Rosie and The Blobfish

Ahem, read and you'll find out. And a special shoutout to The Blobfish Lovers!!!!!


1. Rosie Gets A New Pet

"Hi Momie!!!!!!!" Rosie screamed while running through the front door and knocking over her mother with great big bear hug. 

This might seem a little rough, but, after all, Rosie was four years old, so we have to make allowances. And don't interrupt me.

As I was saying, before you so rudely interrupted, Rosie gave her mother a great big bear hug. It wasn't that she felt particularly happier than most days, it was just that she was always rather happy. Life's a lot simpler when you're four, believe me.

"Hello Darling, did you like the museum?" Yes, Rosie was a four year old that willingly went to a museum. She was a bit strange, OK? And I'm telling this story, so stop butting in.

"Oh yes, it was wonderful! I found out all about coelacanths and platypuses and dodo birds!!!" Her parents were scientists.

"That must have been lovely! You can tell me all about it later, but right now there's a present waiting for you in your room." 

"Thank you, Momie!!!" And Rosie ran up the stairs. Once she had burst into her room, she looked around and immediately saw it. A huge fish tank, with beautiful water flowers and sparkling blue water. Those, however, weren't the best things, for inside the tank there lay the most fair creature Rosie had ever seen. A blobfish. And this is how the tale of Rosie and The Blobfish began….

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