Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


11. Chapter 11 - Emily

Flash Back

Emily's POV

I'm am so happy Justin came back to Canada I missed him so much there are no words do discribe how much I missed him. We have been hangout a lot ever since he came back, just catching up, he seem so happy not like he ever did before like he found someone...someone whos not me. Yeah, I like Justin if thats what you are thinking, I have liked him ever since the 2nd grade, thats when we became very close friends, but when he moved we drifted apart.

I couldn't help but talk so much about how I missed him and how everything changed since he moved, I suddenly stopped talking and I looked at Justin he wasn't paying attention at all he looked very lost.

"Justin, hellllo, earth to bieber" I said waving my hand in front of his face

"Oh sorry, um what were you saying" he sat up staighter

"Whats wrong" I reached for his hand

"I miss Malia" he said pulling his hand way from my slowly

"Oh" I sighed "Hey we should go to are hold hangout, you know the bowling alley" I stood up pulling him off the couch

"Yeah you know we should I miss that place" he smiled, god I miss that smile so much

We soon got to the bowling alley, I hadn't gone to the bowling alley since Justin left it just brought back so many memories of us and it just didn't feel right being there without him. When we walked through door I could smell the butter popcorn that filled the room, nothing changed they still had the old JukeBox that now lost its bright colors and was now turning a nasty brown, when we walked to the counter the man who worked there 5 years go till stood there in his red and yellow t-shirt that now was to small for him to wear. We finally got are shoes and tied them on, we set up the lanes, and pick out are bowling balls.

We were having so much until I fell

It was my turn I practinced a couple swings before throughing the balling, I walked up a little to fast and step on to lane that was extremely waxed to perfection which caused me to slip on my ass.

"Ugh, ow, oh my god that hurted so bad" I groaned

"Oh my god Emily are you okay" he said rushing to me and carefully standing my up, he held me facing him, I nodded slightly, I couldn't help but stare into his beautiful honey brown eyes.

I instandly crashed my lips into his, it was like someone was taking control of my body, its not like I didn't want to kiss him it was just such an uncontrollable moment. He was shocked he didn't move for about 3 seconds, but then suddenly kissed me back, his lips were so soft and perfect. We were moving are lips in perfect harmoney, I decided to make it a little more heated I licked his bottom lip begging for enterance but that triggered him to pull away, fast, he looked at me with confusion, dissapointment, and fear.

"Ugh,*clears throat* w-we should really get going, cause I need to do something" he stuttered

He soon dropped me off at home and drove away fast, I walked inside my empty house, and ran upstairs. I got into my room, looked in the mirror putting my blond hair into a messy bun. I took another glimps in the mirror..........what did I just do

End of Flash Back

Justin's POV

I was playing with Malia's soft brown curly hair and just admiring her beauty until she said something that made my heart beat faster and faster, causing my breathing to get smaller. I panicked I had know idea what to say or do, I didn't want to lie to the one that I love so dearly, but I didn't want to break her...either way I end up breaking her fragile heart.

"Emily, she is a really close friend from Canada" I quickly, and nodding to myself agreeing with my answer

"Oh...well she said she misses you already and wished you didn't leave because you guys had plans to go see a movie and to text her" she said with a serious voice "Well that was mean of you to leave her and not tell her that you left" she said sitting up

"I'm sorry that I missed my baby, I just had to come back and see you I missed you so much" I said hold her hand in mine

"Sure" she said walking away into the kitchen

"What does that mean" I growled even though I shouldn't be angry when I did something wrong

"How could you just be friends with that girl" I went to say something but she quickly cut me off "I mean I saw her profile picture when her message popped up, shes a gorgeous, long haired blond, with the most beautiful blue eyes and you are just suddenly had the urge to leave her with no explanation obviously something happened. I also can tell by the way she wrote that text that she likes you" she said with frustration

"You don't believe me" I looked at her with sad eyes


Her eyes quickly snapped to the right hearing my phone vibrate in the living room, she sped into the living room grabbing my phone.

"W-what are you doing" I got really nervous

I looked at her I had never seen her so angry it scared me, her left hand was twitching a bit, her jaw clench so tight it seem her teeth would shatter.

"Y-you lied, y-you lied to me" she growled, she though my phone at me and fell to the ground, I quickly read the text

From Emily:

Please answer me, please its breaking my heart right now. I'm sorry about the kiss I couldn't help myself, especially when you kissed back it was like everything about us change......and then I scared you away. I just need to talk to you about this so we can sort this whole situation out.

"Baby-" she cut me off quickly

"DON"T YOU BABY ME!!!!!" she yelled

"I'm sorry I didn't want for that to happen it was all an accident" I went to hold her but she pushed me away with the most hateful force.

"It is always an "accident"

"Malia please believe me" I begged

"How can I when you have just lied to me" she snapped

"I'm sorry" I said softly, I felt my eyes fill up with tears and as soon as I blinked tears started to roll down my face

"I don't want you in my sight" she snarled, she walked away and opened the front door motioning me to leave, I looked at her and saw tears pour out of her eyes. I knew if I said anything it wouldn't make anything better, I walked out the door and turned around to see her looking at me and then slamming the door shut.

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