Rants of a fan girl

We all are obsessed about something or someone famous. Join the club!!


3. People who judge -_-

This MIGHT be a long rant so brace yourselves :) Oh and this is your new co-author, Gabby (1Direction infection)

Id also like to apologize in advance for the spelling and grammar mistakes. Its 2:33am so Im not exactly up for fixing it! x



Okay back to the rant. I hate how if you're in a certain fandom, *BAM* you're judged!!

Me: Yo, whaddup? Imma directioner!! (I would never speak with that kinda language but ya know)



Okay, first calm down!!! Most directioners are thirteen and above, qualifying them as teenagers! The boys arent the same people we saw in what makes you beautiful anymore! Theyve changed! Whether its tattoos, appearances, voices, anything. Are they still five singing idiots who stole our hearts? You best believe they are, but they're not the little bubblegum pop boyband anymore! It's like when you say you're a directioner, people immediately think of fetus one direction. No. People evolve over the years and if they're an exception for staying young then you better believe Im gonna jump them for whatever spell theyre using! (Not literally, Im pretty sure a fly could beat the shit out of me!)


I hate it, and honestly it's kind of ignorant. A girl, or guy, shouldn't be judged on who they liked. What their music taste is. Ew, that girl likes Justin Bieber? Shes weird! No. Okay so maybe he hasn't made the best choices but that has never and will never define his fans. Personally, Im not a fan but what if the same thing happened with a celebrity you loved? You'd stick by them so why should beliebers get the heat for something Justin did out of their control? Oh, this is the most commonly used one. If a guy listens to one direction, he is automatically gay. No!!! I listen to demi lovato! Am I lesbian? Hell no! Being gay has nothing to do with the damn music you listened to do so calm down, please. I honestly feel bad because there are some guy directioners who just dont want to say anything because they know they'll get shit! Its ridiculous and I feel for them! It kinda goes that way for anything they do! Girls can cuddle, kiss each other on the cheeks, give each other piggy back rides and so much other stuff that if they were a couple, they might do but what happens when guys do anything like that? Theyre called gay. Stop it guys! You may think its in a girls nature but the reason it was never in a guys is because people made it that way.

   Back to music. I find it uterly stupid that people judge due to the music they listen. Listening to Sleeping with Sirens, Black veil brides or any of that does NOT make you a cutting, emo freak. Yes, there are emos that obviously listening to that music but okay? So what? Maybe they like the tune, that doesnt mean their vampires who only come out during the night with black all around their eyes!!

   I guess what Im trying to say if music does not define a person and nobody should ever be judged by who they listen to because at one point or another music saved lives when others couldn't.



Mkay that was all love yaa :) x

~gabby// (1Direction infection AND/OR Horanstagram)

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