Invisible Love

Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school, all the girls faint at the sight of him. Malia is invisble, well in her mind at least, all she wants is to attract the attention of Justin, little does she know that Justin has his eye set on odd and quite Malia.


1. Chapter 1 - I Had to Know Her Name

 Invisible, god I hate that word.

Its my identity, my life, and my social being.


Being in high school...ugh not what I love, I really can't wait to graduate, a new start, new people, and a new world to discover.


In high school nobody knows who I am or more likely doesn't want to,

I think its because I'm so quite, my friends say that i should start talking to different people in the school.

Haha...yeah no I my as well trip going up the stairs then humiliate myself by stuttering and getting nervous just to talk...its a simple thing to do but for some reason its the hardest for me.


Does that make me crazy or just plain awkward.


First things first, my name is Malia Davis, my friends call me Mel. I'm 18, 5'6, I have dark brown eyes, super tan skin, and have crazy curly hair.


"Malia...Malia...MALI DAVIS!" Ms. King demanded

"Umm..uhh..yes.." I said with hesitation 

"would you care to tell the class what shakes spears first play was that he wrote"

Oh god I was day dreaming in class again oh crap!

"Umm, Hamlet" i said nervously

"No, Henry VI Part I, Malia please pay attention in class." she asked with frustration

Oh no Justin saw me get humiliated in class he probably thinks of me even more of a weirdo nice job Malia!


Justin Bieber is the hottest guy in school and when I say hottest guy in school I mean the hottest guy in school. Every girl wishes she was his, they faint at the sight of him. 


Yes I fell for him, I cant help but fall for those gorgeous sunny brown eyes, and the way runs he hand through his hair.

Or the way he smiles its so big and it lights up the whole room.

Justin is a little taller than me he may be 5'7, hes got a freckle on the side of his mouth, his is very muscular he plays hockey, he is just perfect.

Im not a stalker I'm promise



"Okay class don't forget the test next week, study, study, study." she said quickly

Yes thank god I'm out of this hell hole I quickly run out of the class room to get to my locker



"Ugh..oh my god...I I I'm so sorry..." I said in embarrassment 

"Its alright hun whats your-" Justin said so sincerely

Oh god I cut him off I had to go, I embarrassed myself he probably thinks I'm so weird


I rushed to my locker, quickly stuffing all my books in my bag and hurrying to my lime volks wagon bunch buggy.


Justin's POV

I was walking out of my class with my friends and the most beautiful girl had crashed in to me,

"Ugh..oh my god...I I I'm so sorry..." she said, she sounded kind of nervous

for some reason she wouldn't look at me in the eyes, but that didn't stop my from looking in to hers they are such a beautiful dark brown I had never seen such beautiful eyes.

I had to know her name

"Its alright hun whats your-" I said but she cut me of by running away...why did she run away?

"Haha dude someones scared of you" Ryan said in a joking manor "what did you say to her to make her run of like that"

"I seriously don't know what just happen but I've gotta know her name"

I had recognized her in class today but I have know idea how I could have never see her in school before she is so different and mysterious

Who is she...


Malia's POV



"Hi sweety how was school" said my mom

"Ugh just the usual mom, eating in the bathroom stalls"

"Honey where is Ashley and Sandy why aren't you eating with them.." she said with concern

Ashley and Sandy are my only friends I've been friends with them since preschool

Ashley is pretty short, has super brown light brown hair, the bluest eyes I have ever seen.

Sandy is about my height, has bleach blond hair, and forest green eyes

"mom we don't have the same lunch together"

I start to walk up stairs when I hear my mom say

"You should make some more friends so your not alone at lunch hunny"

hhhh only if I wasn't such an anti-social person I would......



Thanks for reading my first chapter I know its really short but its my first story so I hope you liked it 

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