Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


10. Chapter 10 - Missing You

Before I start this chapter I just want to change something very minor, I'm gonna have it be the first day of summer vacation for them right know because I don't really want them in school anymore....if you know what I  mean... okay so here we go hope you enjoy :)



Malia's POV

Today is the first day of summer vacation and its been about a week an a half since Justin had been in Canada and I miss him so much that it hurts. I finally got home from my last day of school and I decided to go back to my black hole of a bedroom and just lay in bed in my pjs for the next 5 days till Justin gets back home. I know I sound a little over dramatic but there is Just something about Justin I can't be without its either his touch, his kiss, the way he needs me every minute of the day, or the way he makes it feel like we are the only two people in the world. 

Once and a while we talk, he text me every moment he isn't busy and thats usually at night but since the time is so different from here to there, that whenever he text me it ends up being like 12am in the morning, the last message I got from Justin was that he missed me so much and the he loves me.

I got to my bedroom not even thinking to say hi to my mom when I got home, and stripped out of my clothes and put on a giant t-shirt and a new pair of hot pink lacy underwear. I crawled into bed, pulling the covers over my body so that on my head was showing. Even though my phone was on vibrate, about every 5 minutes I would check my phone to see if I got a text Justin, after about 20 minutes went by I gave and sent him a text saying

To Justin

I miss you so much I wish you were here laying with me

After sending the text I locked my phone and tucking it under the covers, but then I instantly got a message back.

From Justin

I miss you to sweetheart but don't worry I will be home soon <3

To Justin

I know but 5 days feels like decades right know

I didn't get a reply back so I assumed Justin became busy, I closed my eyes and just tuned everything out, I didn't feel like talking or moving. I suddenly heard my door creek open and then close I didn't bother to look because I knew it was my mom, I then felt the bed sink in and somebody wrap there arms around my body.

"I'm home no need to worry anymore" I heard the voice I've missed for the past week and a half

I turned my body slowly, I looked up to see the golden brown eyes that I missed so much "I thought you weren't coming home for 5 more days" I whispered

"I need to see you I couldn't stand being away from you for that long" he said pulling me closer into his arms

I snuggled my head into his chest, closing my eyes, Justin kissed my head softly and whispered "Sleep tight beautiful"


I woke the next morning in the best ever, with Justin's arms wrapped around me, his hair was all messed up scrambled in all different places, he was slightly snoring, and his mouth was parshly open. I decided to get up and go down stairs and make some pancakes for Justin, my mom, and me. I slowly lift Justin's arms off my body, I sat on the edge of my bed and stretching my arms up into the air while standing up, "Babe..why aren't you wearing pants" I hear Justin say in a sleepy voice

I suddenly remember that I went into bed only wearing a giant t-shirt and underwear, I instantly became modest, I tried pulled my t-shirt down which was a complete fail.

"i-i um don't usually wear this to bed I was just lazy and how was I suppose to know that you were coming yesterday" I nervously

"mmm its fine, just a question" he said while his eyes were slightly closing 

"You now you should sleep some more, I'm gonna make us some breakfast" I said softly kissing his forehead and walking to my closet

"mmhhmm" he said drifting back to sleep

I grabbed a pair of gray sweatpants and slipped them on to my body, I walked down stairs to kitchen, opened the cabinet and grabbed the ingredients to make the pancakes. After about 20 minutes of mixing ingredients I finally poured the pancake mix on to the pan and watched them cook.

"Mmmm something smells amazing" I heard my mom say from behind me "Grandmas recipe?" she asked

"Morning and yep of course never anything else" I replied

"So how did you sleep" she asked me

"The best I ever have" I said with a smile

"Um can I ask you something hun" she gave me a uncomfortable look

"Yeah whats up" I said while flipping a pancake

"Have you and Justin been intimate at all" did I just here what just came out of her mouth

"No- n-no mom, eww, no mom why would you even ask, just noooo" I said with disgust on my face that she would even ask me that

"Oh good" she said with relief "I just didn't know because he slept in your room twice and I just got worried"

"No we just slept" I said handing her a plate of pancakes

"Oh thank you, so where is Justin" she questioned

"He's still sleepin-" I was quickly cut off be a sleepy voice from behind

"Not I'm awake, I smelt the pancakes from upstairs and I just couldn't wait I just have to have some now" Justin giggled

He walked up to me wrapping his arms around my waist pulling close to him while he gave me a soft kiss on the lips, I pulled away being aware that my mom was in the room.

"Here are your pancakes" I said handing him a plate full of fluffy pancakes

"You are seriously the best, thank you" he gave me a kiss on the head "Morning Shaina"

"Good Morning Justin how was your trip to Canada" my mom asked him

"It was good, nice to see my family I miss them, but I'm glad to be back home" he glanced at me

"Well thats good" she walked over to the sink setting her plates in the sink "Okay honey I have to go to work today, I'm not sure when I get home but I will text you once I know okay" she said giving me a kiss on the check and heading towards the door

"Okay love you mom" I waved

"Bye hun, bye Justin" she waved back

"Bye Shaina" Justin said with a smile

My mom was gone and it was just Justin and me now. Once we finished are pancakes we moved to couch and cuddled together, I was laying in Justins arms while Justin played with the loose curls on my head. I grabbed the remote and started to flip through channels "Ughh theres nothing on" I complained

"You wanna play a game on my phone" He said handing me his phone

"Oooh yeah" I grabbed his phone looked through his apps I quickly tapped flappy bird, my new drug.

"hahaha your highscore is 4" I laughed loudly

"Hey no hating, its a hard game" he said

I giggled and started to tap the screen passing through the pipes, I was doing to good until I saw a message pop up at the top of the screen from a girl named Emily that said 

"Hey Jay, why did you leave so early I miss you already, I thought we had plans to go to the movies :( Text me back"

"Justin, whos Emily" I said quietly


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