Don't Let Me Go

Something that you could never forget.. The perfect life to go to waste... What does perfect mean?


3. When he figured out I was Emo

We woke up the next morning and he was staring at me.. I got up to see what he was staring at and then I realized he had my sleeves up. A tear rolled down his cheek as he softly stroked my arm, I tried to stop him as I winced at the pain but he just held me down. He looked at me, his eyes extremely red and sad. I looked up and saw the he had fresh cuts on his arm.. Still bleeding, and before I realized it I was crying my eyes out realizing how much pain I caused him when I cut myself. I told him I'd stop but he just kept holding me and petting me, I saw so sad I didn't know how to explain of why I did it. To be honest I didn't even know why, I wasn't even disgusted that he was getting his warm blood on me, I just wanted him to hold me as I tried to hold him back, he was so strong.. After a while he looked me in the eyes and asked.. "Why did you do it, my love?".. I looked at him in pain and slowly replied.. "It.. Was.. A while.. Ago..".. He looked at me and stroked my my cheek and wiped a tear from my eye.. "My love, I don't want you doing it anymore.. It hurts to know you even have done it.. So many scars you have, my love. I hope I never see another one.. If I do please tell me why. You know I get hurt easily.".. I looked him straight in the eyes and couldn't help but to throw my arms around him and squeeze him as I hugged him.. "James, why are you perfect?".. "I'm not, my love..".. "Yes you are!" I looked at him again. He looked happier now that I had cheered up a little. I loved it when he was happy, I hated it when he was sad. I always felt his pain.. I don't know why but I always did. He was just so important to me, I just couldn't stand even a tear of sadness that came from him, I always want tears of joy or no tears at all. He knew that too. After that I only had 3 days left. I need to spend as much time with as possible. I'm going to miss his warm touch..

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