Behind the Scenes.

Mia has a you-tube channel. It was slightly popular, at first was meant to be just a place where she could vent (and maybe ,if she had the figurative balls, post her songs). But then the four boys she met at an open mic night so many years back became her best friends. That was kinda the point when everything changed, and her YouTube channel was flooded with idiocy.

*the starts is before SLSP*
**Luke fanfic**


2. Chicken Wings and Smelly Things

I shout on the boys to wait for me.  I shove the blue book into my bag.  Quickly I make sure my shoes were tied, then I take off after them.  Luke is making sure that the elevator door is held open for me.  Ashton pulls me in.

"Careful! My camera is in my bag!" I say.  The boys take no notice and continue messing around.  By the time we reach the ground floor I  have, somehow, been pushed to the back of the elevator.  


I press the record button on my camera and move back to my place on the floor.

"Welcome, currently I am sat on the floor in front of the stage where the boys are playing tonight.  They are about to start their sound check, I thought you guys might want to see.  But first, the second thing on the book-a-day challenge I decided to do is..."  I shout on Ashton to give me a drum roll.  Once it is over I speak again. "A book I have read more than three times.  And that book is, 'The Fault in Ours Stars' by John Green.  It is awesome, and I am under the impressiono that most of you would know that."  I then pick up the camera and focus it on the stage.  I move back to get all four of them.  Instantly Calum begins waving, very enthusiastically, at the camera.  I shout that he is meant to be a professional.  He shrugs and continues to wave at me.  Then the other three join in.  I sigh.  

"They think they're a proper band." I say sarcastically to the camera.  Then I feel something hit my fore arm. I pick it up and examine it.  "Who threw a plectrum at me?" I ask.  I zoom in on Michael.

"We are a completely serious band."  He shrugs.

"Uh huh.  My psychic, ginger, third eye says differently."  Ashton proceeds to shout that I'm not actually ginger.  But then they are told to start the sound check.  I throw the plectrum back to the stage and film them playing parts of a couple of songs before they are finished.  I stop recording and jump up on stage.  I look out over where the audience would be, I exhale slowly.  Then I imagine it full with people, mainly screaming girls, swiftly I turn around and help Luke pack away his guitar.


I walk in front of the boys with my camera out.   We are walking up the high street, Michael is looking for a place to eat, Luke is trying to get out of the frame.  It's hard to believe, but, Ashton and Calum are the only ones doing what they're meant to be doing.  Occasionally Luke tells me if I'm going to walk into anyone.  I'm walking backwards whilst asking the boys questions about everything.  Eventually I switch the camera off.  I let out a sigh.  I then proceed to tell Michael that there's a Nando's one street away.  He and the boys race off, I continue at my normal pace.  

I scan the restaurant when I enter.  They are sitting in a booth near the back.

"Couldn't you have gotten a booth towards the front?" I ask as I sit down between Luke and Calum. 

"Couldn't you have run?" Michael counters.

"I'm to chubby to run. I don't like the way everything jiggles." I shrug.  They all laugh.  I edge over to look at Luke's menu.  I decide what I want to have first.  The worst thing about having to eat all my meals out with the boys is the fact that they take so long to decide.  Eventually they decide and we can order.  

There is not any talking as we eat.  They focus more on food than anything else.  I sigha nd pick apart my chicken wings.  I eat slowly, sometimes Michael asks if I'm going to eat everything.  Normally I let him have a bit.  Luke always makes me eat as much as I can.  My sister had problems with eating disorders when we first met.  Ever since I told him about everything that went on back then he has been slightly worried about me.  

We leave with just enough time for the boys to escort me back to the Hotel, have our nearly daily argument about me coming to the concert, and leave.  When they were gone I just wash my make-up of and put on my PJs.  I sit in bed reading my current book, 'Out of the Easy' by Ruta Sepetys.  It is a really good book.  I find the dark side of cities and stuff like that very interesting.  Sometimes I wish that I did attend the boys' concerts.  They're probably more interesting than the hotel room.  But then I remember the screaming fangirls and how I was deaf the first few days of tour.


When the boys enter the hotel room, stinking of seat, I'm laying under my bed covers.  I have my phone held really close to my face as I scroll down Tickld.  Ashton sits really heavily on me.  

"Ew, get off Ash, you stink.  Literally, you need to shower." I groan trying to wriggle away.  

"I love you too, Mia." He giggles, raising his arms above his head.  My face scrunches up has the stench of Male sweat permeates the room.  I hide under the covers.  They smell bland, but better than Mashton sweat.  Eventually Ashton slips off me.  I don't remove my head from its shelter.  It's I maneuver that I have taken to recently, it means the can't launch another, stronger, attack.

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