The Walking Dead Discussions

So this isn't necessarily a movella this is a discussion about The Walking Dead. It includes theories about upcoming shows, thoughts about each episode, and even thoughts on characters. You can discuss with me through comments! I hope The Walking Dead fans enjoy!


14. Discussion 7

      Hello peoples!!! I feel really happy today. Don't ask why because I have no idea. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get Chandler to answer on because I have asked him at least 20 questions and he NEVER ANSWERS! Then there is this girl named Christina K that he answers to like twice a day. Okay so ya I know that has nothing to do with the Walking Dead, but hey it does have to do with Chandler Riggs and he plays Carl. Oh and have you guys realized he like never wears shorts? Ya that was random, but really in all of his pics he is wearing jeans!!!

      Okay now to the Walking Dead. I don't know what to discuss guys... I'm out of ideas. You people need to comment more ideas on what we should discuss. Um... do any of you have Instagrams? My Instagram name is not_so_innocent_burrito if you wanna follow me and if you do you should tell me what your movella name is so I know who it is.

      Omg so I got a Walking Dead shirt and it says PRAY FOR THE DEAD! Its awesome!

      Okay so this discussion has like nothing to do with the Walking Dead so we aren't even going to call this a discussion. Comment what we should really discuss and we will discuss it.

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