin" I heard a light voice, I turned my head from Justin and saw her, uughh she looks even prettier in person. Her blond hair was in a messy bun, she wore a cute faded big white sweater with a purple scarf around her neck, light blue skinny jeans with a rip in the knee, and brown short combat boots.

I couldn't stand the sight of her right now, she was the cause of the fight and his pain right now, if she had never kissed him then we wouldn't have fought and he wouldn't have gotten in the car accident.

I looked over at Justin and he look shocked "Emily hi" he slightly smile "Thats Chaz and Ryan my two best friends over there" he gestured towards them, she waved to them and Chaz and Ryan both gave her a smirk

"And this is Malia my girlfriend" he grabbed my hand and held it

"Hi it's nice to finally meet you" I said

"Same" we both shook hands

"Hey let's all go down stairs to the cafeteria" Pattie said, everyone followed her except me and Emily, it's very awkward

"So how are you feeling" Emily finally broke the silence

"I'm okay a little bruised, and Malia just confermed to me that I have a broken arm, a concision, and three broken ribs" he sighed

"Ouch that must be painful, if I was you I would be crying like a baby right now" she giggled

I saw him giggle back.....I'm already dreading being here.

"Um I'm gonna go down to the cafeteria and get something to eat" I said getting up

"No stay babe" he held my hand tight

"Nah, it's okay you guys talk and stuff" I smiled "I'll grab you jello when I'm done eating"

"Hhhh alright" he let go and I walked out the door 

Justin's POV

It was just me and Emily now she sat down in the chair that Malia was sitting, she push a strained of hair behind her ear and look at me "Does she know...know about the kiss" she quietly said

"Yeah" I sighed

"Oh my god, I feel horrible she must think I'm a slutty bitch for kissing you and for coming her" she said pushing her body back in the chair

"No she doesn't, Malia's not like that" I said

"She must felt so awkward being in the same room with me......I'm sorry Justin I have no clue what came over me when I kissed you it was like someone was taking control of my body and....and...hhh there are no excuses for what I did, it was wrong of me" she sighed

"Emily it's alright, sure it wasn't right but stop being so hard on yourself"

"Hhhh I know, I'm so glad your my best friend you make everything so perfect" she smiled

She grabbed my hand and held it tight 

Malia's POV

I was finish eating a slice or pizza so I decided I would bring Justin his Jello up. I walked down the hall and got to his door, I slowly pooled my head through the door and saw Justin and Emily holding hands, I didn't make much of it because I know it's just hand holding but I felt weird if i walked in so I walked away and though I would give it to him later.

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