Will This Be Happy Ever After?

The story is about a girl called Skyler who has also dreamed of meeting One Direction. For her birthday her cousin buys her tickets to go to their concert, at the concert she bumps into Zayn the both instantly fell in love!....


1. Birthday

I woke up to my family crowding round my bed singing happy birthday.

''Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Skyler Happy Birthday to you'' they sang

''Thanks guys, I looked over at my mum and realised she was holding a One Direction cake which read Happy 19th Birthday Skyler and a picture of 1D on it. ''Loving the cake mum'' I squealed

''Time for presents'' my cousin Chelsea  squealed. She has been living with us since her mum died last year, her father left them when she was a baby and she hasn't heard from him since. So we are technically her only family left. I am rally close Chelsea and I we never argue, were always there to protect each other through thick and thin.

''Yay I love presents'' I screamed excitedly

I sat up on my bed, my mum passed me the present her and dad got me I ripped off the paper  ''OMG, an IPad!!', Thank you so much I havealways wanted one of these how did yous know.

''You have been on about it for the last month or two, how wouldn't we know'' my dad giggled

''Thank you so much I love you guys'' I said while pulling my mum/dad in for a hug.

''Here, its not anything big just something I thought you might like'' Chelsea said

she handed me an envelope I tore it open being careful not to rip the thing inside.

I stared at them I couldn't believe my eyes, I was actually going to cry ''OMG you got me One Direction Concert tickets'' I squealed jumping up and down with excitement I was so happy I couldn't believe I have actually got One Direction Concert Tickets it has always been my dream to go to a One Direction concert.

''OMG Thank you sooooooooooo much Chelsea, you are the best!''

''No bother, I knew you really wanted to go so.... why not get them, your mum and dad gave me the idea.''

''Thanks everyone, I love yous'' I said

''We love you to'' they all said in sync.



I hope you like my first chapter, I'm new to this thought so there may be a few spelling mistakes :)xx


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