Don't Let Me Go

Something that you could never forget.. The perfect life to go to waste... What does perfect mean?


2. The story of him

It was 2 o'clock when we both woke up, he was awake smiling at me as I was laying down under him. He always did this. Every morning his beautiful face against mine, softly kissing me. He was perfect. By the time we got outta bed it was probably around 3 pm. We had some fun.. If you know what I mean, I met his grandmother and mother and his aunt and uncle. He had a wonderful funny family. I never wanted to leave. But I had to. It was only a 2 week vacation and my mother had no idea where I was. I could keep her guessing. She was honestly annoying me, and she has her stupid boyfriend so she's fine. Probably doesn't even know that I'm gone. About around 5 we had dinner. I had to cook since his mother and grandmother were being lazy and his aunt and uncle weren't home. It was just like home to be honest. I guess I was used to cooking and cleaning and he loved me to death so I wasn't going to let him down. I loved it when he slowly rubbed his hands on my waist and caressed me softly while he slowly kissed me. When he always laid me down when I was cold or picked me up and cuddled me. I could never forget his soft, sensual lips touching mine, or his pale but extremely soft skin. All the time when he carried me and treated me like a princess and never even looked at another woman. He was probably the best man in the world. Even when I had suicidal thoughts all he had to do is sit me on his lap and caress my waist and kiss me and every night he did that too. He always whispered in my ear "Good night, my love." and tucked me in with him and got in bed with me. He always had his arm around me and always loved to kiss me. I always loved it when he hugged me and he knew it. That's why he always did hug me. Also that's why I always kissed him. In fact, he loved my cooking. I never ate that much myself but he was like a silly, cute pig. He couldn't get enough of my roast beef. He even claimed that my hands were magical in... Many ways. He even asked me to marry him when we were older. Then he said to consider it done and that he was my fiance. I guess you can never forget a perfect life. Even when it ends... That's why I said to him every night.. "If one of us ever happens to leave earth, we can never forget each other. We will only meet each other there. Because even you said it.. We're together forever..".. James always agreed and continued it with "Forever and ever, my love." and he pulled me closer to him so that I could kiss him. I was always on top of him or he was holding me while we slept.. A perfect life.. Gone to waste.. So much more to tell...

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