This is my first story~! These story is about a girl, vivianne of course, and she's been fighting cancer. The story basically goes through what she goes through and what she wishes she could do and some of the emotions that come with having this illness.


1. Intro

The rain sprinkled lightly.  The clouds seemed to cry softly for me.  I could hear light thunder in the far distance.  As it came down, the crackle sound it made rang through my ears like a whisper.  I could feel myself grow weaker and weaker with ever passing moment that went by.


I looked at the window.  The rain glided across it and caressing the glass.  The harder the thunder hit, the more the clouds weeped.  I could almost feel the air.  As I take my last breath, I start to remember.  I start to remember the past.  I also start thinking about the future I wish I could have. 


The thought of my life being cut short, all because of an illness no one can control.  It makes me sad.  It makes me feel weak.  However, I will be gone soon.  And once I'm in the kingdom in the clouds, I'll be as strong as I once was.  I'll be strong, like what my future self would have been.  I will be happy, even at this last moment.

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