Young Love

This is a story about Hogwarts favourite couple Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. It follows them through their last year at Hogwarts and life after that.

What will become of their relationship?


5. Meeting the Muggles

As the Muggle prime minister shook hands with Harry he saw Kingsley walk off.

"Gin," Harry whispered. "Go and get Kingsley will you, I need to speak with him. Thanks."

I walked after Kingsley and finally caught him.

"Harry said he needs a word with you if that's ok." I said. 

"Sure," smiled Kingsley.


I led Kingsley back to where Harry was talking to Ron. Ron had grown up since he married 'Mione. 

"Harry, Kingsleys here." I called.

Harry took us up a side street and turned to Kingsley.

"Would you like to be a guest at our wedding? I mean I know it's only in a week so you..."

"Of course!" Kingsley cut in.


Kingsley then excused himself back to the party. I turned to Harry and smiled.


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