Don't Let Me Go

Something that you could never forget.. The perfect life to go to waste... What does perfect mean?


1. Help me Forget

Justice was staring at the sky thinking of the cold, cruel, but loving past.. She remembered James sitting next to her.. Holding her and comforting her after she was beaten up by the terrible, unforgettable bully at rehab.. She was only 14 and wasn't strong enough to beat a 16 yr old boy that was probably over weight.. She wanted it all back though.. James had died.. From suicide.. He couldn't take the terrible crap they call life.. He just wanted a happy life.. With me.. But why? I'm not even close to perfect.. He was the perfect one.. He was the one that calmed me.. Loved me.. Kept me alive.. And now that I'm standing at the edge of the bridge.. I can't do it.. He wouldn't want this... He would want me to live.. Would he? It's all so confusing.. Maybe I should try and remember..? I will.. So it all began.. I was on my game just casually playing around and me and him dueled.. I was being silly on my rogue and so was he.. We had just met, we became perfect friends.. More than perfect, it was like love at first sight.. He was handsome, smart, sweet, and the most wonderful boy in the world.. But.. I lost him. Now I sit here, depressed, sad, overwhelmed, and too weak to go on. but somehow.. I still hear his voice. I still feel his warmth, I still feel his love. He's here.. I know it, I feel it.. But I want HIM not my imagination.. But somehow I feel as if it's not an imagination.. It's real.. So confused I feel. So I go on. Tired, weak, but I go on. Sometimes when I look up at the beautiful sky while I lay in the bright green grass I think of his wonderful eyes and his smile.. He never really smiled that much, but somehow I made him smile, I made him laugh, and he helped me learn. I wasn't very smart you see. I had many troubles from stress and anxiety and I never really slept. But when I looked into his eyes I saw my whole world.. Everything was perfect with him. Until that one day he ended it all. Apparently he had anxiety too, and terrible depression thoughts, he couldn't control himself, and I was on vacation , I wasn't there.. To help him, now I regret ever going anywhere.. But here's how it all happened, I was sitting down on a bench and somehow I recognized that deep voice from somewhere, I was visiting Virginia and apparently I was in his town but I didn't have my phone and I heard his voice faintly, so I followed it. I continued to walk for a mile.. He was a very fast walker, or he was running. But I knew it was him, I could feel it, through that beautiful, deep voice. Finally I caught up to him and it really was him. I was so shocked.. I couldn't believe it. I ran into his arms as he held me tightly, lifting me up in the air, kissing me. I never had felt so happy in my life, and he smelled so good. I couldn't let go of him. So he carried me home and all I could do is laugh and giggle and smile. It had been the happiest day of my life. No one could ever replace him. If I lost him I'd kill myself, literally. I couldn't live without him. He always had that wonderful glisten in his eyes. That beautiful smile and his handsome muscular body. He was like a dream come true. Until the end of it. I guess I could explain the story of life I had with him before I go.. Before I make my troubles end as well..

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