Behind the Scenes.

Mia has a you-tube channel. It was slightly popular, at first was meant to be just a place where she could vent (and maybe ,if she had the figurative balls, post her songs). But then the four boys she met at an open mic night so many years back became her best friends. That was kinda the point when everything changed, and her YouTube channel was flooded with idiocy.

*the starts is before SLSP*
**Luke fanfic**


4. The Penny Drops.

I always wonder how people have the courage to go up a stage and perform to an audience.  It amazes how unfazed by it the boys are.  Watching them on stage is awesome.  They include the crowd in everything; they speak to them between songs, during songs, they think it's awesome when the fans sing along.  I could never do that.  I prefer it here, backstage.  

I watch the show from just out of the crowds' sight.  Occasionally the boys look at me.  I smile, singing along and giving the thumbs up. I step to the beat, swaying from leg to leg.  During some songs I just sway.  In others I rock out, dancing around, always making sure I can't be seen.  I get lost in all of them.

The show ends on a high note.  The boys run off stage, engulfing me in a hug.  A hug, sweaty, smelly hug.  For once I'm not fussed by the smell and allow them to hug me.  Once they let go I smile widely at all of them.

"You know when we get back you all have to shower." I say, still smiling.  We all laugh. "I'm completely serious.  I get it first, boy sweat has cooties."

I walk to the van with Luke.  He's asking about how I thought the concert was.  I tell him the truth.  It was awesome.  He smiles and slings his arm around my shoulder.  Luke and I go back to the hotel, the others decided they wanted to go to a club.  A club both Luke and I are too young to get into.

The ride home is quiet.  It is filled with the silence of two people tweeting.  It stays like that even after we get back to our room.  I collapse onto the sofa and look around for the TV remote.  Eventually I find it.  When it switch on the TV I find out that there are basically only two channels.  I groan.

"Don't laugh." I say, I could hear one bubbling in the back of Luke's throat.  It stops shortly. "Good boy." I smile. I then pick up my laptop from my bed and move back.  After turning on the computer I bring up netflix.  "Choose a movie, any movie." I smile, passing it to Luke.  He hands it back a minute later.  I smile, realising what he chose.  

I bury my head into Luke's chest, as I always do at this point in the movie.  He chuckles slightly, putting his arm around my waist.  But then it retracts.  I remove my head from it's spot and look at him.  He flicks a smile my way before looking back  at the screen.  I sigh. Swiftly I cup his cheek and turn his head towards mine, then I drop my hand.

"Yes?" He says.

"I thought we were fine." I say, looking at him closely.

"We are."

"Then why are you acting weird?" I ask, sounding like a small child.

"Am not."

"Are too." I poke his chest.  I as my hands goes back to my side Luke catches it.  

"Maybe I am acting weird, it's not you haven't been doing the same." He says, the corners of his mouth turn up slightly.  I shake my head, trying to get hand back.  But he does let go. 

"There is a movie that we should be watching." I say slowly.  Luke ignores me.

"Hey M.  I'm going to kiss you now, okay?"

I nod.  He kisses me.  I kiss him, we kiss each other.  It is perfect, it is right.  My hands gravitate to his cheeks, his go to my waist.  It is slow and gentle, it lasts less than a minute, but feels much longer.  I am the first to pull away.

"So the penny drops." I smile.

"It was in the air?" He counters.  I laugh, hugging him close. 



Ashton, Calum and Michael burst through the door, in alphabetical order.  Luke and I are finishing our second movie.  As the movie was my choice it was continuously interrupted by Luke, he was not following the plot very well.  Quickly I remove his arm from my shoulders.

"You guys look like crap." I say to the three boys in the door way.  Then I walk to get my PJs and get changed in the bathroom.  When I'm back the boys are all sitting on the couch, I groan.  Calum, Ashton and Michael are drunk, drunk and buzzed. "I'm not going to be allowed to sleep, am I?"

"Nope." Calum smiles, popping the 'p'.

I sigh and plop down next to the kiwi. I know Luke is staring at me.  I smile slightly at him.

"This room is filled with tension.  I can't tell if it is sexual or just tension... Luke, Mia, did you guys fuck while we were away?" Drunk Michael blurts out.

"Mike, you're drunk, shut up." Luke says quickly.

"They didn't 'do it', Mia didn't go red enough." Ashton smirks.  I roll my eyes at the to males.  I give them the finger before going to my bed.  

"I'm going to bed.  Now if you guys could shut up about Luke and I 'fucking' that'd be great." I say sharply.  I then swiftly pull my covers over me and fall asleep.

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