Rants of a fan girl

We all are obsessed about something or someone famous. Join the club!!


6. These subjects in any fan fic

1) Raping - I know this is there in every rant book but still this is unsatisfying knowing that people still write about these kind of issues. A One Direction fan-fic with name 'Raped' , I reported it yesterday and guess what the writer wrote - This is purely fictional and has nothing to do with haters -_- Haters my ass .. . . She must really be eager to go through a situation like that otherwise her thoughts would never run so wildly. 



2) Adopted - Why will someone like One Direction, Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter adopt someone who is capable of taking care of themselves? Even in Harry Potter, Harry was able to take care of himself in 'Sorcerer's Stone' at the age of 10 years, then why can't a 16 year old to that ? 



3) Kidnapper - I have gotta try and fall in love with someone who is willing to kidnap me. Well, I even doubt if that is possible because no boys ever give me the second look back and yet , the main girl in the story 'OMG !! 1D kidnapped me and all 5 are in love with me !!! OMG. What should I do? I said yes to all of them OMG and they all want to have sex with me and make me their slave OMG !!! I am getting raped and I like it OOMMGG my ass again. '



Now read this -


Hi, im Holly im 19 yrs old n adopted by 1d and im der slave nw n al 5 of dem r in luv wid me wat sud i do? i have blue eues dirty blonde hair gaps betwen my thegs n vewy pweety bt i am vry insecre abt my luks OMG !! 



- Either the character has 'split personality disorder' and 'rotten English knowledge disorder'  or the person writing the story has a rotten 16 year old brain of toddler. 



* Take deep breathe in and enjoy the life like roller coaster *


~ Bathroom Singer

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