Behind the Scenes.

Mia has a you-tube channel. It was slightly popular, at first was meant to be just a place where she could vent (and maybe ,if she had the figurative balls, post her songs). But then the four boys she met at an open mic night so many years back became her best friends. That was kinda the point when everything changed, and her YouTube channel was flooded with idiocy.

*the starts is before SLSP*
**Luke fanfic**


1. Penny In the Air

"Welcome, Ethernet viewers, I am back."  I say to the camera, spreading my arms wide. "As you can see it is me.  I, Mia Roberts, am alive and well... kinda." 

I look around the room.  I had gotten used to them smell.  After all it wasn't as bad as the tour bus.  But I had spent fifteen minutes trying to get angle that meant there were no articles of clothing in sight.

"You guys may have noticed that I have been dragged, unwillingly, onto a music filled tour of the UK with a band that hails from Australia.  Which why I haven't been able to upload in the past weeks.  As they either ruin my videos or I have been attending Concerts.

"Anyhoo, how are you people.  I know there were promises made that more videos would be uploaded but it's been quite hard.  And my camera memory has been filled with, mainly, Calum trying to get in the shot every-freaking-time and Ashton trying to steal the camera.  Girls, take my advice, living with 5sos is not worth their crap.  Yesterday Luke had my bra on his head..... Just saying that reminded me that I need to get a lock on my suitcase."   I laugh slightly at the memory.  It also reminds me make a note on my phone.  

I continue with what I actually planned for the video.  I had decide to this book challenge thingy.  It started with telling the best book I had read that year.  Somehow I manage to get through it without derping to badly.  

"Au revior viewers I will try to upload with the second book thingy tomorrow.  See ya!!" I smile waving animatedly to the camera.


By the time the door open and four sweaty people walk in the video is nearly finished uploading. 

"Touch the laptop and you die!" I manage to say before they can close the door.  The four boys stare me.  I indicate to the screen in front of me.  They slowly nod together.  

"Right guys.  I know we had a tub or two of ice cream in here somewhere." Ashton says, shoving his head in the mini fridge.  I feel my face go red as I quickly drop the empty tub of ice cream in the bin beside my bed.  Luke's head whips around at the sound.  Quietly he walks towards my bed.   'Please no' I mouth to him.  For a second he gives me a half smile.  Silently a beg him not to say anything.  As he picks up the tub his smile widens as he shakes his head.

"Was one of them chocolate?" He asks Ashton.  I groan as the others turn around.  All of the eyes flick to me.  I try to smile sweetly before jumping off my bed.  I run to the bathroom and flick the lock before any of them can catch me.

"Seriously Mia? You had to eat a whole tub?" I can hear Calum say on the other side of the door.

"Filming makes me hungry." I call back.  I hear them shuffle away from the door.  Quietly I let out a sigh of relief.  But then one of the calls that the chocolate was there favorite.  

'Not off the hook yet' I think.  Just then my phone buzzes in my pocket.  I get it out of my back pocket and look at the screen.

Hemmings- Cs drinkin ur last smoothie.  

Annoyed I stand up and unlock the bathroom.

"Not my smoothie, Kiwi!" I threaten.  All four of the boys turn to stare at me.  Luke's the only one smiling.  Calum simply tells me that I stole his ice cream so he will steal my smoothie.  I walk over to my bed.  Mainly to check how my video was, but then I decided to throw my pillow at Calum.   The downfall was that Calum dodged it, still drinking my smoothie, and it hit Michael in the head.  He looked over at me.

"Sorry." I shrug.  After finding out my video had uploaded successfully I go over to sit with the boys.  I sit with my feet draped over the top of Luke and take out my phone.  At first I go through all my social apps.  But I end up on tumblr.  I am not even three posts in when my phone buzzes in my hand.

Hemmings- Wuu2

Me- u interrupted my tumbling.

I glare jokingly at the blonde.  'Sorry' he mouths.  I look down at my phone again.  When it buzzes again I kick Luke. 

"Ow!" He says out loud.  "I did nothing."  I look at my texts and see that the buzz was from my mum.  I alpologise swiftly.  I reply to my mum, yawning widely.  

"Does ickle wickle Mia need to sleep?" Michael teases.

"Shut up.  I'm only two years younger than you, Michael." I say standing up.  All the boys look skeptically up me.  "I was born in April 1997, remember.  But I'm still going to bed." 

Quickly I walk over to my bed and pick up my PJs.  I change into them in the bathroom.  Then I brush my teeth, walk out again.  I plug my phone in to the charger and take my laptop off my bed.  My bed covers are already pushed to the end of the bed.  All I do is sit on the mattress and pull the cover over me.  I lie facing the wall.  I pull the cover over my face, so I can block out the light.

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