Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


13. Chapter 13 - Apologies

Justin's POV

I haven't been myself lately ever since me and Malia had that fight. I can't sleep so I've just been driving around the city trying to think of a way to making everything right between us right again.

I have probably call or texted her about 100 times, about an hour ago I thought I could just let her be but now I just have to call her even if she doesn't pick up. I waited till I got to a red light and picked up my phone and called her, the phone rang about 2 times until Malia picked up.

"What!" She snapped

"I'm sorry. Please! please don't hang up" I quickly said

"What do you want" She groaned

"I miss you" I whimpered "do you miss me"


"W-what why-" I said with stutter

"You know what I don't need to explain myself for the reason I feel the way I feel, so just leave me alone okay!"

"Baby I know what I did was wrong but I don't love her and I didn't kiss her" I replied

"Yeah well you kissed her back, obviously you forgot your love for me at that moment" She said with anger. I quickly started driving when the red light turned green,I looked around to check if there were any cars around, it was all clear, I immediately got back to are conversation

"Just STOP!" I snapped "I love you and I know you still love please just lis" my head slammed on to the side of window while my phone flew out of my hand, my body was getting thrown around in the car, it all suddenly stopped everything was blurry I couldn't move my body. My left arm was the only part of my body that would move I tried to reach for the glowing blue onstar emergency car crash button but my body was to weak.

Everything was starting to getting darker and darker.


Malia's POV

I'm sitting on my living room couch finally calmed down, I came to the conclusion that Justin's phone probably died or something. I felt my phone vibrate next to me I quickly it up looking at the screen and read an unknown number, I unlocked my phone reading the message.


Hi Malia this is Pattie Justin's mom, you need to come to the local hospital Justin has been in a car crash and hes gonna need you so come as soon as you can.

After reading the message I felt like my whole body was numb, my heart was beating fast and I was struggling to yell to my mom about what has happen to Justin. I heard foot steps coming into the living room.

"Here you go sweety I made you some tea and brought you some of your fav-.....Malia whats wrong" she sat down slowly next to my bring my head in to her chest.

"J-jus-stin g-got-t in a-a c-car ac-c-cident" I stuttered while tears poured out of my eyes

'Oh my god honey" she gasped

"I n-need t-to go and s-see him" I slowly go up from the couch grabbing my black converse my black and white varsity jacket I didn't change into different clothes I just don't care what people are going to think of me even though I'm going to be wearing sweatpants, a tank top, and my messy hair. I struggled a bit putting on my converse and varsity on to my body.

"Oh honey your shaking you want me to bring you" I nodded in response

We got into the car and soon arrive at the hospital, when we walked through the door the smell of disinfectant  chemicals and the faint smell of rubber hit me in the face. I rushed to the nurse behind the counter losing my mom behind me.

"Which room is Justin Bieber in" I demanded

"Mr. Bieber is in.....He's down the hallway to your left in room 102" she said looking up at me

"Thank you" I rushed to my left down the hallway not even waiting for my mom to catch up. Once I entered the room I fell to my knees at the sight of Justin, he was all pale and his face was swollen he had cuts all over and was a little bruised, his right arm was in a cast.

Pattie rushed over to me and helped me up holding me in her arms "Hun it okay, shhh shh its okay" she sang to me

"w-what happened to him" I whimpered

"He was turning into an intersection and a drunk driver in a truck was going about 85 miles per hour rammed into the right side on his car cause his car to flip to the left a couple times and also causing the car to land upside down" she said I could tell she was trying to say it without tears pouring out of her eyes

"He has broken arm, 3 broken ribs, and a concussion on his h-head" she said starting to cry

I gave her a tight squeeze and slowly pulled away walking over to Justin's left side and sitting down in the chair, my hands were shaking like crazy, I reach over for his hand and held on to it with a tight grip but not to tight.

I felt my mom's present behind me "I'm so sorry Malia" she whispered, she leaned down kissing my head "Me and Pattie are going to go to the cafeteria" she said while walking away

I couldn't help but cry, this all won't have had happen if I had just for gave him and let it go, but no I had to make him feel bad for what happen and become stubborn. I felt Justin hand flinch just a little "Justin baby please wake up please" I cried "P-please baby I'm so sorry, I'm sorry for everything all the crap I put you though I just need you right now" 

After 5 minutes of begging Justin to wake up I gave up I started to scan his broken face, his eyes were are all squeeze shut and from his face being so swollen. His once lightly pink lips are now bruised a purple color with dry blood from where the cuts on his lips are.

I wasn't paying much attention to the time because I ended up getting woken up by my mom and Pattie "Hey sweetie you wanna go home now it getting late" my mom whispered

"No I'm gonna stay her with Justin just in case..he might need me.." I yawned

"Are you sure cause I can stay with him" Pattie said walking over to me

"I'm sure"

"alrighty then call me if you need me okay, love you" my mom said walking out the door


Justin's POV

I woke up with a major headache and a piercing pain in my side, I looked around the room and I noticed I was in a hospital, its really dark the only light that is coming into the room is through the little window in the door from the hallway light. I look to my side and spot Malia her head in resting in the palm of her right hand and her left hand in loosely holding my left hand. I studied her face and noticed dried tears on her cheeks and how red and puffy her eyes look. 

I went to bend forward to kiss her hand but I quickly through my back, back to the pillow groaning at the pain in my ribs.

"J-justin?" I heard Malia say in a sleepy voice, god just hearing her voice made me fell better

"Yeah baby its me" my voice cracked

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry for everything, the way I reacted, what I put you through....and I did, I missed you so much that it hurt" she sobbed

"Baby its okay, you didn't do anything wrong it was my fault for lying to you and causing your pain" she then rested both of her hands on the side of my face and connected her soft lips with my bruised ones, are lips sweetly and slowly moved together but at one point I groaned in pain from one of the cuts on my lip which cause Malia to pull away.

"Oh I'm sorry babe" she said sitting back down in her chair

a couple hours went bye and I woke up again to the light shining in my face I looked to my left and Malia was gone, I heard the door click and saw Malia walking over with a cup of apple sauce and mug of coffee.

"Here you go a delicious cup of apple sauce for you" she said handing me the apple sauce with a big smile "I know not an amazing breakfast but that's all you can eat right now it either that or prune juice" she gave me a gross face after saying prune juice

"Ahhh crap man you look like shit!!" I then saw Ryan and Chaz walking through the door

"Thanks Ryan you sure do know how to put out those sympathetic words" I said with a sarcastic smile

"Man are you alright" Chaz said in shock

"Yeah I'm okay just a little bruised up" I replied

"Oh yeah just a little" Malia said sarcastically "He has 3 broken ribs, a broken arm, and a concussion"

"Oh you are fucked up" Ryan sort of laughed

"Haha" I faked laughed, I looked at Malia with a, are you serious face, she nodded and and gave me a pouty face.

"Justin? Oh my god I'm so happy you are a wake" My mom said rushing through the door and giving me a kiss on the head "So how are you feeling, nauseous, pain anywhere, light head-" I quickly cut here off

"Mom I'm okay don't worry" I lied I was in so much pain I just didn't want her worry

"Oh good well your dad and you brother and sister are coming to see they should be here-"

"About now" I heard a deep voice say, I saw my dad walk through the door with Jaxon on his hip and  held Jazmyns right hand with his left

"Dad what are you doing" I said with confusion

"Well as soon as I heard my boy got hurt I got on the soonest earliest plane to get here" he said letting Jaxon down

"B-bieber what happen to your arm" Jazmyn said with tears in her eyes

"Just a little accident nothing to worry about" I smiled

"I tried to get Grandma and Grandpa to come down but they couldn't Gramdpa hasn't been feeling good so Grandmas been taking care of him" my mom said to me

"Its alright" god I 'm so happy that everybody I love is here with me right now

"J-justin" I heard a familiar voice call to me from the door way



DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! What will happens next who know (only me lol jk I don't even know yet) Haha I had to update again today I couldn't torture you guys like that. Hope you enjoyed this chaptered, lots of dramaaaaaaa and looove hehe so comment, like, share and if you really like this book you should totally follow lol 

Love you guys ;*











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