Behind the Scenes.

Mia has a you-tube channel. It was slightly popular, at first was meant to be just a place where she could vent (and maybe ,if she had the figurative balls, post her songs). But then the four boys she met at an open mic night so many years back became her best friends. That was kinda the point when everything changed, and her YouTube channel was flooded with idiocy.

*the starts is before SLSP*
**Luke fanfic**


5. The Guitarist and the Youtuber

I groan, raking through my suitcase.  I think I have exhausted my supply of 't-shirts that can be worn with leggings'.  I collapse against my bed , leggings in my hand and towel over my chest.  But then an idea hits me.  Quietly I creep over to Luke's suitcase, I pull a t-shirt out of there and take it to the bathroom.

I straighten the t-shirt out and walk into the room. Instantly a close my eyes.

"Calum, cover that thing up." I say. 

"Gimme a minute." He says quickly.  Tentatively I open my eyes when he says it is okay.  I roll my eyes at his badly put together outfit.  

"You're getting changed after breakfast right?" I ask, he looks down at himself before nodding.  

In silence we get the elevator.  As breakfast begin so does the small talk until Calum asks about my shirt.

"That's Luke's shirt, Mia." He accuses, brandishing bacon at me.  I feel my cheeks burn.  "I KNEW IT!" He exclaims loudly.  I roll my eyes, telling him to shush.  "You and Luke ar-"

"No we are not." I cut him off sharply. "I simply ran out of shirts and Luke smells the best."

"When we got drunk a couple nights ago, did you guys do anything?" Calum asks, completely ignoring my previous statement.

"He may have kissed me, but that means nothing." I say.  Just as those words leave my mouth the chair beside  me scrapes out and someone sits down, asking what we are talking about.  It is Luke.  He is looking between us curiously, Calum begins speaking but I kick him.  I tell the blonde it is nothing.  Suddenly I do not feel hungry anymore.  I push myself from the table, telling the two boys I'm going a walk and not to wait for me.  

I speed towards the hotel door, pulling my cardigan close around me.  As I exit I let out a breath.  Luke knows I was talking about the kiss.  The kiss the made him stop talking to me.  Was it really that bad?  I mean he kissed me, if anyone should be ignoring the other it is me.  But I did think he liked it.  I mean, it seemed like it.  But on the upside, he does not know I am wearing his shirt.  

Around fifteen minutes later I am sitting on a park bench, with my knees up to my chest.  I was listening to a busker.  But then he stops playing.  I look up, a crowd of girls has flooded into the park.  Then I remember.  The boys are doing a thingy for everyone who cannot make their performances.  Of course it is the one park I take solace in.  Of 'fucking' Course. 

Eventually the walk in, Guitars and Cahon at the ready.  I am getting ready to leave, I need to think about everything without them in the background, but Luke looks over at me.  I see him smile slightly.  Groaning I relax into the chair.

When they are finished playing it is like half an hour before I can actual talk to any of them.  So many girls want pictures with them.  Eventually Luke gets free from the crowd, waving good bye to the fam. He sits next to me.

"Did I ever tell you how beautiful you look in my clothes" He smirks into my ear.

"Did I ever tell you that I'd rather not die by rampaging 'Luke girls'." I whisper back.  He lets out a short laugh before leading me out of the park.

He leads me to a french café.  We sit towards the back, near a window.  We only talk about the menu until we have ordered.  Then he looks up at me.



"Do you hate me?" He asks completely seriously.

"I could never hate you.  I thought were pissed at me." I shrug.

"I could never be pissed at you.  Do you wished we had never kissed."

"Nope. D'you?" I reply, he shakes his head.  He gently places his hand over mine on the table.  I give him a half smile, slipping my hand out from under his.  I lean back in my chair and push my hair away from my face.  For some reason I feel nervous.  Slowly I look around, I look anywhere but him.  Our food coming breaks the silence.  Luke watches me while I eat.  I almost snap at him, 'Eating disorders aren't hereditary.'

I do not say anything.  I finish first.  Once Luke is finished the bill comes.  As he pays I stare out the window.  

When we are out of the café Luke turns to me.  

"Mia, are you okay?" He asks.  I look up at him, slowly I shake my head a tiny amount.

"I don't want to ruin everything.  I really like you Luke, but I don't want to lose my best friend."

"I can promise, you won't." He says, then kisses my forehead.  l smile at him.  

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