Miami Boarders

Emma is an ordinary girl who goes to a private school in Scotland. Little does she know her life will be turned upside down.


2. Chapter 2

I woke to my alarm clock screaming at me to get up. I slumped my arm over the edge of my bed and turned it off before throwing back the covers and getting my school uniform on. I looked in the mirror and noticed I had a huge pimple on my chin. Disaster.  I put some tea tree oil on it and proceeded to brush my hair thoroughly. I added the conditional hair band our school requires you to wear and headed down stairs.


My Mum and Dad were already in the kitchen as I entered to the smell of orange juice and toast. My Mum seemed overly cheery for 6:15 in the morning. “Sit down Emma, your Dad and I have some important news that you may or may not like,” said my Mum.

Dad continued, “I got a promotion at work last night and we will get a new house and car, plus your school fees will be paid for,”

“It’s great isn’t it Emma! The only thing is they need your Dad to start the job on Saturday so we have a lot of organising to do,” My Mum gushed at me. I wasn’t really paying attention.

“Why,” I said, confused at the organising part of the conversation.

“My company is based in Miami and seeing as we need to leave on Saturday we need to get packed. The removal company are coming tomorrow” my Dad said looking straight at me. I stopped eating my toast and my jaw dropped. This was not the best thing to be hearing on your fist day of exams before the end of term. I found it hard to comprehend what they’d just said. I thought about all of my friends and things I was doing out of school. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. I stood up and excused myself. I headed for the door and sat outside on the steps down to the bus stop. .


After about three minutes the bus came for me and I pulled myself together. I ran to the back of the bus to grab the seats that were my favourites. I clicked my seatbelt into place just as the bus started trundling along the icy roads to the next stop. It was a Thursday and it meant Claire and Jess wouldn’t be getting on the bus again. I shot a glance out of the window at the silhouetted mountains against the rising sun. I thought how awful it will be when I leave this wonderful place. I have my friends, my hobbies and my home here. I have no choice but to go and I can’t stop it.


Quickly the bus arrived at school. I ran off and went to the gates where I saw Ashley waiting. As soon as I got close enough I hugged her like mad and slowly and quietly explained that I was leaving to go to Miami on Saturday.  I couldn’t stop crying. I saw Ellie across the yard and Ashley and I explained why I was crying. We were all wrecks by the time the bell went.


The lessons went really quickly and at break I text Mum saying I was sorry I just left and if I could get the day off school tomorrow to pack with Ashley. She said yes and that Ashley could come from a sleepover as well. Ashley was so pleased to hear the news and she asked her Mum if she was allowed to come.


Break ended and went into science. This was my last lesson with Mr Riley and it went really quickly and before I knew it, it was the end of the day. I hugged Ellie and said goodbye as she wasn’t getting the bus, she was very upset but didn’t cry. She had always been closer to Ashley than me. Ash and I ran to the bus and got the back seats. No room for Claire and Jess tonight. That was if they were on the bus!


Ashley and I planned to watch a movie and then go to bed so we could get up early to get packed. She was probably crying the most although I was upset for most of the day.  Slowly we approached our destination and got off the bus. My Mum was waiting for us with some clothes Ashley’s Mum had dropped off at our house for her to wear in the morning. I stepped up on the front porch and shot a glance, like I had this morning, at the wilderness on the mountains that was the surroundings of our loved home, the one that wouldn't be ours for much longer.

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