Miami Boarders

Emma is an ordinary girl who goes to a private school in Scotland. Little does she know her life will be turned upside down.


3. Chapter 3

Morning came and Ashley and I got up to the smell of egg and burnt toast. Typical. We started putting my books, the many of them, into boxes of twenty. That took about an hour so we quickly cracked on with the clothes. I have a lot of clothes but many don’t fit. About fifty items of clothing went in the bin. My mum was shocked at the sight of us tumbling down the stairs surrounded in big squishy bin bags. The day went really quickly and there was so much to be done! I can't even remember what we did in the afternoon.


By the time evening came we were both exhausted and we sat down to a nice big curry on the table for tea. Not surprisingly Mum had bought it from the shop and decided to put it in a fancy bowl so it looked like she’d made it herself. We quickly rattled that off and delved into a bowlful of strawberry ice cream. It was amazing and Mum had actually made it herself because she wasn't prepared to buy a whole tub of it just to go into the bin when we went away. Someone called James McAuthy was renting the house for two years and then putting it on the market for us when he left. He is a family friend who has just finished collage and needed somewhere to live until he got a job elsewhere.


Ashley’s Mum came and rang the doorbell. My Mum answered and Ashley ran upstairs and got her school uniform and pyjamas. I embraced her in a vigorous hug in the doorway and we both burst into tears. After about ten minutes we let go of each other and Ashley left. That was it. The last time I would see her. I ran upstairs into my skeletal bedroom and lay on my bed and cried myself to sleep.



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