Young Love

This is a story about Hogwarts favourite couple Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. It follows them through their last year at Hogwarts and life after that.

What will become of their relationship?


12. The feast 2

*Skip train ride*


As we stood in the entrance again I felt joy wash over me. I was finally back home, with all the DA and Harry. I looked around at the ceiling and the flickering candles making shadows on the wall dance. I looked to my right and saw Harry looking nervous.

"Well be alright," I whispered taking his hand in mine.

"I know," he smiled.

I strained to listen to the sorting. I could hear Headmistress McGonagall announcing us. I looked down the line and nodded to Filch to open the door. We walked in a triangle formation and the hall burst into applause and cheers. I grinned at Harry. I couldn't believe that all these people were cheering for us. For what we'd done. For who we were. We walked forward and took up seats at the front, however I had a surprise for us all. I walked up to Professor McGonagall and asked "...

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