Rants of a fan girl

We all are obsessed about something or someone famous. Join the club!!


2. - Selfish Creatures -

If I say , I really don't understand people, then I will feel better because the aliens will understand my feelings in a better way. I know I might be offending but I hate it when people behave in this way, what do they expect out of me , I don't understand -_- 


People will fan you because of your works and your personality you maintain in here( being yourself ). Many people fan me because they expect me to fan them back? I will never do that because I am a rebel. I only follow the people I trust and like. OK, if you are new to me in talking but still we get along, I will of course fan you but is it my fault if I don't fan the every single of them? I really wish to fan them back , each and everyone but I don't because I just wish to. I am really grateful that so many people like me but I have my issues too where I am having trust issues. So, fan me if you wish to or there is always an un-fan button to get rid of your selfish wish. 


! In & Out ! 

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