The Walking Dead Discussions

So this isn't necessarily a movella this is a discussion about The Walking Dead. It includes theories about upcoming shows, thoughts about each episode, and even thoughts on characters. You can discuss with me through comments! I hope The Walking Dead fans enjoy!


6. Review 3

         Hey guys so there isn't much to review from last chapter. We had a few comments though...

        -@UnknownWithinSociety "Lol. Not to get too technical, but Daryl says sumbitch... lol."

        -@JackD013 "I didn't cry, but my eyes watered a little."


          I'm thankful for the comments, but I mean they don't really lead us anywhere from that discussion.


         Okay guys so I just want to let you know that more comments I get the more and faster I can update. This movella is completely based on what YOU want to talk about and what YOU think about certain things. I cannot keep writing if I don't get any comments or ideas about what to discuss. Its okay if you don't like this movella's purpose. I just thought I would try it out, but if no one really likes then there is no point to continue. Please ket me know what you think.

        Should I keep writing on this movella?

        What should the next discussion be about?

        What are any theories that you have about the upcoming theories?

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