Young Love

This is a story about Hogwarts favourite couple Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. It follows them through their last year at Hogwarts and life after that.

What will become of their relationship?


8. The Golden Trio

As I walked into the kitchen I saw Harry reading the Daily Prophet. 'Lucius Malfoy sent to Azkaban - family disgraced'. Our kitchen was quite large, big enough for Ron, Hermione, Harry and me.

"I need to go somewhere." Sighed Harry.

"Where, babe?" I asked.

"Somewhere urgent," I'll be back for tea. "Keep watch on your bracelet!" He smiled. And with that he dissapparated.

- At Malfoy Manor -

(Harrys P.O.V)

I tapped my wand on the gate and it opened, revealing a huge mansion and a large oak door in front of me. I stepped up to the door and gave three short knocks (my signature knock) on it.

The door opened to reveal a rather surprised looking Draco Malfoy.

"If you've came to arrest me do it now." Grimaced Malfoy.

"No." I said. "I would like to speak to Narcissa Malfoy please."

Malfoy rushed away, leaving me standing at the door. I peered in seeing Narcissa Malfoy eying me very suspiciously.

"Have you got anywhere a bit more private?" I asked in between glancing at Draco.

"Follow me." She replied.


(Harrys P.O.V) 

She led me into a formal looking room with a long low table running from one end to the other and armchairs lining the room. I sat in one next to her and began.

"I was just calling by to say thank you for what you did at the Battle of Hogwarts. Even though I returned I truly thought I was a goner." I admitted.

"It was nothing compared to what you did for everyone else, Harry." Narcissa smiled.

"I must be getting back now. Good look at your court case, although I assure you wont need it." I grinned.


- Ministry of Magic -

(Harrys P.O.V)

"I believe you have no witnesses to say you are not a Death Eater, Narcissa Malfoy." Concluded The Minister for Magic.

"There, you would be wrong, Minister." I began. "Narcissa was a Death Eater, however when I came to die she lied to Voldemort saying 'He is dead'. For this reason I believe it only fair to free Narcissa Malfoy of all charges against her."

I drifted back and watched as they voted to free her of all charges. Once this had been finalised I left the hall immediately.



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