The Walking Dead Discussions

So this isn't necessarily a movella this is a discussion about The Walking Dead. It includes theories about upcoming shows, thoughts about each episode, and even thoughts on characters. You can discuss with me through comments! I hope The Walking Dead fans enjoy!


13. Review 6

     So here are the answers from the people you commented...

     @JackD013- 1. I did what I had to. 2. I don't have a clue. 3. Liar. 4. Michonne- Samurai, Carl- The Boy and I'm not sure about the others. 5. Sophia. 6. Look at the flowers. 7. 112 oz. 8. Walker inside. He got my shoe. 9. No idea. 10. When they find out they're messing with wrong people.

      @TWD_Dixon- 1."He was one of the governor's soldiers." 2. Michonne says "28" and Carl says "10." I think anyways. 3. Liar. 4. Ringleader, Samurai, Archer, The Boy. 5. Sophia. 6. Look at the flowers. 7. 112 oz. 8. "Walker inside, got my shoe didn't get me." 9. "Never again." "Never Trust." "We First, Always." 10. They're screwing with the wrong people.

                  Here are the correct answers...

      1. "I did what I had to."

      2. Michonne says 28 and Carl says 15.

      3. Liar.

      4. Ringleader, Archer, Samurai, The Kid.

      5. Sophia.

      6. Just look at the flowers.

      7. 112 oz.

      8. "Walker got my shoe. Didn't get me."

      9. "We First, Always."

      10. "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out... they're screwing with the wrong people.


       @JackD013 missed 2 1/2

       @TWD_Dixon missed 2 1/2


       Since it is a tie I will make you guys both a character. Tell me what your character needs to looks like and some basic details about them. They will come in at the beginning of the 4th book. They wont be "major" characters or anything, but they will be in there. If you want them to be friends with one of the characters that already exists that's fine and if you want them to have a specific thing about them tell me! :)

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