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7. Lack of Consciousness

I know there are many 13+ writers on this site and they have the every right to write a little bit of mature scene like kissing and all but do they actually need to describe the entire whole load of smut scene? Why, are you that much excited and have hormonal rushes or what? 



Many rate the Movellas as 16+ or 13+ which shows clearly that under 13 are not ought to read the Movellas of those types but yet they go and read it all. And then use the same idea to write their own sex story, why are they throwing their own innocence away from their hand? 


When I was around 11 or 12, all I did was to play around, study , study, watch Tom & Jerry, Make Way for Noddy, prank my mom and behave as a spoilt child and I never even have had any idea about what sex was. Well, I don't know , you can call it innocence or whatever you want but I used to think that only kissing someone could make them pregnant with a child. Well, I know I was naive but here? I find a 11 year old writing like a 1 year old toddler but writing the scenes in details ? Where is the 'innocence' my child? 



I even know Movellians on here who are really young like 12 or 13 but they have a state of maturity and consciousness for which Movella to read and which one to avoid. So, we can't only blame the one who is writing but also the one who is reading even if it is warned.



* In and out* 


<3 Stay beautiful as you are now and enjoy life like a Roller Coaster* 


~ Bathroom Singer ~ 

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