The Walking Dead Discussions

So this isn't necessarily a movella this is a discussion about The Walking Dead. It includes theories about upcoming shows, thoughts about each episode, and even thoughts on characters. You can discuss with me through comments! I hope The Walking Dead fans enjoy!


7. Discussion 4

         * Hey guys its me! So today we are going to be discussing BETH!*


        What do you think really happened to her?

        Do you think she will return?

        Who kidnapped her?

        Do you think she is alive?


       *Here are my theories*

       -She was captured my the people from Terminus

       -She is alive, but hurt

       -I think she will return


       *Important news!*

      So recently on Instagram some people were talking about what they had heard happened. They said that Beth is going to almost be taking Shane's spot because in the comic books I guess he was kidnapped my cannibals. So this person and think that Beth got kidnapped by cannibals and that she is going to be missing "parts of her body!" Okay so I really hope this isn't true. I don't want Beth to be missing body parts! The sad part is, is that another person has heard this too... the exact same thing. Tell me what you think of this "rumor/theory"


       *Some other IMPORTANT news*

       So I have also heard that Rick might lose a hand and that Carl is going to turn into a zombie and then Rick has to shoot him! This has me like WTF! Carl CANNOT die! He just cant, he is too amazing of a character! I don't know if any of these rumors/theories are true, but I just though I would just put them out there. Tell me what you think!

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