Behind the Scenes.

Mia has a you-tube channel. It was slightly popular, at first was meant to be just a place where she could vent (and maybe ,if she had the figurative balls, post her songs). But then the four boys she met at an open mic night so many years back became her best friends. That was kinda the point when everything changed, and her YouTube channel was flooded with idiocy.

*the starts is before SLSP*
**Luke fanfic**


3. Bananas and Books

"And now go to 'F' and move to 'G' on when you sing Shove."  Luke smiles as I move my hands along the guitar's fret board.  We are sitting in the back of the tour bus.  The other three are still asleep.  Last night I asked him to teach me 'Between the Bars' by Elliot Smith.  When I asked asked I did not think it meant waking up so early.  But Luke thought it would be easier without the boys making fun of us.  When we finish going over the strumming pattern I lean against Luke while reading my book.  He has his arm around me as he scrolls through his twitter feed. I feel my phone buzz in my pocket.  I shuffle around trying to remove it.   Accidentally I elbow Luke's stomach.  I say a swift apology before looking at the phone.  It was my mum calling.  Quickly I walk through to the front of the bus, nodding quickly at the bus driver.

"Hi Mutter" I say as I answer the call.  "Why are you calling?"

"I just wanted to hear your voice." I can hear crackling over the line.

"What's happened?" I say urgently.  Normally mum texts me.  Then a hear shouting over the line,, but mum covers the phone so I can't hear it.  "Mum?"

"Sorry dear, your dad says hi." Her voice is flustered.  I nod before remembering that I'm on the phone.

"I'll skype you guys as soon as we get Wifi. Okay?"

"No, Mia, I'm fine. Don't worry yourself, have fun and tell the boys I said hi." She says hurriedly.  I sigh and say good-bye.  

I collapse down beside Luke.  He raises an eyebrow at me.  I groan and burrow into his chest.  After a moment he loops his arm around me.  This just makes me burrow deeper, inhaling his scent, and place my arm around his waist.  We stay like that until he nudges me off.  I stare up at him.  His face is really close to mine.  I can feel my neck getting hot, quickly I put distnace in between our faces.  He asks me if making a video would take my mind off it.  Smiling I nod

I balance the Camera on an up turned bin and press record.

"Welcome.  Today I'm in the back of a tour bus with Luke Hemmings." I smile, Luke gives the camera a small wave. Normally I make sure they're doing something else when I film.  This almost the first time Luke has seen me filming my vlogs.  "He is going to join us on Day 5 of a book-a-day.  Today we look at books that made us happy.  Being the great host I am I will allow Luke to go first."  

He gives me the look for a moment before speaking.  He talks about a book that made him happy.  It was one that he read as a child.  It made him laugh, and his laugh makes me smile.  He laughs once he is finished talking about it.

"Now, Mia, tell us yours." He smirks.  I shrug, thinking for a moment.  A lot of books made me happy.

"I enjoyed reading-" I am about to finish when Luke cuts me off.

"No, Mia, one that actually  made you smile as you read it.  It made you feel happy that you picked it up."

I mutter something about not knowing.  He raises an eyebrow at me.  I roll my eyes and think for a moment.  Then I say 'The Book Thief'.  I realise that it is not the happiest of books at times, but there were point when it made me smile.  After I finished it I was happy that I had read it.  Once I finish trying to express these with actual, coherent, words I sign off.  

I go through to front of the bus and pick up two bananas, I turn back to the bedroom.  But then I hear I loud groan and then a thump.  Without thinking I sigh and pick up another one of the yellow fruits.  Before I leave I ask the bus driver how long until we reach our destination.

On my way back to Luke I kick Ashton up from the floor, he stares up at me wide-eyed.  I scoff, throwing the third Banana at his head.  

As I fall  down next to Luke and his guitar I tell him that we'll arrive at the Hotel soon.  When turn to him, he is looking at me again.  I feel the same burning sensation on my neck.  I smile awkwardly. Quickly I turn away.  I do not normally feel like that when he looks at me.  Suddenly I'm very thankful for Ashton Irwin's existence.  He walks in at the exactly right moment to stop me from saying (or doing) something weird.  He waves tiredly at us.  I nod at him.


The bus stops at the Hotel.  We got there late so the boys have to rehearse straightaway.  Wave at them slightly as the driver helps me take our bags up to the room.  As soon as I'm the room I connect my laptop to the Wifi and upload that morning's video.  Then I just sit on my bed, staring at the wall.  I don't know how long I sit like that.  But I only snap out of my thoughts when a brown bag is thrown at me.

"You forgot to get lunch. Didn't you?"  Michael smirks.  I peer into the bag.  Deeply I inhale the scent of toastie.  "There's also a milkshake.  I didn't think throwing it at you would be a good idea."

"Smart move Clifford."  I smile before biting into the toastie.  "Guys do you have anything better to do than look at me while I eat."  At the same time all four of them shake their head.  I glare at them.  I manage to finish my lunch without feeling too self conscious.  I fall back onto the bed and close my eyes.  I feel the end dip. Somehow the boys manage to stay silent, but I can feel the person at the end of the bed moving around.

"No words, ginger need sleep." I say before rolling onto my side.  A slight chuckle comes from the end of my bed, then the weight leaves. I fall asleep.

Suddenly I am awakened by a weight repeatedly pressing on my side.  Slowly I open my eyes.  I look over my shoulder to see Calum poking me. I glare at him.  He simply smiles and tells me to get ready for the concert. 

"I don't like going deaf." I moan at them as I'm pushed out the door.

"That's why you're watching from the wings." Luke laughs.  I look at him unsurely.  Then I look at him properly, the weird look I saw on the bus is gone.  I smile.

"Will anyone see me?" I ask.  All four of them shake their heads. "You can stop pushing me."

I step into the van that is taking us to the venue, I'm in the window seat.  Luke is next to me.  Sighing I lean against him, it does not make me go red or anything.  A fact I'm glad of.  I look up to see him smiling.  I smile as well.  He leans his cheek on the top of my head, mutters something about me avoiding him.  I shake my head.  We stay like that until we reach the venue.

The boys get out at the front, but I insist on being going in the back.  I walk through the hall ways until I reach the dressing room.  I knock.

"What's the password?" A voice, Calum, calls from inside.

"I wasn't told of a password." I call back.  Then there is murmured talking.

"No password no entry." Calum shouts.

"Tell me Cal, who agreed to keep me out.."

"Everyone but Luke, he's scared of you."  Calum says.  But then I realise that the probably haven't thought to do anything about the door.  I turn the door knob and step inside.  

I smile triumphantly at Calum, giving him a slight curtsesy.  Michael then points out that we have less than ten minutes until they perform.  In that moment I decide to force them into a show circle.  It takes a while for them to get the gist of it.  Once their hands are in I begin my little speech about being awesome.  I then count to three and throw my hand.  After a couple of seconds they follow.  I roll my eyes, following them backstage.

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